This story contains characters and OC's from stories that do not belong to me. I use them with consent from the authors. I don't own Tawog. All stories will be considered movies if they are one shots, and tv series if they have chapters.

intro music and a loud and booming voice can be heard coming through speakers in the ceiling."Welcome to the first episode of interviewing OC's! Please give a warm welcome to your host Rory Kemp!"

A young green ferret in a suit and tie jogs onto the stage to the sound of lukewarm applause. He takes a slight bow to the crowd before addressing the camera. "Hello and welcome to interviewing OC's! This is the show where I talk to original characters from Tawog stories, I myself am an OC from the show Sad but true." he reminded, getting a mix of boos and cheers. "Oh, mixed results there." he remarked with a worried look. He got himself composed and returned to the camera. "Well you all know famous OC's like Brain and Rhonda from the newcomer." he pointed out getting a unanimous cheer from the audience. "Yes, well what you don't know is how we think and what we are like when we're not on set. To be truthful we are actors and live much different lives in reality then in our assorted TV shows and movies." he informed the audience with a smile. "We have a wonderful show for you tonight, special guest star Lexy Watterson is here so don't go anywhere, cause we'll be right back!" he said as the camera zoomed out to see him standing on a stage with two chairs and an coffee table, with loud and a applauding crowd of fans in their seats watching the show live.


We return to see Rory talking to an unseen man "Hey can we get some less annoying commercials in between? I feel like it scares of the viewers." some whispered muttering, Rory's face turns red "We're back on air?" he said as he turned back to the camera bright as a tomato. "Sorry about that folks." Rory apologized, regaining his composure. "Today we have a special guest. Please welcome Lexy Watterson!" he said gesturing to the edge of the stage, where a young pink cat in a blue dress nervously walked onto the stage. She walked over to the chairs where Rory stood and greeted her with a handshake before the two sat in there seats.

"Welcome Lexy! It's an honor to have you on the show." he said happily, The camera adjusting to show both actors in the shot.

"Thanks for having me." she meekly replied back. Her gaze fell onto the crowd that sat in front of her. She took a big gulp and calmed herself.

"Well Lexy is a big name in the OC community. She has been in multiple productions such as The Date, The Ninja, Gumball- the original idea, Amazing world of Gumball: zombie apocalypse, and tawog theater." Rory informed the crowd, reading the list of a piece of paper. "So Lexy I'm kinda new to the OC scene, and have only stared in one show. I'm afraid that I might be typecasted for my role in Sad but True, but you have been in such a wide variety of things. Like horror, comedy, and romance. So my first question would be, what was your favorite to do?" Rory asked, turning all attention to the pink cat.

Lexy took a deep, calming breath in, and let it out before answering. "I had so much fun doing all those great projects, but I think I like tawog theater because it was a comedy and I felt more at home with that." she admitted, the crowd gave a little clap.

"Good, good." Rory commented, "If you don't mind me asking, what do you do in your spare time in between work?" the well dressed ferret asked. He re positioned himself in the chair.

"Well I like to watch other shows and movies around tawog. But getting away from tawog I like to hang out with friends, listen to music, and really just relax. It's hard to be famous sometimes!" she responded, earning a chuckle from Rory. "What's so funny?" she asked a little angry that he would laugh at her on live tv."

"Oh, sorry! It's nothing. You just said it's hard to be famous and I was just thinking 'Well at least I don't have that problem'." This earned him his first real laugh from the crowd. Lexy laughed and Rory laughed with her.

"Oh come on! People read your story!" Lexy reminded, reaching over and going to give Rory a playful punch. Rory flinched, which sent the crowd into a second fit of laughter.

'Oh yea, handled that one like a man!' Rory thought sarcastically, mentally face-palming. "People read it, but you know it just doesn't feel like people care about me. It's all about Gumball, he's the one that the audience eats up!" he revealed.

"You know that's not true!" Lexy laughed out "Tell you what, people at home tell Rory how much he means to the story." she spoke directly into the camera. A moment of silence, "Well We'll see later." she encouraged.

"Ok, back to the show." Rory said, looking through his papers. "It says here that you have a new series coming up soon. Can you tell us anything about that?" Rory asked curiously. Leaning into hear the answer. He started to run his hands over his clothes.

"What are you doing?" Lexy asked, a little creeped out.

"OH, sorry!" Rory let out embarrassed, "It just feels so good to be in clean clothes for once. The stuff I have to wear on Sad but true is just so uncomfortable." he admitted. the crowd laughed.

"Well back to the new story," Lexy reminded "It's going to be with Lexboss and it's coming out soon." she announced, earning eager applause from the crown.

"Wow! Lexboss, that's a big deal." Rory remarked. "Will you tell us about the plot?" he asked

The crowd erupted in chants of "tell us!" Lexy smiled a big smile "OK the plot is..." she started, but was cut off by a loud buzzer.

"Ohh, sorry. That buzzer means that were out of time!" Rory informed. Soon the crowd was throwing tomatoes at him screaming to know the plot. "Why is there always that guy that brings tomatoes to everything?!" Rory asked alloud as he was pelted with tomatoes left and right.

the booming announcing voice from the beginning spoke again "If you would like your OC to appear on I interview OC's, then send in your OC and a list of traits, appearances in story, and any other relevant information. Good night!" he said cheerfully, the camera zooms out to show the crowd pelt Rory. Even Lexy playfully tossed one from the ground.