Season2 episode 1. I do not own TAWOG, I always forget to say that. The OC's that Interview are the property of their creators, and are used with their permission. Thank you.

"Hello and welcome to I Interview OC's season 2!" a booming voice echoes from speakers placed above the stage.

It was a little different this season; there was a single blue cushioned chair to the side of a couch of the same color and a glass coffee table. There was a TV set on the wall, and the walls were now a light brown wood color, with small framed pictures of the guests from last season. The stage was empty though, no one could be seen.

"Now I know that you all must be wondering where your host is, and to answer your question we had a friendly competition to see who the host would be this season. In fact the final event in this contest is currently underway! We take you there now!" the booming voice informed the unseen viewers.

The screen changed to show a boxing ring, with a large cheering crowd surrounding it. A shirtless teenage boy in each corner, "Ladies and gentleman! Tonight for your entertainment we bring you the final event in the contest for the rights to be the host of I Interview OC's!" the booming voice announced happily. "In one corner we have the reigning champion, weighing 187 pounds, Rory Kemp!" The green ferret raises his arms into the air, stirring the crows into a bout of cheers. "And in the other corner we have the challenger, weighing 176 pounds, Jay Mordy!" the announcer boomed, the monkey pumps his fists in the air, the crowd cheers again.

The two hosts walk toward each other in the center of the ring, a yellow goat stands there, dressed in a referee uniform. The goat ref speak up, the microphone on his shirt collar sends his voice booming into the crowd, "OK gentleman, I want a good clean fight out of both of you. No low blows, no biting, no kicking, no hitting a downed boxer, when the bell rings you'll come out of your corners fighting understood?" the ref asked the two fighters, who gave small nods. "OK, bump gloves and return to your corners." He ordered. The two bumped gloves and went to their corners.

"Now unfortunately we have to go to commercial break, but we'll try and get back to you as soon as possible." The announcer said before the screen cut to commercial break.

A goofy voice voices as the commercial roles, "Have you ever wanted ice cream, but didn't have any in the house? Well not any more, with the magical ice cream maker you can make ice cream anytime anywhere! Now granted it won't taste very well and it is much more expensive than actually going to the store and buying a pint of ice cream, but you get the privilege of putting in the man hours to make it! Magic ice cream maker! It's crap!" the voice chimes before the screen goes black and returns to the show.

"Oh my goodness! Down goes Kemp and Mordy! Down goes Kemp and Mordy!" the announcer shouts excitedly, as the two fighters collapse to the ground. The ref comes out to the center and starts the countdown. "10, 9, 8,…" the two fighters stir, and begin to try to pull themselves up by the ropes. "7, 6, 5…" Both Rory and Jay are nearly to their feet. "4,3,2" Jay collapses out of sheer exhaustion. "1!" Rory stands shakily on his feet. The bell rings over and over as the crowd cheers and the referee lifts Rory's arm into the air.

"Oh, my goodness folks! Rory Kemp has done the unthinkable, and now he is the host of the show for another season! What a fight! What a valiant effort by both host's, but in the end only one can hold the title of being the host of I Interview OC's" The announcer marvels, yelling the news as if to tell the entire world.

(currently in the locker room)

The doctor sits infront of Rory and his coach, examining the champion. "Doc, will he be able to host?" the coach asks in a gruff voice. "I've got to run some tests first." He replies, turning his attention to the tired ferret. "Hey kid, how many fingers am I holding up?" the doctor asks, holding up 2 fingers. "Eleven!" Rory shouted back, still delirious from the fight. "Close enough!" the doctor announces before continuing, "Who's the guest tonight?" he asks Rory. "Cobalt Watterson!" Rory shouts back. "Right! And how is the quality of tonight's show?" he asks in a hurry. "We have a great show for tonight!" Rory blurts out. The doctor gives the thumbs up to the coach, who immediately gets Rory up and takes him to wardrobe.

(back on stage)

A young and confused cobalt colored cat sits on the coach, tapping his foot impatiently on the ground. He looks side to side before checking his watch again to make sure he's not early. He is dressed in a red long sleeve shirt under a black jacket and tan pants (just got the description off of Harry S. Truman's profile picture). A young and energetic ferret jogs onto the stage as the booming announcer said "Ladies and gentleman, your host for season two, Rory Kemp!" he introduce to the cheering crowd as the green ferret waves to them before greeting Cobalt and sitting in his chair.

"Ahh! It feels good to be back!" Rory sighed, enjoying the comfortable chair.

Cobalt smiled "Thanks for having me as the season opener. It's great to be here." He says with a smile to the exhausted ferret.

Rory was still breathing heavily from the fight, "No problem, thanks for being here with us." He smiles back. He straightened himself up in his chair, "Let's get started, shall we?" he asked Cobalt, who nodded excitedly. "You're pretty new to the fanfics scene, but that doesn't mean your inexperienced, you've been in four stories already?" Rory asked interestedly to the cobalt furred cat.

"Yes I have actually, not counting this one, but I'm getting ready for my next role." He said excitedly. "I'm going to be in the new colab by Harry S. Truman, Codyhobgood, and the Delhision!" he announces happily to the excited and cheering crowd.

"You know I've worked with the Delhision a few times, he's kinda an idiot, don't you think?" he asked as Cobalt began to laugh at the question. "No, I'm serious! I heard that in the first instalment of Between Heaven and Hell that he actually misspelled demon, demine, like a hundred times. Thank goodness the beta reader caught that mistake!" the green ferret laughed out loud. The crowd and Cobalt all laughed for a moment, but then went dead silent. "What?" Rory asked confused. He gulped in fright, "He's standing right behind me isn't he?" he asked, too nervous to turn around. Cobalt nodded slowly, Rory turned to see the fuming mad writer behind him.

"We'll be right back after this message from our sponsors!" The Delhision said calmly.

Rory went pale white, he turned to the camera and shouted "No, don't go!" before the screen switched to commercial break.

"In a world, where bad sequels are made all the time, one movie stands above all others. Smurfs 2! Don't watch this movie, it's really bad!" The deep male voice advised before a kind and soft female voice replaced it "This has been a message from the department of awful movies."

The screen goes back to the show, but now Rory and the chair he is sitting in are floating randomly 4 feet off the ground.

"Hi, and welcome back to I interview OC's!" the chipper green ferret greeted the viewers, "You at home may be wondering why I am floating, so let me explain. The writer and director of this little show took offence to my previous statement and revoked my right to use the gravity provided here for us on the show. But don't fear, the show will continue!" He announced to the camera. "So tell us Cobalt, how does it feel to be a popular new OC after a very short time on the archive?" he asked the amazed grey cat.

Cobalt didn't respond, he was far too preoccupied with staring in amazement at the floating host. "Is something the matter?" Rory asked Cobalt politely.

"How… how are you doing that?!" he asked in baffled amazement.

"We've already gone over that, The Delhision took away my gravity rights." He explained for a second time.

"But how exactly does that work?" Cobalt asked confusedly, but before Rory could answer a loud beep sounded over the speakers.

"Well you know what that sound means, see you next week!" Rory told the crowd, waving as the camera panned out slowly.

"Wait! I don't understand! How, in God's green earth, are you floating?" Cobalt shouted before the screen went dark and credits began to role.

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Rory Kemp- the Delhision

Cobalt Watterson- Harry S. Truman

Jay Mordy- Mordyshakes