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He was found during a storm, with ripped clothes and on the brink of death.

Clarisse had wanted to let him drown in the ocean but a glare from her captain and she had carried the boy to the captain's room.

His sister had given him an odd look before continuing to help the crew in trying to make it through the storm with the boat intact.

The odd thing was that the storm had started to calm down when the boy was safely in board. He knew he wasn't the only one that noticed, his first mate was walking towards him with a determined look on her face.

"What Annabeth?" He asked her as soon as she reached him.

"Why did you save him captain?"

He stared calmly at the black flag flying over them, that flapped wildly with the storm wind.

"I don't know," he answered her honestly, knowing that she wouldn't let it go unless she got an honest answer from him.

Unexpectedly, she smiled and he quirked a eyebrow in confusion.

"Well, it seems like the Ghost King does have a heart after all."

Nico smirked, the name had been given to him by a certain naval commander who now wore a scar for messing with him.

"Of course I have a heart, and now a certain person has captured it"

He walked towards his room without another word to Annabeth. Grover was there, with the doctor next to him, both working fervently on the boy laying on his bed.

"How is he?"

Grover jumped, but Will continued working on the boy.

"He'll be fine once I'm done with him. It looks like he was injured before we rescued him."

Will said, while bandaging the boys chest, where a cut stretched from shoulder to his waist.

"There." The blonde boy said, as he finished bandaging the boy.

"Don't move him and call me as soon as he wakes up okay Nico?"

Nico rolled his eyes, nodding at the doctor as he left with Grover behind him.

He walked towards the boy, who slept peacefully as the waves rocked the boat.

"Well Mister Jackson, who knew I would have you in my room after all this time."

He brushed the black hair from the boys face, smiling softly. He had seen the boy at a port once, and he had fallen in love with those sea green eyes.

"I'll take good care of you amore." He whispered softly laying down next to the recovering boy and drifting off to sleep.

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