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Before Percy opened his seyes he could hear the faint whispers around him. He couldn't catch much but the word "storm" and that was enough to put him on edge.

Assuming that he was without a weapon he tried to pinpoint exactly how many people he would be up against. As he felt someone touching his forehead, he jumped up.

Too late did he remember his injury and the white-hot pain seared through him. Groaning, he supported himself against the walland examined his surroundings.

He took note of the exasperated blond and startled bruneter but he was more preoccupied in finding someething to defend himself with.

"Oh great, now you've gone and messed yourself up even more."

His eyes turned to the blonde who was getting closer with each word. Once he was within grabbing distance, Percy grabbed the other boy and slammed him against the wall, ignoring the startled yelp that came from the brunette.

Ignoring the pain, he focused on his goal; to get off the strange ship. Leaaving the unconscious blonde, and not even sparing that brunette a second glance, he ran out of the room.

Disoriented from the sudden brightness that confronted him once he reached the deck, he didn't see the person in front of him until he slammed into them.

Without pausing, he grabbed the person by the shoudlers and propelled himself from them, kicking the person in the head hard enough to kock them out.

Since he hadn't been subtle in doing it, he could see the crew, pirates his mind noted absently as he saw the flag, getting into a defensive position.

Seeing that he most of the pirates where in front of the bowspirit, he did the obvious. He ran towards them, sliding around people and able to move almost undeteced in the confusion he was causing.

He almost made it, it was an arms length away, but as he prepared himself for the jump, strong arms gripped him around the waist.

Finally feeling the pain from his injuries, he groaned.

As he heard a dark chuckle from behind him, he fought harder to get away, ignoring how much pain it caused him.

"If you don't stop moving and making those noises I'll have to ignore the doctors advice and take you as soon as we get to my room." A voice that made shivers run down his spine.

"Nico! Hold the boy right can't you see he's bleeding through his shirt?"

A commanding voice reached his ears and he immediately felt himself being released and picked up bridal style. Finally able to see the face above him, he was startled to recognize the Ghost King. Luke would normally gone on rants over him and Percy was now in his arms.

"Only because he's injured am I listening to you sorella."

Nico called over his shoulder as he carried Percy towards the cabin again. Percy watched as the Ghost King looked down at him, his onyx eyes seemed to pierce his soul.

"You mi amore are a difficult little thing aren't you?"

He heard the captain say, as he opened the door to his room and Percy closed his eyes a bit; the pain finally causing him to lose consciousness. The last thing he heard as he let the darkness take him was an italian curse from above and the nervous stutter of what he assumed to be the brunette boy from earlier.

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