~ Arashi ~

Chapter 1

The youth allowed the wind to play with his untied, blue-grey hair. He closed his eyes and let a sigh escape his lips. Staring at the carved grey marble two feet within his reach, his mind drifted. It had been...eleven years, since she'd left him. Eleven agonizingly boring years. Eleven stupid, worthless years. What the hell. He sighed again. He'd been sitting there for the past two hours, in front of his sister's grave, enjoying the peace and tranquil of summer. It was rare that he got such quiet, especially since he had to live with a bunch of babos - a moronic flamecaster, a brainless mohawk gorilla, an extremely violent tomboy, and a kid who knew too much for his own good - team Hokage wasn't quite his cup of tea. Mifuyu...he reached up and gently fingered the words carved into the cold stone, why'd she have to leave...it wasn't fair...


"Oi, Mi-chan!" an annoyingly cheerful voice rang, breaking his precious silence. Tokiya wasn't in the mood for this...he never was. He frowned, greatly perturbed. To think his solitude could be interrupted even on the rooftop this early in the morning. The violet-haired teenage female arched an eyebrow, so what else was new?

"What's up?" Fuuko took a seat on the ledge beside Tokiya, watching their legs dangle above the rest of the world, or so she thought.

No answer.

"Moshi moshi...?" Fuuko waved a hand in front of Tokiya's face, "moshi - "

"Stop that, you know I'm not fond of it," the ensui wielder shot Fuuko an icy glare before re-averting his attention to Kami-knows-whatever he was staring at.

The Ura butou satsujin seemed to have an adverse effect on Tokiya. While it had brought the rest of the team even closer, he was drawing farther and farther. What was his problem? He was bad enough before the tournament, and now he was even more obnoxious than ever. The babo. Fuuko scowled. Getting to her feet, she smoothed down her skirt and sighed, "Whatever," and made her way back to the door and down the stairs. Tokiya was never one for conversation. Why did she even bother if it wasn't gonna work. But at least he'd be glad to be alone again. Fuuko sure didn't want to be mangled on the first day of the new term.

"Something bothering you, Fuuko?" Arms slid around her waist. That familiar voice, that familiar strength...

"H-hey! Let's leave it for later, kay?" Fuuko pushed him away, grinning.

"Alright, the boy laughed, "you know I was just playing."

"Oh really? Any normal girl would've thought you were some hentai maniac, what with suddenly hugging them in a dark stairway," she folded her arms.

"But you're not any ordinary girl, are you?"

"Yeah, I - "

Their gazes locked. Oh, how she loved doing that. His eyes were so.so.serene, so loving. They'd known each other for...Fuuko checked back, 79 days, and he was still the same, just the way she liked him. Raiha was Raiha. His purple hair was still tied as low (with that cute red ribbon, Fuuko smirked inwardly), character (both chibi and non-chibi) still unchanged. He'd insisted on transferring into the school just so he could make sure that Fuuko was properly taken care of, still babbling the same 'destiny' thing...now she laughed.

Raiha gave her a questioning look.

"It's nothing," Fuuko said between giggles, "What are you doing here anyway?"

"Just looking for you," Raiha held her hands. "The bell's about to go," he smiled.

"Ahem!" Tokiya cleared his throat as walked past the couple, lost in their stupid timeless romance. Wasn't there anything that was not lame in this world? Yeah, Mifuyu...but she wasn't around anymore.

Fuuko and Raiha quickly let go of their hands and attempted to look normal, some help that was.

"Uh...Mi-chan!" Fuuko stammered, hoping Tokiya wouldn't make any lame comment about their...rendezvous? "H-hi!"

No reply, thank God. Fuuko let out a sigh of relief.

Raiha frowned, "Who's stealing his ensui?"

Hmph, babos. Tokiya silently walked down the desolate corridor, fearing what lay in the hallway ahead; the tortures of hell he'd had to go through just to get to class -

"Mikagami sempai!!"

"Ne, sempai, you free later on?"

"No, he's going out with me!"

"Oh God, he looked at me!"

Kami-sama...take me now. Tokiya just had just about enough of these fangirls following him around like...like...stray cats! Why couldn't they go to Raiha? Or Kaoru? He wasn't the only bishonen in school anymore...so why him? Oh yeah...Raiha's got Fuuko. And the younger ones were hinging on Kaoru. Didn't these two-digit-IQ bimbos have anything better to do? Like entertain their jealous boyfriends or something? He continued down the hallway and twisted the knob of his classroom door. The crowd behind him breathed in deep. Goodness, his daily life was transforming into a regular suspense movie. He'd never get anything done that way! Tokiya slowly turned around.

"My dearest fans," he spoke in a failed attempt of a loving idol. They scream, they pass out. Well! Tokiya raised his eyebrows; that worked anyway. He then made his way into class.

Time passed slowly...too slowly for Tokiya's liking. It always did this time of the year. He crossed and uncrossed his slender legs and sighed impatiently. Twirling a pencil around his thumb, he focused his line of vision on the round-faced clock that hung above the whiteboard. Tick. Oh, joy. The minute hand finally moved. When was school ever going to end? But then again, he had all the time in the world. The only thing causing his impatience was the thought of visiting Mifuyu. That's right...Mifuyu...he still had to get her favourites, white lilies. He glanced at the clock once again. One minute! He couldn't take it anymore. He packed his things, stood up, bowed, and left the class. No surprise, the teachers were used to this - go figure.

Tsubame glanced up from her desk, just in time to see Mikagami leave. Shaking her head, she returned to scribbling the names 'Tsubame & Domon' within a nicely sketched, winged heart. Smiling, Tsubame thanked her lucky stars for Raiha. If not for him, she wouldn't have met the sun of her universe - Ishijima Domon.

*** "What?!" Domon tore at his Mohawk hair, tears flowing from his eyes like the Niagara Falls. Raiha transferring in was bad enough - now the news of his honey-bunny, lovey-dovey, sweetie bumpkin Fuuko and Raiha getting their hips surgically attached.it was all too much for the poor creature rolling on the ground as if apocalypse was underway.

"Hey," Recca patted Domon's shoulder, his other arm protectively around his hime, "we're sorry, man. But this had to happen sooner or later." Domon merely shook off Recca's hand, utterly mortified. And it took Recca to tell him! Ohhh, his love and his life, his sugarplum, his honeybun...to go with a guy like...a guy like Raiha! Why, he wasn't even half as good- looking as Domon (riiight...who are we kidding?)!! And to think it took the spider monkey to tell him!! Fuuko-chan never bothered to inform her world- class combat practice object!! "Kuso..." he muttered. Rain clouds gathered over Domon's head and began firing high voltage lightning bolts before litres of rainwater came pouring down upon him.

"Ne, Recca-kun," Yanagi tugged at his sleeve, "maybe we should leave him alone," she gently pulled him away.

Domon finally pieced his shattered self together as he stood up, sulking. It was not his day. Provoking Domon Oni today would mean certain death. He stomped down the hallway, swearing to himself that Raiha would get it one day.

The girl hugged her books close to herself as she walked. She sniffed, as an uncontrolled tear of anger trickled down the side of her face. All the time and effort she'd put in...and he didn't appreciate one bit! "'Leave me alone', he says." she quickened her pace, "leave me alone!!" she repeated, and stamped her foot down. "I look pretty for him, I copy notes for him, I make lunch for him, I'm good to him, and this is what I get?! 'leave me alone' ?! What's his damage?! That baka Mikagami..." she hugged her books even tighter. But she had to admit, he never said anything about liking - much less loving her in any sense. She never had the right to assume he did. She pouted, and extended a leg to resume the long journey to her locker. BAM. The girl dropped her books and fell to her knees. Who was the horrible person who dared to knock down the daughter of Japan's multimillionaire, Nobutaka Koshii? The audacity... she gathered her books, got to her feet and shouted to the one-and-a-half-heads-taller-than-her guy with the ugly Mohawk, "Hey!! What's the meaning of this?!"

He turned, and looked pretty much intimidating.

Undaunted, she ran up to him - "Do you have any idea to whom I am?"

The guy looked blankly at her, and finally said, "No?"

The girl was peeved, and began circling Domon like a lioness would her prey, eyeing him warily. "I, for your information, am Nobutaka Tsubame - the only daughter of Japan's all-powerful renowned tycoon!" She jabbed him in the right shoulder, "And you have the nerve to knock me over and pretend it never happened!! I refuse to take this lying down! You'd better apologize, if you know what's good for you!"

Domon leaned forward to look her in the eye. "I couldn't be bothered about who your old man is! My girl just jilted me for some sissified Tweety bird!" the tears came pouring forth again. "She...dumped me...for Raiha!" His pathetic expression truly deserved pity. Tsubame's heart softened; she was going through the same thing.

"Mou, daijoubu..." she sighed, fishing around for her handkerchief and offered it to him. "Look, I'll forget what happened, so you just take care for now and make sure you give that back to me," she watched in pain and disgust as he blew his nose into her favourite hanky before she left.

Domon returned it a week later, and the two started to hang out together, and gradually left behind the memories of a week ago to make way for new ones to be made.***

Tokiya made his way down the sidewalk, taking a leisurely stroll to the florist. A girl playing with her doll outside the shop looked up and smiled. She left whatever she had and ran to Tokiya.

"Mikagami nii-chan!!"

Tokiya knelt down and managed a smile, "Ohayo, Hana-chan," he patted her head, "is your mother at home?"

Hana nodded and held onto his thumb as she pulled him towards the shop. "Okaa-san!! Mikagami nii-chan is here!!"

A plump lady stepped out, wiping her hands on the frilly apron she wore. "Ah, Tokiya. Thought you'd be leaving school early..again," she arched her right eyebrow. Tokiya shrugged.

Hana tugged on his sleeve, "Nii-chan, want me to get your lilies for you? Kaa-san taught me how to pick some really nice ones!"

He nodded, and waited for her to run to the back before turning to his ex- nanny, who'd stopped looking after him 3 years ago.

"You really should stop this habit, Tokiya. Leaving school early isn't beneficial."

"I'm fine. I just want to see Mifuyu sooner."

"But even so..."

"Nii-chan!" Hana bounded over, yet careful not to damage the bouquet. "Here!" she smiled, as Tokiya bent down to receive them.

"I'll be going now," Tokiya threw the comment over his shoulder.

The young flamecaster ran up the stairs, both his arms occupied with packets of bread, packets of bread, and packets of bread. He kicked the door open, and with a wide grin, quickly scanned the rooftop for the slightest sign of his hime.

"Recca-kun?" Yanagi's voice chimed.

"Hime!!" Recca whirred around, "I got your favourites!"

She squealed with glee, clapping her hands, "Wai! Recca-kun, you're the best!"

Recca smiled, "Say, where's Fuuko?"

"They're around back," she pointed, "with Kaoru-kun. Domon's at the amusement park with Tsubame-san."

Recca laughed, recalling Domon's proclamations long before Fuuko ever got with Raiha...

*** The boys were going to Fuuko's birthday party at Yanagi's place, when one particular fellow, in a show of brave, declared that he would pronounce his affections to her. Surely Fuuko, being as gullible as all females are, would fall willing into the waiting arms of one of such handsome visage as his.

And pigs will sprout wings and flutter, Kaoru chuckled to himself. He returned his focus on Domon, only to catch the latter breaking Recca's unsteady hold on the oversized ape before proceeding to chain saw the arrogant male and his two other stupid companions.

Domon paused momentarily to speak. "No one, absolutely NO ONE, will call MY beloved Fuuko gullible!!"

Kaoru and Recca only watched in horror as Domon used martial language on the poor suckers. Domon's eyes were still blazing after he'd finished. With his back to his friends, he said, "Let's hurry, I gotta see Fuuko. I could not let such babos shatter her image. On my word as Domon Oni, I will protect my dear Fuuko! If she would not love me I won't force her..."

His friends were surprised and almost rendered speechless. Recca moved forward to console him. "Domon..."

Then, Domon continued," ...then I'll kill myself after she's found one worthy of her love besides me." He blabbered as his lips quivered, and tears threatened to spill from his eyes. Kaoru and Recca face faulted.***

Recca followed Yanagi to the other end of the roof. Within a few steps, he could hear Raiha telling someone about.what?

"See how easy it is for Fuuko to tackle you from behind when you let your guard down? You have to speed up on your turning. Always remember, Koganei, it is that one tiny split second that you have to utilize, or you jolly well get your jaw knocked askew."

Fuuko was poised behind Kaoru, her right foot just inches away from his cheek. Recca had been craving a fight, and Fuuko was tempting.

"Watch it!" Recca whispered, as he sprinted in her direction.

"Not so easy, Recca!" Fuuko spun around. Her heel met his abdomen. She jumped and executed a spin kick, grabbed his head and pounded him to the floor. Holding him down with her knee, three kunai darts were pointed at the back of his neck. Fuuko grinned.

"Sugoi!! Fuuko nee-chan!!" Kaoru punched the air, "Trash him!!"

"Baka!! Whose side are you on anyway?" Recca yelled.

"You're talking an awful lot for someone who's being pinned to the floor," Fuuko lowered herself to whisper in his ear, "You're not as good as you used to be, Recca." She got up and slapped Kaoru a high-five.

Recca patted the dust off his uniform. "Yeah, whatever. I was going easy on her. If I'd used my dragons, Fuuko, you'd be history."

"Hai, hai." Fuuko waved, as she leaned against the wall.

"Fuuko nee-chan's really getting good, isn't she, Raiha?" Kaoru sprawled on the floor, looking for fluffy clouds, his eyes wide with excitement.

Raiha nodded, "She certainly is improving," he looked up and pulled at her fingers. She slid down to a sitting position beside Raiha and beamed at him. Yanagi giggled, "You're getting rusty, Recca-kun."

"Heh, rusty and old," Kaoru sniggered, his infamous fanged canine peeping out the corner of his mouth, "In a few months I'll be trashing him to the earth's core! Sugoi."

"Watch what you're talking about, brat!" Recca caught him in a headlock, "I can take you on anytime!"

"Say that again when I've mastered the art of unarmed combat from Fuuko nee- chan - then we'll see." Kaoru peace-signed Yanagi.

"Hey, where's Mi-chan?" Fuuko asked, tying Raiha's hair into a Tokiya-style hairdo. She wrinkled up her nose and let it fall to its usual waist-or- maybe-longer length, running her fingers down the purple waterfall.

"I like your hair like that," she commented to Raiha, smoothing down stray strands, "it's nice."

Raiha merely smiled and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

Recca rolled his eyes at them. "Geez, you guys are so..."

"Sweet," Yanagi finished, slightly envying the love that Fuuko and their new friend shared.

"Hime..." Recca muttered and sweatdropped, "Mikagami left school early I think." He told the rest.

Kaoru, fiddling with his Kougan Anki, began to balance on it just as he'd done in the UBS. "Figures," he said, "Tsubame-san told me he just got up and left. And the teacher didn't even say anything! How cool is that? I wanna be like Nii-chan next time." Kaoru was full of admiration and his eyes twinkled, anticipating the day whereby he could just walk out of class. His imagination painted a vivid picture, replacing Tokiya with an image of himself, his chest swelling with pride.

"You'd better not, Kaoru-kun," Yanagi cautioned, "Mikagami sempai can do that because he's way ahead of all the other second-years. You will have to work really hard."

Kaoru face faulted, and fell off his madougu, while hearty laughs arose from the two couples.

The summer wind was playful on the hills; it grew warmer as it approached the tree line, running swift fingers through the foliage. The leaves, green with life, murmured in gentle whispers at having their repose so rudely disturbed, but the wind merely danced away as suddenly as it had arrived, making way for a lighter breeze. Located on a hilly plain, the scenery was pleasing to the eye. The cemetery was quiet - Tokiya's ideal 'hangout'.

"Nee-san..." he whispered, getting to his knees, replacing the elegant day-old bunch of white lilies with the not-so-elegant-arranged-by- Hana ones. "I'm here to see you again," Tokiya folded his legs under him. "Little Hana arranged these for you. I hope you like them." Cerulean eyes kept their gaze on Mifuyu's faded image. "Momiji-san told me leaving school early wasn't beneficial..." he subconsciously plucked a few blades of grass. "...But I think it's worth it, if I can spend time with you." Tokiya asked a few questions, though expecting no answer. "I topped the level again for the latest advanced chemistry test, nee-san. Are you proud of me? I even brought my paper to show you..." he pulled out a tiny booklet and nudged it towards the cold, grey marble. "I've always wanted to make you happy," The corner of his mouth twisted upwards into a slight smile, "looks like I've done it again." He sighed and leaned back, his arms for support. "It's quiet, isn't it, nee-san? Remember how we'd go to the park just to lie in the grass? It was quiet too, and I told you your ugly face scared the birds away. I didn't mean it then, but you pinched my cheeks all the same..." he lifted a hand to his left cheek, wishing to feel Mifuyu's touch once again.

He spent the next few minutes in silence, before he finally left. His head was throbbing, and he needed to go home to rest. Frowning, he brought two fingers to massage the bridge of his nose as he walked out the cemetery gates. He knew he hadn't been sleeping as much as he should have, but it wasn't his fault. The same dream of Meguri Kyoza killing Mifuyu haunted his mind, asleep or no. At home he would wake in the middle of the night, drenched with sweat. In school he would turn in the hallway to see the scenario replayed again and again. He could handle a thousand Kurei's and still feel much better than this.

He came to a standstill just outside school. Sensing the presence of a stranger clicked his mind into preparation, as he warily strolled along his already designated path down the road.

"I do believe you have a valid reason for stalking me," he muttered, "I'd hate to think you'd be cheating on - "

"Don't flatter yourself, Mikagami - I'm not cheating on Raiha just to find out why you've been skipping school...again." Fuuko folded her arms and smirked, "I even find it hard to visualize why you'd call that cheating. Besides, I'm just gonna meet him. What's your problem?"

Tokiya ignored her, and continued a steady pace. Fuuko caught up to Tokiya and looked him straight in the eye. "Oh my - " she gasped in mock surprise, "God, what are those??" She pointed to the rings under Tokiya's eyes. "Are they - no, couldn't be. But they are - impossible..." Fuuko murmured as she squinted, scrutinizing the boy's face.

"What the hell - " Tokiya gripped the ensui in his pocket, ready to point it at Fuuko's neck, and if necessary, spill a few drops of blood while at it.

"Mi-chan!" Fuuko leaped a few steps back, "You haven't been sleeping enough! You've got...eye bags!" She stifled a giggle. "What's going on?"

"None of your business. Kindly get your nose out of my affairs." He brushed her off and headed home.

To be continued...

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