No Sanity Without Electricity

Chapter 3

By Shadowgate

When Stan Marsh woke up the next morning it was time for school. He was upset that the power still was not back on. Sharon said that she would have to call the power company at 9AM.

Randy said "oh man I wish Captain Hindsight was here."

Stan just blew up and said "dad Goddamn it Captain Hindsight is not a fucking genius and he'd just tell you what any fucking retard would tell you. You should have paid the fucking power bill."

Randy shot back "I don't have to take this kind of shit from my fucking ten year old son."

Sharon said "Stanly I've had it with your fucking foul language now it's time to get your ass to school."

When Stan got to school he told Kyle "I still don't have my power on yet."

Cartman laughed and Stan asked him "do you want another ass whooping fat boy?"

Cartman said "no" and Stan went on to say "your mom is the biggest whore in town and she can suck them for a long motherfucking time Goddamn it."

Kyle said "whoa Stan you need to calm down."

Mister Garrison said "that's it Stanly you're going to see the school counselor for that language. It just so happens this whole town knows I'm better at sucking dicks than Eric Cartman's mom."

The class erupted in laughter and Stan had to see Counselor Mackey.

Inside Counselor Mackey's office

Counselor Mackey begins lecturing Stan "now you know we can't use that kind of language in a classroom um kay."

Stan replied "yes I know but Cartman got me annoyed."

Counselor Mackey said "oh and do you expect me to believe Mister Garrison stated right in front of the whole class that he could give blowjobs better than Eric Cartman's mom?"

Stan replied "well he did."

Counselor Mackey shot back "guess what I do believe he said it."

Counselor Mackey and Stan both had a great laugh.

At lunch time Stan met up with Kyle and told him "I'll have to call my mom on a pay phone I was not able to charge my cell phone."

Kyle said "that pay phone hasn't worked in this school since 1988."

Kyle let Stan use his cell phone. Stan called his mother and his mother told him it would be another 6-8 hours.

Stan commented "oh so they're going to give us that bullshit again."

Stan hung up and ate his lunch.

When he got home he saw the power was finally on.

He was so happy.

The End