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Chapter 5 - Spoon


As I walked to my car after a crazy-long shift at the hospital, all I wanted to do was get home and go to sleep. But I was too wound up.

I was the perfect candidate to perform that gall bladder removal, but fucking Dr. Sanders got it. He obviously kissed more ass than I did.

I really needed more practice with the damn laparoscope.

"Fuck." I slammed my hands against the steering wheel and blew out a breath. There would be other opportunities. I knew this. But I was competitive—especially with the men in my program.

Medicine was still a man's world, and I always felt like I had to work twice as hard to get where I wanted or be taken seriously. It was a take-no-prisoners kind of environment. Even my own boyfriend in medical school had screwed me over to get ahead.

We'd both been up for the same fellowship research program, and I had been told I'd be getting it. But then he'd stolen it out from under me somehow. I still didn't know how he did it, but there were rumors that he'd bad-mouthed me to some of the board members, one of whom had actually hit on me just before the fellowship was awarded.

I didn't even want to know what Riley had said to him about me.

Riley was my first and only serious boyfriend, and, at the time, I'd thought I was in love with him.

It's funny how hindsight works.

I remembered just laughing it off when he'd said I didn't really need my degree anyway because I wouldn't be working once we had children.

Now, I'd probably twist the nuts off any man who dared to say something like that to me.

Riley always talked about what a great surgeon he would be—how the fellowship program would help that along, basically suggesting that I drop my application and let him have it.

"Bella, sweetie," he'd say. (I hated being called 'sweetie' by him—so fucking condescending.) "You know this is a better fit for me. Dr. Brighton will be able to guide me to greatness."

What about my goddamn greatness, huh?

I blew out another frustrated breath and reached for my phone.

I knew what I needed. Whom I needed.

You free? ~B

I chewed on the middle of my top lip as I waited for his response. A minute went by. Then two. I turned up the heat and rubbed my hands together, still sitting in the parking lot of the hospital.

Hey. Yeah, I can be free. What's up? ~E

Meet me in 30? My place? ~B

Another minute.

Yeah. Ok. See you soon. ~E

Thank God.

I needed him to fuck this day right out of me.

It hadn't helped that on top of all the other shit today had dished out to me, my mother had also called during one of my breaks. "Just checking in" to remind me that I'm not getting any younger. Time to find a nice doctor to settle down and pop out some kids with—never mind the fact that I was a doctor too. And "oh it's just too bad things didn't work out with that Riley fellow. He was such a good catch."

Ugh. She'd obviously had an extra shot of delusion in her umpteenth vodka tonic of the day.

After driving home, I hopped into the shower and made myself as presentable as I could in ten minutes. I heard Edward's knock on my door as I was twisting my hair up into a small towel.

Wrapping another towel under my arms, I crossed my living room and opened the door to let him in.

Unconsciously licking my lips as he stepped in, I took in the threadbare, white v-neck t-shirt he was wearing. I could see the definition of his muscles through it, dark ink visible in places as well.


I didn't even say hello.

I locked my door and shoved him against it, pushing his shirt up his torso and biting a nipple.

Edward hissed and then took over, removing his shirt completely.

My nose was pushed into that spot just under where his jaw met his neck as soon as his arms came back down. I could never get enough of his smell. I had no idea what kind of cologne or aftershave or soap he used.

I didn't care as long as he kept using it.

Edward's large hands came around to cup my ass and lift me against him, and he grunted when I bit his earlobe.

I was in a biting mood tonight, it seemed.

My towel was flicked away effortlessly. I unwound my hair and got rid of that one as well.

Edward licked his lips as his eyes roamed over my naked body, and I stepped forward again to tug forcefully at his belt.

"Shit, Bella. Here, let me." He undid his pants, and I pushed his boxers down. I didn't even hesitate to wrap my hand around his long cock and pull him behind me to my bedroom. "Shit," he cursed again. "You okay?"

"Shut up."

I pushed him down onto my bed and mounted him immediately. I'd stashed a couple condoms under my pillow, so I fished one out, ripped it open, and rolled it down his shaft.

Edward arched his neck to one side and clenched his eyes shut as I sunk down on him. I always wanted to lick that tendon in his neck that stood out when he did that. I leaned down and ran my tongue up it and under his jawline, and he let out a needy moan.

Grasping his hands, I raised them over his head and pressed them into the mattress before sliding up his length and slamming back down on him.

"Fuck," he spat.

I rode him hard and fast. He caught a nipple in his mouth when he could, but I never let go of his hands, keeping his arms pinned.

I was in control tonight.

When I felt my orgasm building up, I pressed my forehead to his chest and ground my clit against him as my hips continued to roll. I felt him press upward, into me, and it only increased the pressure. The pleasure.

"Oh, God," I gasped against the ink on the skin of his chest. I'd noticed it before, of course—a date scrolled there, right over his heart, with a small 'J' beside it.

It made me nervous to think about. I didn't want to know the meaning behind it.

My arms weakened as my climax rushed through me, and Edward pushed me up, grasping my hips and pounding into me from underneath.

Placing my hands against his chest, I pushed him back down and slid off him. He made a whine of protest, but then I turned around, glancing back at him over my shoulder. He gave me a knowing smirk once he realized what my intention was.

Straddling him backwards, I reached down and guided him back inside.

"Goddamn," he whispered as I gave him a little squeeze before starting to move my hips again.

My legs were on the outside of his, and I brought my hand down to roll his balls and stroke just behind them. As I did so, Edward began cursing and groaning consistently, spurring me on to fuck him even harder. His hands were wrapped around my waist, sometimes gliding up my sides and reaching around to palm a breast or moving down to stretch across my hips and ass.

Our moans mingled together in the room, and I continued touching him with one hand, bringing the other to my clit, rubbing and pinching, trying to get there again.

I needed this.

I used the strength in my legs and abs alone to keep fucking him, and I could see the muscles in his thighs strain as he tried to push up from underneath.

When he sat up suddenly, I tipped forward, my hands landing on his knees. His fingers dug into my skin as he began to bounce me vigorously on his cock, making me cry out.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Edward said through gritted teeth. "You feel so fucking good."

"Oh, God. Oh, fuck," I whispered. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

"I'm gonna come," he rushed out. "Shit."

His hands clamped down painfully around my waist, pulling me down hard as he emptied himself, and I spasmed around him. I think I screamed. I'm not sure.

We both flopped backwards, sweaty and panting.

My eyes grew heavy instantly, and the last thing I felt was the tightening of Edward's long arms around me before I drifted off.

"Mmmmm." I was so comfortable, I didn't want to move.

I was just so warm.

My bare back was pressed against the length of his bare torso, and my half-open eyelids began to fall shut again.

As reality began to sink in though, my eyes snapped wide, and my body tensed. Edward and I were lying on our sides…spooning.

"Shit." I tried to break free from his hold, but he wouldn't budge.

Turning my head to glance over my shoulder at him, I realized he was sound asleep. The clock on my bedside table read 2:14 a.m.

Okay. This wasn't the worst thing to ever happen. It wasn't like he'd spent the night. He didn't even get here until after 12:30 anyway. We could come back from this.

But the longer I lay there, wrapped up in him, the more I realized I liked it.


I turned around in his arms and looked at his face for a minute. His thick eyebrows that were always so expressive, so… alive on his face, laid over his closed eyes, relaxed for once.

The small ring at the end of his left eyebrow had a tiny black bead on it. I didn't know why the urge struck me suddenly, but I touched it lightly.

His nose was long and straight, a little squishy-looking at the end, like it wasn't quite symmetrical. Which was good, because otherwise he'd be a little too perfect.

His eyelashes fanned out over his cheekbones, so long they were touching them. I was always jealous of those gorgeous lashes.

I stared at the slight dimple in his chin and then focused on the stubble covering his jaw. It was probably two days worth. Fucking perfect.

When my eyes fell to his lips, this feeling I couldn't describe coursed through me. Want mixed with fear, maybe? Edward's lips were so beautiful—deep pink and just full enough not to look too feminine.

Barely touching him, I traced my finger over his bottom lip, and suddenly a warm hand wrapped around my wrist.

My eyes shot to his, and Edward was looking back at me, deep green searching brown. We stared at each other for a minute until the intimacy of the moment shocked me into reality, and I tried to back away, out of his hold.

This time, he let me.

And it felt all wrong.

I was pretty sure I wanted to kiss him.


No kissing.

Fuck. I needed him out of here.

"Bella?" he asked as I scrambled off the bed and found my robe.

"You need to go." I couldn't look at him.

Edward cleared his throat. "I'm sorry I fell asleep. You okay?"

That rumbly, sleepy quality to his voice sent a slight shiver of desire through me, and I waved my hand over my shoulder at him. "Oh, yeah. No worries. I'll see you later. And thanks."

There was complete silence for a moment, and then I heard him blow a breath through his nose before the sheets rustled with his movements.

Sneaking a quick glance at him as he was getting out of my bed, I noticed for the first time that he had his boxers on, and my heart began hammering against my ribcage.

He'd actually cleaned up and come back to bed?

He'd held me like that on purpose?

Maybe he just knew I was stressed and wanted to comfort me?

But still. He shouldn't have even had that urge when it came to me.

Just like I shouldn't have had the urge to drink in all of his beautiful features while he was sleeping.

And just like I shouldn't have had the urge to press my lips against his and tangle our tongues together.

Once the door to my apartment clicked shut, I padded over to it and flipped the deadbolt and secured the chain. I turned around and pressed my back to it, still trying to figure out what the fuck had just happened.

Fuck-buddy Rule #3: No Cuddling—you spoon, you lose.

Rule status: Demolished

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