Chapter 1: Zora Tadpole

It was warm. It was warm, and moist. It was like being in a tropical rainforest, yet not quite like that. The place felt as if it was the inside of an egg. Funny. An egg. Was he inside an egg right now?

He felt himself breathing slowly, quietly, through the gills that were located near the side of his still developing head. Though unable to move around freely, he could wiggle a bit. He tried to get more comfortable. What was that? He felt as if someone was talking to him. But with the hard cage around him, he couldn't make much sense out of the muffled words.

Moving around just slightly had sapped most of his puny strength. His breathing slowed even more as he felt drowsiness slowly creeping upon him. He wondered, that would he be able to get out the next time that he awakes, or would it just be another boring day in his little chamber. He wondered if there was anything out there. He wished that he could see. He wished that he could see...

* * *

"Do you think that this little guy is going to be as strong as me?" a voice softy asked as a giant brown hand gently shifted the egg to another side so that the warm water could continue incubating it.

"Oh please Quin! Don't nudge the egg! You will disturb him!" scolding, another hand, much smaller, longer, and slender, moved the round sphere back into its original position.

Sighing, the muscular figure stood up. He stretched his neck around a few times before grinning at his mate.

"Okay, now what?" she asked as she saw what was coming next.

He shrugged. "Nothing much. Just admiring the Goddess that is standing in front of me right now."

She smiled as she hugged him. "You are very good at lying, Quin."

He frowned. "But I swear, Lynisana! You ARE beautiful!"

Laughing in a musical voice, she pushed lightly away from him. "Better go and catch dinner. You don't want to starve your wife now, do you?"

Kissing her silver, rubbery cheek, Quin waved a good-bye as he slowly swam out of the underwater cave and into the bare ocean. The blueness of the water consumed him as he swam further and further away.

Sitting down happily beside the ever-enlarging egg, Lynisana looked at it dreamily. She couldn't wait until her child comes out of his little room.

* * *

Living near the Chaotic Rim had its advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, Quin knew that there would be a lot of food swimming around. Then again, the predators near the center of the Rim could have easily come out of their holes and destroy anything that they saw.

Shuddering at the gruesome thought, the Zoran Hero focused on his hunting. Not far away, he saw a King Crab slowly shuffling along the ocean floor. Grinning, he swam forward and pointed out his fingers. With a deep breath, he let loose a blue lightening from the tip of his digits. The electric shock licked at the hard armor of the crab. With a silent scream of agony, the King Crab was fried instantly.

Picking up the night's meal, Quin was prepared to head back. Suddenly, he felt himself being sucked backward. Looking back in horror, he saw a giant whirlpool emerging on the dusty ocean ground. Kicking his finned legs hard, he tried to out pull the great suction. Roaring water sounded like drumbeats. It pressed against the Zoran Hero's many ears. Rocks and ocean plants disappeared into the bottomless fissure.

With a yell, Quin disappeared into the black hole, and everything went silent once again...

* *

It felt like an eternity. It took forever for him to mature. But this was it. He could feel it. This would be the day. This would be the day that he would get out and swim into an unknown world. He could feel his long tail moving back and fourth behind him. He could feel himself breathing confidently. He could feel the enriched energies racing through his small, round body. He could see now, but all around him were red, empty spaces that were covered with sticky strands of uncanny rope. He tried to brush them away with his new tail, but they just stuck onto it like cobwebs. Glaring at them with slight irritation, he began to move toward the edge of his tiny confinement.

Bumping into a hard covering that loomed over him, he stared at the strange wall with much curiosity. No matter, he thought as he rushed upward to meet the wall with his big, round head again. He would get through that obstacle! Falling back a little more, he whipped his tail and slammed into the wall again. This time, the shield had a crack on its smooth surface. Filled with hope, the tiny life form slammed at the weak point again and again. His soft, squishy head changed shape as he continued his assault on the shell. His head was like a balloon. One minute it was round, and the next it was as flat as a plate when it was being pressed against the stubborn shell. His round eyes bulged out of the sides of his head with rhythm.

Finally, with one final push, he shot through the shell and out into the new world. Cold water rushed against him as he swam swiftly through the vast space. He had never felt so alive! He was reborn! He was free! Free!

Wait! Who was that? He turned his head around and stared at a strange figure with his huge blue eyes. Who was that? Could it be? Smelling the scent in the water, he knew instantly. Mom! He swam gleefully toward his parent. His mother laughed as she closed her arms around her tiny child. Sure he was a tiny tadpole *(1), but he would Metamorph later. He would change into a big, strong, Zoran Hero. Just like his father...

"Welcome to your new world, Mikau," Lynisana whispered as tears flowed down her crystal blue eyes. "Welcome to the underwater world after ten years of waiting...*(2)"

~End Chapter 1~



(1) Tadpoles, in real life, are very small. Yet, the Zora Tadpoles are the size of a very small baby. That's why Lynisana could hug her newborn child.

(2) Zoras normally hatch from the eggs after 5 years. Zoran Heroes took much longer time to hatch. The reason is that Zoran Heroes are a special breed of Zoras. Sure they may 'look' like average Zoras with little differences, but they are much powerful, and much, MUCH more agile than the average Zoras. And since this IS Mikau that we are talking about here, so I made the time to hatch to 10 years.


Author's Note: This is a revised story from the previous one. I just noticed that I had many mistakes in the chapters of Ocean Sun, so I remade everything again. I hope that readers would still enjoy the story. I will try my best at putting in descriptions, but as always, I am a poor writer.

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