Chapter 2: I'm thinking Fred and George.

Harry's POV

I sighed. "Well, do you have any better ideas? Gee, what are we going to do, sing each other our favorite song?"

Four made a face at me. "Whatever." He rolled his eyes.

"Harry," Ron whispered to me, "Calm down a bit."

"Sorry," I muttered back, "I'm not used to stuff like this."

I heard Six and Four muttering. I heard something about 'Guns and simulations,' but not much other than that.

"I wish I had my wand. We could have blasted through the wall or something..." I told Ron

"Bloody hell Harry, I totally forgot! Hermione will be worried sick about us!"

"Sadly, I don't think that is our biggest issue." I sighed.

I saw Katniss turn around to face us.

"What kind of name is Hermione?" she asked.

"What kind of name is Katniss?" Ron replied.

"Touché." she said, and then kept talking to Peeta.

I kept thinking about why we were here as everybody talked. Who took us, why us, who are these people, and a lot of other things. I decided to think about something different, as I was pretty sure I was not going to get an answer to that question.

'What can you do in a small room surrounded by people you don't know?' I asked myself. 'Well, there are actually a lot of things. You can play truth or dare (There was still a few dares you could do in a small room with nothing in it), You could just talk, You could could do a lot of things if you think about it.' I thought.

I heard Peeta say, "What do they expect us to do locked up in here?"

"Escape?" Six asked.

"Maybe." Four said. "They could be testing our brain limits, seeing what we would do locked up in a small room. Would we go mad, would we panic, would we try to escape? This is probably just somebody trying to create a real life simulation."

We all stared at him. That guy was pretty smart.

"Do you always talk like that?" Katniss asked.

"Like what?" Four asked, confused

"All brainy and simulations and stuff." She told him.

"I don't think you come from around where we live." He said, looking at her.

"What district are you from? I'm from twelve. If you don't live in district twelve you probably would have never met me." She told him, matter of factly, like we all knew what she was talking about.

"These people are the weirdest muggles I have ever seen..." I muttered to Ron.

"What is a district? Did you mean Factions?" He asked her looking at her like she was an alien

Katniss sighed. "What are you talking about with the Simulations and Factions and stuff?"

Four shook his head. "Okay, it's obvious that we both have no idea what the other is talking about. I think we should just drop the conversation for a while and do something else." he said.

Katniss opened her mouth as if to say something, but quickly closed it. "Fine. I don't care." she said, and sat back down on her bed.

"So who do you even think did this?" I asked.

"Erudite." Six and Four said at the same time

"I really don't know." Peeta said.

"I'm thinking Fred and George." I said, and Ron laughed.