Sarah's P.O.V.

Why can't I stop thinking about him? Why can't I stop thinking about how incredibly alluring he is? Why do I think that his geekiness is so attractive? Shouldn't that be a turn off? Why do I always want to give him a congratulatory hug after he figures out a way to defeat something paranormal? How come I always come to him when I have a problem? Shouldn't I go to Erica? Why do I have such high standards when it comes to solving a problem when he is involved? How come I always get mad when Erica makes fun of him, but not the others? Why do I get an electrifying sensation when his arm brushes against mine? Why do I always blush when Benny says I want to canoodle with his best friend? How come I always find myself staring at him? Why do I always stay up at night thinking about him? Why can't I bare to imagine life without him? Why do I always panic when something bad happens to him? How does he always come to my rescue, even when I don't tell him what's going on? What does everyone mean when they call us love birds? Can't they see were not dating? Does he like me more than a friend? Why do we have more in common than Ericka and I? Why does he understand me more than anyone else? Why did he risk his life after the Lucifractor exploded?