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Chapter 1:

The princess of DunBroch wasn't quite sure what she has been thinking when, at the bottom her letter to young McGuffin, she'd added

"Do ye 'spose ye'd like to spend the summer here? You could prepare for the games here and perhaps stay afterward for a bit as well. I never really got to know ye, and A'd like it if ye'd come."

She felt she'd never be able to curve her impulsiveness, and really, up until now, there hadn't been any MAJOR repercussions, (Aside from her mother nearly being turned into a bear permanently, of course.) but this time, with less than a week until nearly a quarter of the clan McGuffin were to arrive, she felt maybe her spontaneity wasn't such a grand thing at times.

Still she was rather glad. Although she had regretted slightly (mostly) her invitation, the more she thought about it, the more she thought maybe it wasn't such a bad thing.

The next few days until her guests arrived were full of chaos and, at times when the triplets ran rampant, hilarity. And though she'd never admit it to anyone, she was greatly anticipating young McGuffin's arrival. (Who, through letters, she'd found was called Doyle.)

When the day that some of the McGuffin clan would arrive came, Merida was up with the sun. She'd fed Angus and tended to all of her other morning responsibilities before many in the castle had even awoken. But for some reason foreign to her, choosing the dress for the day was a bit more complicated than she'd expected it to be. On any other day, with any other occasion or person, she'd have slipped on a dress and been on her way. But this time, nothing she pulled from the wardrobe seemed to fit the occasion. She finally settled on a deep blue dress trimmed with gold and a blue that matched her eyes perfectly. It was fitted on top, but flowed out from her waist, with fabric that flowed gracefully with every movement, the gold trim glistening slightly when the light caught it. Even though choosing a dress would seem to be the least of the spunky, fiery haired young lady's worries, today it had been a bit of a problem, and she wasn't quite sure why. It certainly wasn't that she fancied Doyle of McGuffin! And with that determined thought, and a bit of a blush on her cheeks, she headed out with the rest of her family for the docks to await the guests arrival, invisible butterflies flitting around inside her all the while.

The family of Lord Fergus waited in anticipation for the boat of clan McGuffin to arrive on the docks.

Merida felt the nervousness inside her grow as the boat came ever closer. Nervous of what, she had no idea. She began to wave as the faces of those aboard came into focus. She continued to wave until she caught sight of a certain young man, and her hand froze for a moment in the air. He'd changed much in the past year. Of course not as drastic changes as the two years before, such as losing most of his roundness, and gaining a beard. This time round it was subtle changes. Changes that, if watched day by day, don't seem to even occur, but with a gap between in-person conversation, were some of the most drastic.

He'd lost every bit of child that might have been left in him. It was obvious that he was a young man now, and a strong one at that. Almost any bulk that was on him was muscle. He didn't have full beard, like his or her Da's but a beard nonetheless.

The butterflies in her stomach seemed to turn into bees that stung her insides. After that moment of being taken aback by Doyle's appearance, she continued to wave, with a smile as large and genuine as she'd ever shown before.

Her Da saw, both her reaction to Young McGuffin coming into view, and the smile she displayed afterwards, and he chuckled to himself. He'd never expected, out of all the suitors, for Merida to fancy McGuffin. Honestly he didn't expect her to ever fancy any of the suitors. Ever. He'd have to think on this match. They weren't right for each other!

Or were they? 'Nah! They're complete opposites!' King Fergus thought to himself, 'but then again so are Elinor and I.' And all at once king Fergus switched gears. Instead of worrying that they weren't right for each other, he started worrying about if they were. Because that's the thing fathers worry most about. Because then, in a sense, you lose her. Fergus never really thought he'd have to worry about that with Merida. He thought she'd always stay single, and if not, it'd be a long while afore she did wed.

Fergus sighed to himself. His wee lass was growing up much too fast for his liking. A tear or two welled up in his eyes, which he of course blinked away before they could fall.

"Fergus!" Lord McGuffin exclaimed, grabbing the kings hand in a strong grasp, "'Ow are ya man?! Nice of you to invite us here for before and after the games!"

"Aye," king Fergus replied, "will the rest of yer clan be coming for the actul games?"

But the conversation seemed to be drowned out, as Doyle approached Merida. Her breath caught in her throat and she didn't know why, and cursed herself for it.

"Princess," Doyle said, smiling and bowing.

"I'll call ye Doyle if ye'll call me Merida," she stated matter-of-factly, a twinkle in her eye.

Doyle caught it and smiled all the more. "Aye then, Merida," he said, bowing once more.

"Doyle," Merida said with a smile and a curtsy, "did ye have a good trip then?"

"Aye, 'as a but choppy twards the 'ginning," he said, trying to enunciate every word.

Merida was quite quick to sort out what he'd said.

"Aye, that woulda mad' me sick I believe," she replied, trying to keep the conversation going.

"Aye, A 'as a bit queasy, A moost sa'," Doyle said with a chuckle.

Merida smiled, a bit uncomfortable, finding it hard to keep a steady flow of conversation.

Finally her mother said, "Merida why don't you show Laird McGuffin and his son to their chambers?"

"Aye," Merida replied with a smile and a nod, a tad bit relieved with something to do. The rest of the clan would be sleeping in tents set up on the grounds, but Lord and young McGuffin would have their own chambers in the castle.

She lead them up various staircases until they came to a round room that looked like a small sitting room, furnished with end tables and chairs and a small sofa. Directly off the room there were two large guest rooms.

Gesturing to the door on the left she said "Laird McGuffin," and to the one on the right, "Doyle. If ye need anything, just let us know. There'll be a servant at hand fer the both of ye as well. You can get settled an then we'll 'ave supper." She finished with a smile.

Both Lord McGuffin and Doyle voiced their appreciation and entered their chambers.

As Merida made her way down to supper she thought about why on earth she'd invited them here. What had been going through her mind at the time for crying out loud! As it was, she was slightly enjoying it. Having part of the McGuffin clan there. She didn't know why. It certainly wasn't because she fancied him or wanted to fancy him. She silently cursed herself for letting her mind wander there at all, under any circumstances.

As she neared the dining hall, she heard the clanking of forks and knives against plates, and the general ruckus caused by a large party. She slipped in unnoticed, glancing over the tables, looking for an empty seat. After a moments searching, she found one between the triplets and Mcguffin. As she neared the seat, she suddenly got nervous. It certainly wasn't because of everyone falling silent. She'd had that happen on many occasions. Was it her seating place? She told herself it wasn't. It's just another seat in the hall. That's all it was.

Her hands got slightly clammy as she neared the table and the piercing but soft blue eyes of a certain young lord. She took a deep breath and sat down, suddenly rather surprised by the closeness of her neighbor.

"Evening Doyle," she said with a smile, situating herself at the table.

"Oh," Doyle said, as though she had pulled him out of a stupor. "Aye 'tis," he continued with a smile.

"Did ye get sorted out in yer room?" She asked.

"Aye, verra comfortably A thank ye," he said, being sure he was understood.

After a slight gap in conversation he added, "A thought praps ye'd lik ter go ridin' tomorrow affer breakfast? A brought meh mare Dancer along. Sheh may be getten on in yerse but A'll reckon shed take on yer Angus." He said, a slightly competitive twinkle in his eye.

After a moment of deciphering his words she replied, "A'm no so sure aboot that Doyle, Angus has beaten many a winner," the same competitive look in her own eyes.

Their easy conversation continued for the remainder of the night, every now and again a gap in the flow when she had to work out what he'd said.

Finally, long after the triplets had been sent to bed, and after many of the guests had retired for the night, the young lord's and the young princess's eyelids began to get heavy, and they too retired for the night, both thinking about the lighthearted and surprisingly easy conversation they'd had.

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