So let me hit the highlights. In the first book It's Gonna Hurt, Ana Steele (our heroine) bravely puts up with the belt incident (which was way worse than in Ms. James' book) and required medical attention. Christian Grey (our hero) has assigned her continuing security personnel, which she stoically endures. She starts her job with Seattle Independent Publishing, making new friends. Ana gives Christian another chance, where upon he uses an Elena Lincoln-recommended humiliation punishment, and she again leaves him. She begins with her posse of friends a campaign to repay Ms. Lincoln, an excellent endeavor. At the end of the first book (when I abandoned it) Ana has agreed to give Christian yet another chance, while she considers how best to ruin Ms. Lincoln … and quite possibly Mr. Grey.

Chapter 1


Ana Steele = our strong-minded and weak-willed at times heroine, that includes her Conscience, Inner Goddess and Sub-Conscience ladies. Ana is into trying new things and exacting revenge on certain bitch trolls. She easily forgives all abuse given by idiots and has a core of steel that includes training in Tai Chi and self-defense by her protective ex-Army and Special Forces adoptive father.

Christian Grey = the Dominant BDSM idiot that Ana is in love with, who knows nothing of dating and gentle romance, but can show a Submissive Masochistic girl a good time in his secret room. Ready to dole out punishments from beatings to humiliation scenes, he's beginning to realize that 'fucking' crazy doesn't appeal to everyone.

Elena Lincoln = Grace's dearest friend, took Christian under her wing when he was 15 – ain't she a Saint?

Jason Taylor = Head of CG Security for Christian and his personal body guard, "He's tall and built and pretty good looking in that black suit", in his 40s, buzz haircut, calm dark green eyes

Luke Sawyer = CG Security assigned to Ana, about 25 years old, "pretty green" eyes

Cottie Prescott = CG Security assigned to Ana, "looks like she can whip both Taylor and Sawyer with her hands tied behind her back, a real hard as nails black woman maybe about fifty or so in age."

Ryan = CG Security assigned to Ana, "is a smart guy", people at SIP / GP think he is Ana's ex-boyfriend.

Katts and Bron = CG Security, have helped at times watch over Ana

Morgan Zimmerman = Administrative Assistant to Carter Laumber, Grey Publishing (formerly SIP), very intelligent and efficient, from Fort Worth TX, friend to Ana, brown hair, blue eyes, weighs twice what Ana does, homosexual and at minimum a one night stand with Ethan Kavanaugh.

Alison = friend to Ana, works at the reception desk on the first floor at SIP / GP

Sharlie White (I changed this from Charlie because one of my favorite FF has a Charlie (one of the quads of Ana and Christian) and I kept thinking of her when I wrote my Charlie) = friend to Ana, looks similar to Ana but 10 (or more) pounds overweight, 22 y.o. Southern charmer, works at SIP / GP

Carter Laumber = VP Acquisitions with SIP / GP, he and Ana share an odd sense of humor at times, looks like Ichabod Crane

Kate Kavanaugh = best friend to Ana, college roommate and present roommate, blonde hair blue eyed Barbie doll type, five inches taller than Ana

Ethan Kavanaugh = Kate's brother, bisexual, friend to Ana, minimum a one night stand with Morgan Zimmerman, bunked in Kate's second closet – that's the third bedroom – until he finds his own place closer to where he's going to college to be working on his Master's degree in Psychology in September

Elliot Grey = Christian's brother and Kate's boyfriend. Elliot has his own BDSM interests but more importantly he has told CG to dump Elena as a friend and certainly never listen to her advice again.

Dr. Lowe ("Dr. Dom", as Ana thinks of him) = Emergency Room Physician. Ana met him at the Seattle Family Healthcare clinic when she went to be treated s/p belt incident. He is a Dom and mentioned he'd like a contract with Ana if she gets better trained as a Submissive. He recommended Elena Lincoln to Ana as a Sub trainer. He also gave Ana a shot and Rx for Lunelle, a birth control method used successfully in Europe.

Ray Steele = Ana's ex step-father who she considers to be her father. Trained in jujitsu, ex-military, and protective of his daughter, the likelihood of Ray putting up with anyone hurting Ana is ZERO. Now if she would just mention it to him …

Carla = Ana's Mom, Ana has little to no contact with her since she decided she couldn't attend Ana's college graduation, the typical behavior for the woman who has ignored Ana's presence in her life since birth

Bob = Carla's current husband.

Gail Jones = Christian's housekeeper and cook, girlfriend of Jason Taylor, friend (sort of) to Ana

Mr. Roach = acting CEO of SIP, staying to make the transition from SIP to GP go smoothly.

Claude = Christian's physical trainer

Grace = Christian's Mom. How had she let him develop into this egomaniac with behavior control problems? She must not have believed in spanking

Carrick = Christian's Father, he is tall and handsome, whitening blonde hair and penetrating green eyes

Ros = Christian's number one assistant at GEH

Dr. Flynn = Christian's psychiatrist

Mia = Christian's sister, tall and thin with a sheath of curly brown hair

Dale Jennings = reporter with West Coast Gossip, while attempting to interview Ana on air managed to hit her in the face and got an infamous panty shot that went viral. Forget Taylor (well not really), Sawyer broke his face.

Welch = CG's mystery private detective / computer hacker / whatever guy. Apparently can find out anything and everything 24/7 and has no moral boundaries or ethics about it.

Barney = Computer person extraordinaire for CG