Chapter 1: Prologue

As he lay there in his cupboard, Harry couldn't help but wonder why his relatives hated him so much. He couldn't remember ever doing anything to warrant the hatred he always saw in his eyes and couldn't understand it. He tried to do what they wanted! He even deliberately did badly in school now so that Dudley was better than him in the hope of his Aunt and Uncle being pleased with him, but all he received were snide remarks telling him how worthless he was and how, "freaks like you will never do well!"

He started slightly when he started to feel a tingling in his arms, which he were fairly sure were broken from Vernon's latest beating because he was 'in the way'. His eyes widened in pain as the tingling turned to a burning as his arms fixed themselves, but he kept silent as he knew that if he made any sound that disturbed the Dursleys would result in him getting an even worse beating, which he wasn't sure he'd survive. When the burning in his arms finally went away he passed out into unconsciousness.

Little did Harry know that the burning sensation wasn't only his arms fixing themselves, but also his magic imbuing itself into the runes the fractures in his arms had created. On his left arm, the runes for earth and air resided, and on his right arm, were the runes representing fire and water. As his magic finished imbuing itself into these, and whilst Harry was also in the realm of unconsciousness, his magic flared one last time, but this time centred around his scar. The scar that was in the shape of a lightning bolt. As the magic started to imbue itself into the scar it encountered a soul fragment, which it promptly ripped out and destroyed before the sliver of soul even had a chance to try and defend itself. Finally, with the soul gone and the final symbol imbued with his magic, Harry's magic rested, withdrawing back into his core and leaving Harry to rest peacefully.

When he woke in the morning, Harry felt slightly different. He wasn't cold like he normally was in the mornings, having slept under only a thin and ragged blanket. He felt light, almost as if the air around him was supporting him. He shook off the feeling and got up, quickly put on his clothes and started to make breakfast for the Dursleys.

When they had finished eating their breakfast and thrown Harry a few scraps to eat, Harry set off to get to school. Whilst his aunt would drive Dudley there, she refused to take him, so he had to walk to get there. All 5 miles! When he finally arrived at school, only a few minutes late he walked into his classroom and sat down, having received a glare from the teacher for his tardiness.

The day went fairly normally for Harry until lunch. After he'd eaten the small sandwich filled with slightly off cheese, Harry noticed Dudley and his gang lurking a few yards away from him. With a growing sense of dread he turned round, only to hear Dudley shout, "Time to start Harry Hunting!"

When he heard this, Harry ran for it. Knowing that if Dudley and his gang got him, that he would be in for a nasty beating. He ran around the side off the school, wishing for some way off getting away from Dudley, when suddenly he found himself floating rapidly upwards onto the school roof. He heard Dudley's gang shouting bellow him on the ground. Calling for him, searching for him, but Harry was in a state off shock. He had floated up here, floated!

He thought about what had led up to him floating, and realised that it had started right after he had wished for a way to get away from Dudley. Intrigued as to whether or not he could do something like this again, harry concentrated hard on floating. And sure enough he found himself hovering a few inches off the top of the school room. He realised he needed to get down onto the ground before someone found him and got him in trouble so he jumped off the room and when he was getting close to the floor, wished for the air to slow him down and he came to a standstill just off the ground.

Grinning at this new power, he didn't notice Dudley and his two friends come up behind him. However he did hear Dudley cry out as his fist slammed into what seemed to be an earthen wall that had shot out of the ground. Angry at what Dudley had tried to do to him, Harry wished that Dudley and his friends would be punished and go away. As soon as he thought this, a small burst of flame flew at the boy on Dudley's right, singeing him slightly. At the same time, a blast of water that appeared in thin air collided with the boy to Dudley's left, soaking him and knocking him to the ground. Dudley, however, got hit right in the chest by a small bolt of lightning, which lifted him off the ground and sent him flying back a few meters. Right after they had all been hit by the elements that attacked them, a gust of extremely powerful wind picked up and sent the boys flying away from Harry.

Harry smiled, it seemed to him that he had control over all five elements.

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