Author: windbeneaththewings

Genre: Romance, Crime

Pairings: Ino/Shikamaru, Hinata/Sasuke

Summary: AU modern world. Two best friends Ino Yamanaka and Hinata Hyuuga are set to be main secretaries of best detectives in the country: Sasuke Uchiha and Shikamaru Nara. With two men ready to solve the mystery of random deaths and two girls there for them, feelings will blossom in dangerous conditions as they will try to do their best.

Rating: M for sexual scenes.

Warning: OOC of characters, although I hope it isn't that big. Drug abuse will be inserted.

From author: This is not my first story, however this is my first story when it's AU. I really hope this would turn out to be good, as I'm feeling very hyped about this idea. Also, look at the rating again, there will be plenty sexual scenes in later chapters. I'm scared about writing on detective and just crime theme, but I hope I won't make it bad. Reviews are always welcome!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.


Police station of Konoha never was a quiet place, but today it was about to break the record with the buzzing noises. It was a big day, as everyone said. Nor Ino nor Hinata did not understand whole fuss, so they tried to stay out of it as much as possible.

''Yamanaka! Hyuuga!''

Both girls shivered and turned around to face the face of the whole department, Tsunade. This woman looked absolutely angelic with her blonde hair, big eyes and cute features, but only those who worked with her knew that she could beat the shit out of you like no one else. Tsunade stared at two new girls and gripped her teeth, trying hard not to spur her whole anger on them. They are not responsible for the flight delay, anyways.

''Yes?'' Ino asked.

Tsunade raised eyebrow and then just nodded. Yamanaka was one of the few new girls, who actually dared to say something back and she kind of respected her for that, even though she would never admit that out loud.

''Something happened, Tsunade-sama?'' Hinata asked quietly, getting worried.

Tsunade's face softened as she looked at this shy girl in front of her. From the first day she liked Hinata for being polite, punctual and tactical. She was glad she put her in one team with someone as loud and confident as Ino; together they are just great.

''Girls, you need to welcome both Uchiha and Nara'', she let out.

''Shouldn't Sakura do that?'' Ino asked and then shut her mouth as she met gaze of her boss.

''Haruno along with others was sent to another city, I think you read latest news about serial killer there. Anyways, most of guys are here, so no need to worry. Just met those two and send them right at my cabinet'', Tsunade said and two girls nodded. ''Good. And as you're here for already two weeks, I suppose you could be their secretaries. I will write it down in your cases, of course and your practice here will be over quickly.''

Woman did not wait for their answer, turning back and going to her cabinet. She had enough problems to think about and they are way more important than caring about two new girls. Ino and Hinata stared at her back and relaxed, only when they heard door of her cabinet slamming loudly.

''We need to this right'', Ino said, turning to Hinata.

Hyuuga only nodded. They both had just graduated from the university and it was just their luck to get quickly to the practice. They needed to work here for a year before going to the government and hopefully working there in the ''Social health and safety'' department. At least, that was their plan. Twenty-one years old girls were not quiet ready to work as secretaries, but those two weeks of knowing Tsunade were enough to be sure that she will hold on to her promise.

''You think she will cut out the term of year to like… eight or nine months?'' Hinata asked, when they both were heading to the exit.

''I prefer to think about it as of six months, but lets not give our hopes up too high, we didn't even see those two…how she said? Nara and Uchi..''

''Uchiha'', Hinata helped and Ino nodded. ''I heard from Naruto that they are the best detectives all over the country.''

They both stopped near exit, opening doors and looking around. They need to wait for those two here, so both girls sit on the chair, right in front of each other.

''Oh, Naruto, huh?" Ino asked, wiggling with her eyebrows and making her friend blush. ''Oh c'mon Hina, you two would be great together!''

Other girl blushed, looking down at her hands. She did have crush on Naruto from the very first moment when she saw him. Ino admitted that Uzumaki is handsome, but for Hinata he was just ideal not only because of his heart-melting smile, loud voice and big blue eyes, no; she was in love with how kind he was to everyone, how he was a goof-ball, but got serious when it's needed to. Thinking about him, she didn't notice Ino's stare at her. Yamanaka, in fact, was happy for her friend. She knew Hinata from the first course of university; they both went to ''political science'' faculty and sit on the same desk. Their friendship was quiet weird at the starts, as Ino couldn't get used to Hinata always shuttering and talking with pauses and for Hyuuga Ino was way too loud. But somehow they got used to each other; Hinata was talking absolutely normal around Ino and Yamanaka started to respect and understand Hinata's needs for personal space. With following months and then years their friendship grew only stronger and both were thinking about each other as of sisters, not like best friends. At the forth course they moved together to the same flat, dividing payment of it for two. Ino loved Hinata with all her heart, caring about her friend very much. That's why she was worried about the fact that Hinata was not interested in any guy in all four years. She was twenty-one and even though many guys would love to be with her, she didn't want any of them. So now, when she's in love with Naruto, Ino was really happy. Uzumaki looked like someone, who can make a good pair to Hinata. Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by the sound of engine turning off. She shot a look to Hyuuga and they both stand up, clearing their throats. Big black jeep stopped in front of the gates, shining on the sun. Ino raised eyebrow, when doors opened simultaneously from each side and two tall men walked out of the car.

''Holy fuck'', Ino let out involuntary let out, gasping.

In any other situation Hinata would shush on her, but now she completely understand this reaction. What she saw now was quiet and quiet…intimidating. Two men in black suits and white shirts were going right at them, both wearing shades. She kept her gaze on the tall brunette, who didn't have a tie and had his jacket opened. Holding his hands in the pockets, he was moving gracefully and Hinata wondered is this even possible. He reminded her of some tiger, some hunting animal who now was about to get to his victim. That was most horrible comparison that I've ever thought of, she thought and then swallowed. Even though man was in shades, for some reason she was sure that he's looking right at her. Which is already rather strange thought, because why would he do so? Hinata was well aware of her appearance and was sure than man like that will not be interested in someone like her. Where did this come from? Hinata shook her head and swallowed, looking at Ino. Her blonde haired friend seemed to be in some deep thought too. If she only knew that in fact Yamanaka was just in awe. The more she was staring at the tall brown-haired man, who was coming here with his tie and shades on and holding his jacket with his hand on his shoulder. Cigarette in his mouth made her cringe, but she couldn't not admire the way he was walking, like he wasn't some detective coming for the special mission, but more like simply guy going around the park.

''Uchiha Sasuke?'' Ino asked, staring at the guy in front of her, hoping he won't notice her racing heartbeat.

He just pointed with his finger on the brunette and Ino mentally started to dig grave for herself. She messed them up. Great.

''T-Tsunade-sama is wa-a-iting'', Hinata mumbled, trying to change the subject.

She started to shutter again, Ino thought and only nodded, leading two men to the cabinet of their boss. Both girls tried to hold themselves straight, but it wasn't that easy with two men beside her. Ino knocked on the door and after hearing loud ''Come in!'', she stepped back and with ''umpf!'' fell on the standing behind her man. Ino, oh my god, Hinata thought, staring at her friend, who now was apologizing.

''That's a new way of hitting on a man?'' Nara asked, taking his shades off.

Ino wanted to answer. She honestly wanted to say something sarcastic back, but when his brown eyes stared at her, she just forget everything what was in her mind. His eyes were not just staring at her, no; they were taking in every inch of her face, studying her and she felt blush creeping on her cheeks.

''Come'', Uchiha said roughly and opened the door, pulling Hinata back.

Girl meet wall with her back and opened her mouth in shock, watching two men coming in. She blinked, swapping her gaze on her friend. Ino cleared her thoat and just shook her head, looking upset.

''Ino, it's okay'', Hinata whispered, coming closer.

She did understand what Ino was feeling. She was ashamed of falling on him, just like she was ashamed of her shuttering again. They both smiled to each other and walked in too, closing door behind them. Tsunade stared at them and motioned to come closer.

''This is Hinata Hyuuga and Ino Yamanaka, your future secretaries. They had just graduated and we have them as on a practice year. They will help you around with anything. Their numbers are in files, just like whole their cases too.''

None of men looked at them. They simply nodded, taking files on their hands.

''Both girls are very effective..'', Tsunade started, when Nara added:

''We noticed. Falling and shuttering seems to be their things.''

Ino narrowed her eyes, staring at him. Asshole.

''They were best on their faculty and I'm sure they will help you two a lot as you don't even know the city. But, coming to more important things. Ino, Hinata, you can go. Your working day starts from tomorrow'', Tsunade said and both girls nodded, going away as fast as possible.

As soon as they both grabbed their things and went to the parking lot, Ino spur her anger out on the innocent car, slamming door of it shut. Hinata didn't say a thing, sitting next to her friend, waiting for her to calm down. Blue-eyes girl sighed, took deep breath and then put keys on.

''I'm sorry Hina'', she mumbled, driving out of the parking lot.

''It's okay'', Hyuuga assured, smiling softly.

She knew temperament of her friend and knew that Ino needs to get this out of her or simply she will just explode of the amount of emotions. By herself, Hinata was not happy too; both men seem to be rather distant and not friendly in any way. Having troubles with being easy-going, Hyuuga already could see upcoming problems with her new boss. We will probably just be silent around each other, she thought, while Ino drove them home. They bought this car on their savings from the university years. It was a very nice Toyota Prada that cost them a lot, but they both were happy on being able to have jeep. Hinata doesn't know how to drive and has no desire to be able to, so Ino is always there to drive her anywhere and as they both were practicing in the same place, then all problems were solved.

''Let's go and eat at some Italian restaurant'', Ino suggested.

''I thought we wanted to save money on new tv'', Hinata said.

''Oh, right'', Ino mumbled, looking sad.

Not like they were coming from the poor families, no. Yamanaka family had their own line of flower shops in this city and they struggled to get bigger, wanting to have their shops in other cities as well. Ino was the only daughter and parents paid for her studies, so she thought that after university they will not give her money. Of course, they give her them now, but she tries to save them. Hinata is coming from wealthy family, who also paid for her studies, even though not liking her faculty. She tried not to ask much money, so her dad wouldn't have another thing to point on her and say that she's awful daughter.

''Maybe in next week? Tsunade said we'll have salary'', Hinata said, not wanting her friend to be upset.

Ino smiled, turning to her and nodding. She almost got in the house, when she heard her phone buzzing in her bag. Same happened with Hinata's one and she motioned to Hyuuga to pick up.

''I'm driving'', she reasoned her decision and Hinata took her phone, answering.

''Hyuuga Hinata?'' husky voice asked and Hinata froze on her seat.

''Y-yes'', she answered and then cleared her throat. ''Uchiha Sasuke, I suppose.''

Ino's eyes widened on this and she stopped the car quickly, making Hinata squirm and held her hands in front of her to prevent herself breaking the front glass. Phone fell on the ground and she tried to pick it up, while Ino mumbled ''sorry'' and drove into their parking.

''Sorry for that'', Hinata breathed out in the phone, sitting up straight.

''You didn't shutter.''

''What?'' she asked in shock.

''Never mind. We will be tomorrow at work at nine. I should be welcomed with all files grouped on the table by importance and urgency, mocca without sugar should be on the right side of the table along with all the notes from Tsunade. I also would like to have..''

Hinata put on speaker, when Ino parked the car. She quickly grabbed pen and notebook from her bag and started to write everything there.

''…one of your best detectives on this city, I'd like to know his thoughts on this case.''

''Sure, anything else?' Hinata asked, writing down on her notes about mocca being on the right side of the table.

''Yes'', Sasuke said, his voice steady. ''Don't be late, Ms. Hyuuga, I won't tolerate this and am not interested to hear excuses.''

Hinata swallowed hard, nodding and only then remembering that he's not able to see her. When she wanted to said that she get everything, line went off. Beep-beep-beep. She turned off her phone, leaning on the seat and staring at the notes in her hands. Ino looked at her phone, seeing one new message.

''At nine in the office with the whole equipment for shooting. No delays'', she read out loud and then huffed. ''What the…who he thinks he is? And damn, work started at eight!''

They went out of the car, going to the elevator. Ino was muttering something about assholes, while Hinata looked over her notes again.

''Shooting? Who the hell goes to shooting at nine?'' Yamanaka exclaimed, getting out of the elevator and rushing to their door, opening it.

''Where they are staying?'' Hinata questioned, going in.

''Who the hell cares? They can lie at the dirt especially that Nara for talking about falling and shuttering!''

Hinata didn't reply, taking off her shoes and following Ino to their living room. Their flat was not small not big, with one living room, bathroom, kitchen, two bedrooms. Nothing extraordinary.

''Ah, I'm starving. Hinata, cook something?'' Ino asked, going to her bedroom.

''Sure'', Hyuuga answered, putting her bag on the table and going to the bathroom to wash her hands. ''I think we have only eggs, we need to go and buy some food.''

''Eggs will be okay by me now and yes, we will go tomorrow, I promise!'' Yamanaka screamed out of her bedroom.

Hinata smiled, going to the kitchen and opening the fridge. Still in her work clothes, she quickly made omlet for both of them, only then going to change her clothes. Ino went out of the shower, smelling food and smiling. She quickly put water to boil and then made them both tea. Girls eat in silence and then Hinata washed dishes, while Ino quickly cleaned up their living room of mess of clothes and books.

''Good night'', they both said in reunion and then smiled to each other.

At that same time, Shikamaru Nara and Uchiha Sasuke were sitting in their car not far from the police station, finishing their burgers.

''We need to look though everything again, maybe they missed something'', Sasuke said, putting his seat on the horizontal position.

''Too troublesome. Tsunade checked everything by herself three times'', his partner answered and did same thing with his seat. ''Need to find some apartment for whole our time here, sleeping in the car is not a good solution.''

Sasuke nodded and they both closed their eyes, immediately falling asleep being tired of the long road here. Tomorrow they will start discovering new case about five deaths that somehow should be connected.

''Don't snort'', Nara reminded quietly before turning his head to the other side.

Uchiha didn't say a thing, already sleeping.

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