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''This is now the way you do it, Nara!''

Shikamaru turned around and groaned, looking at Ino. Yamanaka had her lips pursed into thin line, looking pretty angry. Huffing, she came closer to him and looked down. What they were doing now, Shikamaru couldn't even describe how ridiculous it was. Nara did many things in his life, many shameful things, but he had never ever did this. Ino looked up and raised her eyebrow.

''Do it right. I showed you two times'', she said strictly and by her tone it was understandable that he has no choice.

''Ino..'' he started but got cut off:

''What, genius needs me to show him how to change dipper for a third time?''

Nara closed his mouth and glared at her. She can be bitch when she needs to. This doesn't happen often when she's around him, but Ino knows how to make him get things done. Gripping his teeth and wanting badly to just get out of here, Nara get closer and looked down. Huge toy baby was laying on the table and new dipper was just next to him. Ino watched as Shikamaru started to quickly put new dipper on the toy baby.

''Happy?'' He asked and then rolled his eyes. ''God, you're not even pregnant and yet we're doing this. Hinata should do this and Sasuke should do this, but not we.''

''But we will be responsible for their baby when they both will be away, so I want them to know that we are very good for a role of babysitters'', Ino argued and looked down. ''Good job, Shika.''

Nara only shrugged and went to sofa, sitting on it and looking for a controller of a tv. It was his day off and he wanted to enjoy it on its fullness. Ino looked at him and only chuckled. They are living for already three months and she knows him too well. It's amazing how in those three months her life changed. She was no longer working in police station; now she was one of the assistants of Jiraya, who was the financial director. She was no longer living in one flat with Hinata; now she was living in a flat with Shikamaru, in a very nice flat in the center of the city. She was no longer ill; now she was free of all her problems with her health. Everything changed and changed for better and Ino prayed every day, thanking God for this. Sound of quiet snoring reached her ears and she turned her ehad to the direction of sofa. Shikamaru had his eyes closed and probably was sleeping, forgetting to turn tv off. Ino smiled and shook her head. She is already so used for this. Girl came closer and turned tv off, looking at the guy. She loved him so much. She loved absolutely everything about him. Starting from his straight nose and ending with the way he furrows his eyebrows. She loved it all. Smiling, she wanted to put pillow under his head, when he suddenly opened his eyes and pulled her on him. Ino shouted, when he turned around, being on top of her now.

''What you were doing, hm? Admiring my handsome face?'' Nara asked, raising his eyebrow and chuckling.

''I was'', she admitted without shame and then leaned in. ''I have the most handsome boyfriend in the world and I think I'm allowed to admire his face.''

Shikamaru grinned and leaned in, capturing her lips in his. Those three months were filled with so much joy for him that he sometimes didn't believe that all of this was happening for real. Nara never was that happy and the thought that everything can stop in any moment was scaring him. But three months passed and he was still happy. Thought that maybe they can make it last longer, make this happiness longer started to run through his mind every time when he looked at Ino. Her baby-blue eyes were looking at him with so much love and admiration that he just thought it was his duty to make her happy too.

''Well, you know what I think about you'', he mumbled into he neck, kissing it.

''I would like to hear it again'', she whispered, closing her eyes and smiling, when he started to place sloppy kisses on her collarbones.

Shikamaru looked up and touched their noses, looking in her eyes.

''You're the most beautiful woman on this planet'', he whispered.

Ino made a small smile and blushed just a bit. Shikamaru looked at her and understood than he would say every freaking day this to her, so he could see this happiness shining in her eyes. They kissed again and Ino groaned, when he suddenly pulled back. She pouted and he chuckled, quickly pecking her lips.

''Ino, you are so excited with Hinata's pregnancy, probably more than she is'', he mumbled and sit up.

His hands gripped her waist and he made her sit too, running his fingers through her long blonde hair. Shikamaru was thinking a lot about this lately. Ino was really excited for a baby of Hinata and he knew why. She wanted baby herself. And Nara was not against that, but they are not even married or at least engaged, like Sasuke and Hinata.

''You want baby?'' He asked, looking in her eyes.

Ino's eyes widened and she stared at him with open mouth. He caught her off guard with this question. Blinking fast, girl looked down. She knows that Shikamaru is not ready for having a baby. And god, they are dating only six months and live together for only three months, of course she shouldn't be thinking of a baby, but she can't help it. Every time Ino looks at Hinata, she gets just a bit jealous. She wants to be pregnant too. She wants to have life in her body too. Shikamaru picked her chin with his fingers, making girl look right at him.

''Ino, you want a baby?'' He asked quietly and girl nodded.

Shikamaru wrapped his arms around her and smiled, kissing her head. Girl sighed and hugged him back.

''What was that sigh?'' He asked and leaned back from her. ''Ino, I would like a baby too. But I think it's very early for it. We will have after we'll get married. And we get married when I will finally pick right ring'', he said and kissed her nose. ''It will dream come true to have baby with you.''

Ino smiled. She was always afraid that Shikamaru doesn't really want to be a dad. She thought that he wants to party still; he doesn't want to be responsible for baby too. If only she knew how wrong she was. Nara, for already one week, was waiting for a reply from their office in Tokyo. He decided to leave his job and start normal, not dangerous job here, in this city, along with Ino. He was thinking of going to Gaara, but then decided that he will ask him for help only if he won't be able to find anything by himself. Change of a job… no matter how strange it sounded, but Shikamaru loved his job. But he knew that he needed to change it if he wants not to be scared all the time in the future. In the future with Ino and their little kids.

''I don't care for a ring'', she said, looking at him and distracting him from his thoughts.

''Liar'', Shikamaru muttered. ''You will kill me if I won't get ring right.''

Ino laughed loudly, throwing her head back and gripping his shoulders. Shikamaru smiled and nuzzled his nose in her neck, kissing it. He lives to hear her laughter. He lives to feel her touches and kisses. He lives for her.

Sasuke chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest, looking at his fiancé and leaning on the wall. Hinata didn't even notice him. She was more than concerned by her reflection in the mirror. Turning to right, she looked down at her tummy and her eyebrows furrowed. Sasuke tried to hide a chuckle again. It's just adorable how she looks on her tummy every single day and still doesn't like how it's a bit bigger than it was. Hinata sighed and looked at her reflection, finally noticing Sasuke. She smiled. They had just come from the dinner with her parents and in all honesty, Hinata thought that everything would be horrible, but Sasuke kept his promise. He tried his best to make everything okay and by the end of the evening his father was listening attentively to his plans and Hanabi was in love with her future uncle. Hinata blinked, getting rid of memories and noticed that Sasuke now was standing right behind her. Uchiha carefully put his arms around her and pulled girl closer to him. They both stared at the reflection in the mirror and Sasuke kissed her temple.

''No, it didn't get bigger, at least, not that much'', he said, smiling.

''Soon you'll be calling me fat'', girl said with a sigh.

''Soon I'll be calling you my wife'', he said seriously and put his chin on her shoulder. ''In one month, to be exact.''

Hinata smiled to this. She still couldn't really believe that they are engaged and that they will get married soon. It looks unreal, especially because she had never planned that. All her life was going according to some plan but since the time she met this detective, she forgot what the word plan means. And Hinata loved it that way. Turning her head just a bit, she kissed her fiancé, smiling, when he turned her fully around. Kiss was slowly turning into more passionate one and Hinata pulled away, blushing. Even though doctors said that they can have sex during her pregnancy, but she honestly didn't want to risk it. Sasuke, understanding her motives, only sighed.

''I don't know if I can wait for nine months to hear you scream my name again'', he said, looking in her eyes.

''Sasuke!'' Hinata exclaimed, blushing even more.

Uchiha chuckled and pulled her into his arms. Breathing in her scent, he closed his eyes, holding her close to him. Truth was that he was quite scared of having sex during pregnancy too, because he knows that he can get carried away and be rough when it's not needed. He kissed her temple, cheek and again caught her lips with his. She was just too irresistible for him, too charming, too perfect. Sasuke never had thought that he would have kids. Uchiha just couldn't see himself as a father and so, he thought that this would never happen, especially with his job. Talking about it, he's no longer detective. Now he's head of the department, controlling other detectives. After they will get married, Hinata and Sasuke will leave this city and move to Tokyo, where his job is. Uchiha was kinda of relieved, because now he's not the one, who needs to close the case; he's the one who puts detectives on it. Hinata wasn't very happy to learn that she won't see her family and friends as much as she want to, but she decided to follow Sasuke. Man was more than surprised by that. He could see how hard it is for her to leave her family here, leave Ino here and just leave this city. But she still is ready to do all of this for him.

''I love you'', he muttered, leaving quick kisses on her face.

Those three words always had the same effect on Hinata. They made her lips curve in a smile and her heart start beating faster. Looking in his eyes and understanding that he's being serious made her only happier.

''I love you too'', she whispered and kissed him.

''Hold it back, if you don't want to get laid'', Sasuke muttered, leaning back from her.

Hinata chuckled and turned around, going to the wardrobe. She was pregnant. Every single time when this thoughts cross her mind, she looks down at her a bit big tummy. There is a life in her body. Baby. Hyuuga swallowed and started to pick another clothes. She became more sensitive and, as she thinks, annoying, but Sasuke denies all of this. However, he can't help but notice how shape of her body changes. Her breasts got fuller, hips got bigger and he loves those changes, damn them. His hands were itching to touch her, but he can't do this. Hinata kneeled down to pick up coat that fell down on the floor and he closed his eyes.

''Hinata'', he moaned, looking at her ass.

Girl stand up and looked at him with raised eyebrows. And again that innocent gaze that makes his stomach twirl. Those lavender eyes were staring at him and he got closer. He can't get enough of her, this is for the starters. He can't be not close to her for more than six hours, this is for a second. He loves her so much that it is hard to describe, this is third and most important.

''I will be gentle'', he muttered, kissing back of her neck.

''Sasuke, no'', she said in a weak voice, closing her eyes. ''We can't.''

''We can'', he cut her off and started pulling her on the bed. ''We can and we will and I swear I will be gentle.''

Hinata giggled, looking at him. Of course she wanted this too, she missed his body too much. She lay on the bed and he lay next to her, wrapping his arm around her waist. Hinata took his hand in hers and put it on her tummy. Two days ago she felt her baby. She didn't tell this to Sasuke, but she felt first kick. At that moment Hinata almost fell down from surprise and shock. She was thinking about talking with Ino's mom on the topic of flowers on the wedding, when she felt the kick and dropped phone. Now, when they were laying like that, she just hoped baby would kick again, so Sasuke could feel it too. Uchiha closed his eyes, when he felt something. Opening his eyes, he stared at Hinata's tummy, not understanding what had just happened. Lavender eyes were shining with happiness and slowly realzation hit him.

''No way'', he muttered and sit up. ''Did baby…?''

This was for the first time when something like this happened and it was hard to define all his emotions right now. Sasuke was happy with Hinata's pregnancy, but now, now, when he felt that movement, finally everything became super real. He's going to be a dad and this is not a joke. Mix of emotions was attacking his mind and heart and he honestly couldn't even say a word. Hinata chuckled, looking at his shocked expression.

''I think it's a girl'', she said softly, putting his hand back on her tummy. ''And I think she likes to feel her daddy.''

Sasuke swallowed. Millions of thoughts were rushing through his mind right now, starting from ''Can I be a good dad?'' and ending up ''Let this baby be a boy, please!''. He looked at Hinata crushed his lips on hers, making girl shout in surprise.

''I love you'', he whispered, kissing her whole face. ''I love you so much.''

''Sasuke'', Hinata called and gripped his shoulders. ''I love you too.''

He lay next to her and always kept his hand on her tummy, wanting to feel something again. Hinata stared at the way he watched her tummy and smiled. She always questioned if Sasuke love kids, but she understand that he will love their child like no one in this world will ever love their kid. It will be just not that visible love, but it could be felt. She gently caressed his cheek, making him look up.

''You're going to be amazing dad'', she whispered.

Sasuke only smiled. This topic was not so pleasant to him, because he knows nothing about kids, but he promised that he would try his best to be good dad. Hinata smiled and staredt to draw circles on his chest, getting him distracted. And he knew too well what was coming up.

''What flowers do you want to have on the wedding?''

Sasuke moaned loudly and shut his eyes, making Hinata giggle like a little girl. She leaned in and pecked his lips, knowing how he hates those talks about wedding.

''Just kidding. I already picked everything'', she mumbled and smiled happily.

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