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"All For Nothing"

Kuroko no Basuke

Chapter 1

"It's Not Nice to Judge"


Kise looks up from the push-ups that he was doing, up to the benches where the rest of the Kaijou team were taking a break at.

"Sempai," He breaths out, arms nearly breaking from his 45th push-up, "I won't miss the practice anymore! Please, can I rest too?"

Kasamatsu, had apparently, punished him for being an hour late for practice after he had extra work from his cursed science teacher. He raises a brow at him, examining whether that look that he had was sincere or not. Well, he always had that look, so whatever. "Fine, you can rest"

And instead of joining the team on the bench, he collapses on the sweat-filled ground with a satisfied sigh.

"Man Kise, you have it tough," Kobori commented.

"Really now?" the blond replied sarcastically, "Does it look that way to you?"

"Yours can't compare to mine!" Moriyama blurted out, comedical tears streaming from his face, earning questioning looks from them.

"What now?" Kasamatsu grunts while rolling his eyes, "Another confession problem?" He adds as a joke, to which the other male took seriously.


"Oh you got to be kidding me," It seems that Kise's exhaustion also drained out his usual cheerfulness and now he gives an exaggerated comment that everyone agreed to.

"Damnit Kise! What's her name?!"


Moriyama pulls him onto his feet, eyes blazing with passion, "That new student in your class! Tell me her name!"

"Oh, her,"

"I di(d)n't kno(w) you had a (n)ew cl(a)ssmate Kise," Hayakawa said, voice rising with curiousity, "Ho(w) is (s)he?"

"Don't know. She came from Shikoku though."

"That's pretty far. Do you know why she transfered?

"Her brother's job, I guess-"

And just before Kise could finish his statement, Moriyama yanked his collar and forced him, and everyone else, to look at the window facing the school garden where a girl with cobalt blue hair tied in a mid- ponytail by a yellow ribbon and stern amber eyes was at.

"She's there!"

"Then ask for her name already! We're continuing practice after that!" Kasamatsu yelled.

So after a couple words of encouragement and multiple sore limbs, Moriyama (followed behind by Kaijou), went over to the bench where she was sitting at.

"Hello," He started, a soft smile gracing his face as sparkles appeared all around him (Kise taught him that), "I can't help but see how lonely you are,"

"You've got a lot of nerve thinking that I'm already lonely by a glance," She stated, eyes never leaving the book she was reading, venom tipping her every word, "I'm waiting for someone. Now go away before I shove this book in inappropriate places,"

Cold wind blew across Moriyama's stone-hard body as he continued to gape at the girl with teary eyes.

But before he could finally shatter into tiny pieces, a voice came calling at their direction.


Everyone glanced behind them and sees a boy with slicked back black- colored hair tipped with yellow and aquamarine-tinted eyes behind heavy-rimmed glasses.

"Oh," He stopped beside Moriyama, examining him, before questioning the girl, "A friend of yours?"

"He just passed by," She replied.

Before a more sensible conversation could continue, a loud yell coming from a certain Hayakawa echoed in the clearing.


The said boy stared back at him, before he also broke out into a smile, "Kawa, dude! It's been a while!"

And a moment of brotherly reunion happened between them. Complete with sparkles, a sunset background and an emotional background mu-


Scratch that.

Kasamatsu finally snapped, glaring at his team.

"Yes. Please do elaborate the event happening now," The girl, previously labeled as 'Zavvy-chan' said as she closed her book and gave cold stares at the people around her.

"Thi(s) is Izazuo Heiwahara, or Izuo, a f(r)iend of mine in (g)rade school who p(l)ayed basket(b)all with me," Hayakawa explained, giving a thumbs up with his friend.

"Nice to meet your team, Kawa" Izuo grinned before motioning to the girl still glaring at them, "That girl is my cute roommate, and tutor, Zaviel Usuizaki-chan,"

"Can't we just ignore them and get with your lessons?I'm sure that their Captain is also waiting for this nonsense to stop, right?" Zaviel said.

At the moment she looked at Kasamatsu, his face brightened up with the shade of red, and he looked away immediately, "U-uh... Yeah, like w- what she said,"

Kise smiled at them, elbowing Moriyama, who was still in stone form and whispering, "I think we'll get along very well,"




Author's Note:

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And yes, Zaviel, since the beginning of her creation (last year), has always been cold and sharp tongued. Much like my alter ego.


*Hayakawa has a habit of not pronuncing letters in his sentences, like in their novel, where the unpronunced letters were placed inside parenthesis: li(k)e (t)his.

*Izazuo Heiwahara- 'Izazuo Heiwahara' is a combination of two of my favorite characters from 1 anime that has the same voice actors as Akashi's and Midorima's.

*Zaviel Usuizaki- Don't mind the weird first name. I like unique names! 'Usuizaki' is the combination of 'light' (usui) and

'violence' (zaki). You'll find out why. Soon.

*Hayakawa calls him "Izuo" for short and Izazuo calls him "Kawa".

*This is part KiseXOC, KasamatsuXOC, and KagamiXOC. Bear with my choices.

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