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"All For Nothing"

Kuroko no Basuke

Chapter 2

"And When Grades are Dropping..."

The event yesterday had apparently led to more events in the following day after.

"Guys," Kaijou's coach, T, started, as he and his team settled in the locker room.

The air was still fresh, and everyone's welcoming face greeted his statement. Even Kasamatsu's usually furrowed look was relaxed by three percent (meaning, he's in a good mood). T felt a lump form in his throat, partly from disappointment and annoyance. Disappointment since those angelic (really?) looks will be shattered by the first five syllables he will say, and annoyance since it was they themselves who caused the problem anyways.

Here goes nothing.

"It's about your grades,"

And as expected, everyone paled, nearly matching the white cement they had for the walls. Wow, it really was the five syllables of doom.

Sighing, he put on a stern facade, "C'mon guys. I know Basketball takes a lot of time for practice, but your academic activities shouldn't be left out."

"I don't leave them out, really," Kise retorted, back leaning against the cool metal door of a locker, "I just need that passing grade right?"

"And you call yourself part of Kaijou,"

"E-excuse me..?!" He stared wide-eyed at his coach.

"Kaijou is a top level school, Kise. Passing grades are just like having an equal score in a game and doing nothing about it!"

"If you put it that way..."

"Our lessons aren't exactly a stroll in the park, coach," Kobori said, followed by a nod from Hayakawa who also added, "I fee(l) slee(p)y (w)hen I s(t)udy!"

Coach felt a brow twitch. He face their captain, "Kasamatsu, what's your rank in class?"

"H-huh? Oh, um, 21st, I guess."

There was a long gasp in the room. The coach felt his temples burn just by hearing everyone else commenting on how high-HIGH- his rank was, which isn't even within top 10 or practically even 20.

"Seriously?! Geez! It seems that I have to retrain your brains too!" He nearly growled out.

Everyone watched him settle his anger until he finally explained, "This time, the Principal wants every basketball team member to be within the top 15 of their class to be able to participate in our upcoming game,"

"Top 15?! Th-that's impossible!"

"I can't just get over there from being thirty-seco-"

Eyes landed all the way to Moriyama, who managed to stop whatever rank he was about to state.

"That's what you get for being too focused on that stupid love thing," Kasamatsu said.

"You're one to talk! Love is inspiration! You don't have a reason to study!"


Everyone silenced and their coach was nearly on the edge of throwing every bench at anyone who disrupts him. When he's sure he got everyone understanding his menacing glare of telepathy, he continued.

"I borrowed a tutor for your sake. Now pay attention to your studies since I'm having her rearrange and shorten your training activities,"


Coach nodded and smiled, head turning a bit to face the door, "Come on in, Usuizaki-san,"


The door opened in response to their questioning looks and a familiar cold face greeted them.

"And so we meet again," She said, voice nearly dropping.

"Don't say it like it's some sort of movie!"

"Zaviel Usuizaki had just recently transferred here in the middle of the year, but apparently she aced the entrance exam and is overtaking her classmates in her schoolwork " He explained, patting her back in the process, "She's currently vollunteering in different activities to gain points for the things she had missed in the previous months,"

"That's pretty hardcore," Moriyama murmured.

"Not as much as teaching a bunch of sweaty guys how to multiply simple polynomials," Zaviel replied with a small, chilly smile.


"I leave the rest to you, Usuizaki-san," Coach said before walking off to the door, "Feel free to punish them when they aren't focusing,"

"With pleasure, sir!"

And as soon as the door closed, the room dropped into a temperature of negative 20 degrees celcius. Zaviel's evil look and sudden stomping of foot on one of the benches caught everyone's attention.

"I hope you guys are ready" She gave them a glare, "Because I will not accept having people I thought being just in 15th place!"

Everyone was forced to nod, rather shakilly at her. She gave an exhasperated sigh, hands positioned in her hips, before she gave a softer look at them, "C'mon, let's aim higher guys,"

Silent, but shocked looks stared back at her and she managed to get all her remaining willpower to prevent herself from breaking into cold sweat.

"Isn't that what you do in Basketball? To aim higher and higher?" She explained, this time crossing her arms, "Don't tell me it doesn't apply to other competitions,"

"Hey, it does," Kise was first to speak, a smile whipping out from his features, "I guess lossing isn't an option there too, huh?"


The tension died down for a moment, and small smiles and determined looks emerged from the team.

"Good. It seems that your resolves has been made." Zaviel nodded at them before bringing up a piece of paper from her pocket and reading it out, "Okay, 10 laps around the gym, now!'

"Okay! Now you're just messing with us!"


And the afternoon went on with their original schedule for that will be their last. Zaviel could only watch as she calculated her plans for the tutorial tomorrow, into which she really doesn't look forward to.


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