Several months ago...

September 15

Percy's POV

Right after my sixteen birthday passed, mom decided to bring us to Montauk. Finally! I haven't been there since I was twelve. Paul was excited too. He's never been on a beach since he was little boy. This saddened me, though. I knew that Paul's parents are really strict. I can't believe they never let him have fun.

But today is his lucky day.

"Percy, it's time to go!"Mom exclaimed. I put my earphones off my ears and got inside the car.

Just then, Nico and Thalia came in. I was surprised.

"Nico? Thalia?"I asked.

"Your real father told me that it would be nice to bring your cousins in. They've never been to Montauk."Mom said with a wink.

I groaned, putting my earphones on again. This is going to be a long trip.


I stood corrected. The whole time, we were just doing nothing. Nico fell asleep, Thalia is still playing on her Ipad, Mom is just driving and Paul is sleeping like Nico. Me? I just listened to the same tracks for six hours. And somehow, I'm getting tired of it.

Putting my headphones off, Thalia groaned. And that's normal. Whenever she plays Subway Surfers and she loses by the tenth time, she throws a fit. That happened one time. It was Christmas and I ran to Mount Olympus on Christmas Eve, carrying a lot of presents. After opening them, Nico and I were watching Thalia, playing that game. By the tenth time, she ran to her cabin and threw a wild fit; so wild that Artemis had to get inside to calm her down.

The good news is: this was the first.

Mom parked somewhere near the entrance. While that, I packed my MP3 Player and the earphones inside my bag.

"We're here!"Mom declared.

Thalia accidentally dropped her Ipad, Nico woke bumping his head on the window and Paul let out a bit of a shriek. You should have seen him; he was all like, "WORMS!"

Nico groaned. "Already?" I opened the door and Thalia came out.

"Finally! I really want to see Montauk!"Thalia announced. Mom opened the trunk and each of us carried our own stuff.

When we reached to the check-in room, mom told Nico, Thalia and I to stay at the guests' bench. Mom and Paul went to the counter to get our cabins. Luckily for us, Thalia brought a lot of chips. So, all we did was eat until we couldn't.

"Oh...man...I forgot...Davey's...going...to...kill...me!"That hit me with realization. Oh gods! What was I thinking?

"What's up with you?"Thalia asked. I shuddered.

"We were supposed to meet for the Science Project for the Science Fair!"

Nico and Thalia just stared at me.

"You're dead."Nico whispered.

Good thing it was all done. Mom came in with the keys.

"Mom, are we...?"

"Yes, Percy. We get to stay in that cabin."Mom said. I jumped up and down in glee as mom presented to me the keys.


"And what do we get?"Thalia asked eagerly. Mom chuckled. "The ones next to it."

Thalia and Nico did a high-five. Paul smiled. I threw the container of my Piknik meal and went off to the cabin.


Dinner was really great. The seafood menu was the best. Grilled fish and cooked lobsters were the best. I knew that Nico loves clam spaghetti because the moment it was served, he finished seventy-percent of it before we could even start. Thalia loved the lobsters, mostly the body. Using the knife, she would cut it and get the stuffing inside. Mom loved the fries. It was fresh; no salt. Mom even ordered two take-outs for it. Paul loved the Japanese raw fish. He told us that when he was a boy, he ate it until his ninth birthday arrived. And you know what I love most? I loved Takoyaki. These are some Japanese dumplings that are made from an octopus. It is typically filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion. I finished three plates of it in thirty seconds and ordered five for take-out.

After that, we played at the shops we could find. Nico, Thalia and I first rushed to the arcade to play Faith Fighter. It was too bad for me and Nico that Thalia won for five out of five rounds. Next, Thalia shopped for some new, gothic clothes...which got out of hands. A boy teased her while shopping. At the end, Thalia punched his nose...hard. So now, they went to their own ways. Thalia and Nico went back to the arcade for a rematch, Paul and Mom watched The Hobbit and me? I was at the beach, looking at the wild seas. The wind grew colder as time passes. My feet sunk on the wet sand. I could feel the waves tickling me.

I wonder how dad is...?


I gasped as I dad, a meter away from me. I smiled with glee.


I ran to him and hugged him, not caring if my foot sunk. Dad hugged me back and smiled. But when we parted, he didn't look too happy. I was confused. Honestly, I've always seen dad...happy. But this was the first time that he looked sad. Not like that part when he weakened...just in his normal form.

I was worried.


"Son, I need to tell you something."

I was confused. If this is something urgent, I need to call NIco and Thalia ASAP.

But anyway, I'll just listen.

"Sure dad, what is it?"

He had tears. Lots of them. I have a feeling that this news is a bad one. Is his kingdom under attack? Is there something wrong at Mount Olympus?

I don't know.

"As of today, I will never see you again."

I gasped. What did he mean "I will never see you again"? Is this happening? Is that dream coming true? In the past, I had a dream where dad was at the ocean and told me those exact words.

I cried.

"No dad-"

"I'm so sorry, my boy. Ever since Amphitrite learned that I broke the oath, she and her parents forbade me from seeing you again. I could visit the others but they forbade me to see you."

Amphitrite and Triton? No. No! Why them? Of all things...why?! Now, I can feel a hole in my heart...and it's a big one if you ask me. I've been praying in the past to see my dad just once...but I don't want that wish to die.

It's my fault. I don't know why but I know it's mine.

"I'm sorry dad, I-"

"It's not your fault, my son. I'm sorry."

Sorry? How could he be sorry? It's not his fault! It's Amphitrite and Triton's. I was about to cry. I really wanted to cry. The hole seemed to break more.


From his pocket, he brought something out. I was curious. Really curious.

"Here's something to remember me by."

On my hand, there was another sand dollar. Strange. I divided it to two. But why?

"Another one?"

"I knew that you divided the sand dollar into two. So I gave you another one."

I held it tight, holding back the tears. Then, I hugged my dad. I could even tell he was crying. I wanted to get amnesia. I really wished this wouldn't happen. Stupid me watching Walking Dead movie when I was nine.

Then, dad released me. I wanted to hug more but he refused. More tears came down as he turned away.

"Goodbye, Percy..."

As I waved my father goodbye, a tear came out.

Nico and Thalia ran to me.

"Percy...? Are you okay...?"Nico asked in a worried tone. I shook my head.


"Come inside. Let's talk about it."Thalia said.

Then, I went in, the waves clashing as if they were mad.


Shivers on your spine

All I wanted is for you to smile

But how can you smile...

If its his wife and son's work to cause this tragedy?


Chapter 2: I Tell A Scary Story

Can you believe?