A lot of people I follow on tumblr are massive DR fans, and I finally decided to check it out fairly recently. I read a LP and became hooked. It's amazing, with a superb story and wonderful cast. Soon after, I itched to write about one of my favourite relationships and came out with this. I'm not much of a romance writer (and these two characters are quite... unique in this aspect, which just makes them even funner to write) but venturing outside your comfort zone isn't a bad thing.


26/9/13 - I rewrote some of this because why not.

Had she not known better, Touko would have squealed the whole way to the public bath. Slowing her skip, she peeled open the folded piece of paper in her hands and confirmed its existence by rereading. Nothing about it changed since it slipped through the crack beneath her door earlier that day. Ah, he knew her so well. When she heard the note's arrival and surveyed the outside corridor, she didn't spot anyone. So sly and swift. Expected from someone as great as him.

'Meet me by the public bath lockers at midnight. Tell no one, bring no one and make no noise. Be inconspicuous or do not come at all.
Byakuya Togami.'

What trust. She placed the note against her chest with a sigh. From the many hours spent admiring his handiwork and analysing his word usage, she concluded he wanted to be alone with her. Why else would it be so secret? Unless… she grimaced… he invited others too, and they all received similar invitations. Perhaps he organised the meeting to discuss with everyone else his assessments on one of the lowlifes?

Unlikely- he only shared his thoughts when he deemed it necessary, and not a moment before. Now didn't seem appropriate, drawing students out of their rooms at a suspicious time. Maybe he needed a private area to debate Monobear? That made more sense. But at midnight?

No. Bad Touko, questioning his actions. The thought. The audacity. Just because she couldn't comprehend his line of reasoning, didn't mean he lacked one. It meant its grandness eluded her lowly mind.

Still. He requested her presence. And she made sure to arrive half an hour early on the off-chance she could catch him before any pests stopped by later to interrupt their one-on-one time.

Quiet greeted her first step into the locker room and followed the accompanying shuffling. Dark. No one else must have turned up yet. Or had they? Should she call out?

No. Byakuya instructed she make no noise and be inconspicuous. Not heeding his directions would only disgrace him. How could she consider defying him when he did no wrong? After all, she arrived way before schedule. From where did such impudence originate? Was this Byakuya's influence rubbing off on her? The honour. The sheer honour of something as glorious and wonderful as his personality reforming hers in his image. A crude image, for achieving the likeness of perfection evaded all but him, but an image nonetheless. Reforming. Touching. Him touching her in a realm beyond the physical one she dwelled within. The honour. The honour...

"You're early."

Those two words cracked into her thoughts, dragging Touko from her mind and up. Up into the air where wailing wobbled in her throat and her arms flailed.

An orb of light she could neither confirm nor deny existing prior to this point exploded. She stilled, squinting past the glow and at its incredibly handsome owner seated against the bit of wall beside the door leading to the bathing area. Incredible handsomeness maintained even when dirtying his vision with someone like her. No wonder he glared up from his book, other hand flicking his flashlight's bulb away from her face.

"Is that how you interpret 'make no noise'?" asked Byakuya. "I should have brought a dictionary instead. Then I could refer you to the appropriate entries regarding how you're supposed to behave. Though I suppose if you were unable to read a simple note, expecting you to understand the definition of an everyday word requires stretching one's imagination."

"Ah… y-yes, you did say... to make no noise." She cleared her throat. His expression failed to warm under the flashlight's glare. "I... I apologise… Y-You caught me off-guard... It was a foolish mistake I will atone for however way you please, Byakuya-sama." No matter how deep she dug her nails into her forearms, it couldn't contain the flitting scenarios she visualised. Of him, standing over her. Or sitting with her body slung across his lap, palm aimed at her backside. Glasses flashing. Mouth smirking. She drooled. "P-Punish me... as you see fit…"

"What did I just say?" He eyed her sideways. "Are there ears under that rat nest? I said be silent. Kirigiri or one of the others might be lurking nearby. They can claim to abide by their night-time limitations to their heart's content, just like they can choose to disobey them."

Touko nodded and hooked an index finger around the corner of her mouth.

Shutting his book and tucking it under his armpit, Byakuya rose. He glared down at Touko with crossed arms. Her knees shook, scenario one springing to her mind's forefront.

"Does anyone know you're here?"

She shook her head.

Byakuya turned away. "Do you know why you're here?" Not hearing an answer, he glowered over his shoulder. "You may part your smelly lips and speak, so long as you are quiet and don't waste my time."

"I don't know," she muttered. "And... And I will keep my smelly lips in check, Byakuya-sama." Anything for Byakuya-sama. Everything for Byakuya-sama.

"Very well. Come along."

The door to the bathing area rapped against her knuckles as she dodged through the shrinking gap after him, invitation stashed down her bra. Did… he want to bathe? With her? Fully dressed? Or did stripping come later? She swiveled on her heels, fists bumping against her chin. What an unexpected turn of events. Under his stoic exterior bubbled raging hormones freed from his heart's suppression.

"It looks like I will have to explain." Byakuya pressed his palm against the door, forehead wrinkled. If only she could massage the crease away... or banish his frown with a kiss. "Despite it being painfully obvious. This area doesn't contain any surveillance cameras. That means no one else can see nor listen to anything that takes place here."

"Oh…" Touko hid her face in her hands for a moment, peeking at his indifferent expression through splayed fingers. The flashlight really brought out his best features. As in all his features. Her mouth twitched into a smile. "D-Does Byakuya-sama perhaps have a deep dark secret he wishes to share with his closest companion? Has Fukawa-chan been selected as his sole confederate? What affairs will transpire in the dead of night between two lonesome souls in an otherwise empty bathhouse?"

"… I retract my earlier statement. Don't talk at all." He adjusted his glasses, bouncing a circle of light around the room. Still dark. One misstep and into the water she would go. Maybe he would dive in after her and perform the kiss of life? Screw falling in. She would gladly belly flop. "Follow me before I send you away."

Clasping her hands together, she trailed after him. What a perfect start to the meeting: he hadn't objected to her suggestions. He told her to be quiet, but he never corrected her.

The other side of the room was their destination. Touko's toes scuffed his heels when he stopped abruptly.

His book tumbled to the floor. "Stand with your back against the wall."

Touko obeyed.

"Raise your chin. Keep your eyes closed."

She placed her hands over her eyes.

"I never told you to cover them, idiot. Just to close them. Remove your glasses before you do so. And don't move after that until I give you permission."

Whipping off her glasses and shoving them down the front of her blouse, she dropped her hands to her sides and scrunched up her face. Orange fuzz from the flashlight bled into the bottom of her blacked vision.

Touko trembled. What did Byakuya have up his sleeve? She flattened against the cool tiles behind her, hands grabbing air. Did… he want to show her something? Was he taking it out now? Did he finally purchase a gift for her? Even Makoto Naegi had done so, and he was leagues below anything remotely near Byakuya.

No. His clothes would have rustled. Was he thinking what to say? Was this his love confession? Touko almost broke his rules and opened her eyes to investigate.

Almost. She distracted herself by imagining the angles his face could be at and the expressions he could be wearing. Scowling. Leering. Grinning. Byakuya could do whatever he desired with her. Even doing nothing consumed her body with shivers, tingling pooling in her stomach.

She licked at her dry lips, self-conscious of the gentle slurps. Had he… snuck away? Did he do this due to a dare set by one of the delinquents or a pretty girl? Surely her Byakuya-sama would never agree to such a childish, petty thing? He hated them as much as she did. And unlike everyone else, he had class. But still… her breaths caught in her throat as- she would like to have said 'as time passed', but she didn't know if it did. Wouldn't he have done something by now? Unless he was simply watching her.

"Shh," he murmured, his breath breezing across her lips. The orange fuzz in her vision vanished with a click, and something tapped against the floor. She shivered but continued waiting. Byakuya decided to remain… unless he ran away after dropping the flashlight. Oh, the suspense tortured her- how exhilarating.

As she considered relenting to the itch in her lower lip, something soft yet firm pushed against her mouth. Wiggling in surprise, Touko's shoulders brushed against two immovable cylinders planted either side of her. They hadn't been there before, had they? No… because they weren't cylinders. They must have been arms. His arms. So did that mean the sensation on her lips…?

Was… k-k-kissing?

Byakuya's tongue teased her mouth's dip. Their noses bumped, those long eyelashes of his tickling her skin. Wait. If she could feel his eyelashes, did that mean he took off his glasses as well? Did that mean his naked face was against her naked face?

He nibbled her lower lip. She barely retained a moan as his tongue slipped in. Cruel fate forbade her from expressing the power of his actions. A pain to be taken in stride, for doing something that could make him stop sounded stupidly risky. And what if she bit him? No, no, no.

Contact broke between them as he withdrew. If only she could see his face. His flawless face. Even if she opened her eyes, the lack of eyewear and lighting would have obscured an otherwise mesmerizing view. All she could do was restrain herself, no matter how agonising.

Byakuya's hands clenched, nails scraping beside her shoulders. Had he read her thoughts? Did she displease him? Was it over so soon?

As if reading her thoughts a second time, he leaned forward. Sliding his hands inward to caress her neck, his mouth trailed down to her throat and across the vibrations of a sigh she could no longer hold.

For once he didn't scold her for leaking noise. His lips reached the top of her breastbone as he stepped forward so one of his legs were between hers. Then even closer, hands gliding towards her hips and pushing his body onto hers.

Touko's knees buckled and clenched around his bent leg. He stiffened, glanced down and inhaled through his nose.

"You're fortunate I'm not a greedy pig like you," Byakuya whispered, tongue skimming up her neck before curling off her chin and into his mouth. "I should be able to cleanse my mouth before I ingest too much of your filth in my meals." Turning away and spitting, he missed her face completely. What a shame.

Touko didn't respond.

"You behaved for once. I'm nearly impressed, Fukawa. Usually you can't keep your disgusting words in your disgusting mouth. It's put me in a merciful mood. I didn't know I had the capacity for one until now." Chuckling graced her ears, a far better reward than receiving his saliva. "For your acceptable performance, I reinstate your right to move and speak."

Touko, who had so many words, could not find any.

"That temporary ban did you good." Clothing shifted. Glasses clacked. "I'll have to remember this for future usage."

Touko didn't respond.

"Hm? Don't tell me you lost your voice. Or did I bore you?"

"No, B-Byakuya-s-sama. It was… what you did was…" She opened her eyes, his chest in her face. "I'm still collecting my thoughts. It'll take days. Possibly w-weeks, for this can only be a miracle sent by an angel of love."

"You don't have time to revel in such matters when we are in a game of life and death. It'll just make you an easier target." He stepped away and picked up his flashlight, flicking his wrist as he hunted for his book. "Though it isn't like I care how you focus your attention. It just means one less threat. Not that you ever were one. Her, however…" His tone soured as he moved to pick up his book. "Perhaps… this will happen again, granted that knowledge of it remains strictly between us."

"O-Of course, Byakuya-sama! As… As if I would consider sharing such tender, intimate things with any of them, who will never experience Byakuya-sama's tender touch on their bodies." How jealous they would be if they were to realise… but Byakuya's offer mattered more.

"Your words mean nothing to me," he sneered, "though I doubt you have anything better."

"I- I would never tell! Ever! I swear on my life!"

"That means even less." Byakuya regarded her. "Don't assume I did this for your sake. It was simple curiosity and I knew you would require the least effort to convince. I will make another proposition if I feel the need to. Bye."

He started to walk off.

"But… did you enjoy it, Byakuya-sama?"

He stopped. "It was interesting."

With that, he left.