Chasing Dreams

Chapter 1

"Stupid computer," muttered Sam. A voice sounded in her ear and she remebered she was still on the phone to a client. "Oh no sir not you the computer is system is taking a while to find you and your order."

While the computer scrolled though the clients and orders Sam opened the chat room that Princeton Products had. A chat room for if you had difficulties while on the phone sort of like a help room with help from other a million other staff however it wasn't used as a help room it was more used as a chat room.

Then Mr Risen order popped up he had ordered a Princeton Product play station but his SCART lead hadn't come. Sam said she would searched for it and get one sent out. While she was searching for the SCART lead she also went on the chat room posting.

What is a SCART lead?

Minutes later a private message boxed popped up from a A Ames.

The SCART system was intended to simplify connecting audio-video equipment (including TVs, VCRs, DVD players and games consoles). To achieve this it gathered all of the analogue signal connections into a single cable with a unique connector that made incorrect connections nearly impossible.

The signals carried by SCART include both composite and RGB (with composite synchronization) video, stereo audio input/output and digital signaling. The standard was extended at the end of the 1980s to support the new S-Video signals. In addition, a TV can be awakened from standby mode or switched to video mode through a SCART connector.

S Mongometory : So it basically links everything together and helps signalling?

A Ames: Pretty much. Got a customer complaining they have ordered something and the SCART cable hasn't come with?

S Mongometory : Yeah for a Princeton Product Play station 3.

A Ames: Here. (Link to SCART lead.)

S Mongometory :Thanks.

A Ames: No problem.

That was the start of a beautiful online friendship.

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