I'm going to do a series of one-shots all about the lives of the four Horsemen after their last big magic show. The Eye is having them stay in a small town looking for new recruits who have the skills to be part of the Eye just until the publicity on them die down. They are all staying in an Eye-owned house that has a lot of cool stuff until it's time for them to go back in the magic business, but until them they have to do something they've never really done- act like somewhat normal people. Do they have what it takes? Let's hope so!

Daniel was running around his house like a madman. All Dylan had told him was to grab the "necessities" and scram. Well, Daniel was not a man who likes to be rushed. He likes to take his time, but of course, he only had thirty minutes until the Eye would drive a car up to his front door and give the special knock that signaled that he needed to skedaddle. But, Daniel was wasting his time, like always. He was trying to decide at the moment whether his antique clock is a "necessity." Daniel sighed and decided that it was quite in fact a "necessity" along with everything else in his bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Right to this moment Daniel had stuffed two duffel bags, three backpacks, and one big rolling suitcase which all matched of course.

Daniel was just stuffing his baseball card collection into his suitcase when he heard the noise. Knock, knock…knock…knock, knock, knock. Daniel let out a frustrated moan- that was his cue. He started bringing his large suitcase to the door. When he opened it he was met by a large man who looked like he could beat anyone up who crossed him. Of course, Daniel wasn't thinking in terms like that. All he wanted now was to make sure all his belongings made it into the car the man was driving.

"Look, here's my bag." Daniel scoffed, shoving the suitcase into the guy's hands, then he started heading out for the car, leaving the driver at the doorstep. "There are a bunch of other bags in there for you to grab too."

The Eye driver stood at the doorstep, puzzled. Who does he think I am? He thought, but as the Horseman was already inside the car, the driver just shrugged and went inside to grab the rest of the bags.

Daniel hoped beyond hope that he would be the first one in the car, but of course when he stepped in he was greeted by Merritt, his last choice out of all the Horsemen. His older companion smirked to see Daniel's unease.

"Let me see…" Merritt started, as he started using his mentalist talents on the fuming Daniel. "You are mad because you wanted this car to yourself and because I am your least favorite of all of us. You packed so much because you couldn't decide what was necessary to bring and… you're in love with Henley Reeves."

"Good to see you too, Merritt." Grumbled Daniel as he slid into the black leather seat, the one across from Daniel. The Eye car was actually more like a limo with two bench seats facing each other on either side of the car.

"So how have you been, man a whole week apart from each other seemed crazy. I mean every time I got out of bed I heard your voice inside my head ordering me to make it again and have a high fiber egg white breakfast." Merritt teased. Daniel chose to ignore him and pretend he was busy on his phone.

Finally, the driver had thrown J. Daniel Atlas's entire luggage set into the trunk and they started moving again, this time to Henley's apartment. She greeted the scene in the car with much more happiness and much less luggage than Daniel did.

"Hey there, boys." Henley sat down next to Daniel who was so happy that she did, but was trying to make sure that she didn't notice it. "What's new?"

"We've only been apart for a week," Merritt said, "but I bet you missed my pretty face every minute of it."

Henley laughed. "In your dreams. Aren't you excited that we're all going to relax in one place for a while? It's amazing that we're going to a small town too! I mean I've always been a city gal, so I think a change of scenery would be nice."

"I grew up in a small town." Merritt laughed, "As long as you are fine with everyone knowing who you are and where you live and pretty much everything about you, you should be fine." Henley and Daniel (who was born a city boy too) raised their eyebrows.

"Alright, last stop." Came the voice of the driver. The limo was now at the corner of a busy street.

"Wait, this can't be right." Daniel insisted, "This isn't a house."

"This is where he told me to pick him up." The driver shrugged. The "he" the driver was talking about was Jack Wilder, the youngest Horseman who was yet to be picked up.

"Where is he?" Henley wondered. Then she noticed a boy with a leather jacket who was sitting at the corner on the sidewalk get up and walk towards the car. He only shouldered a backpack, which Daniel thought was totally unreasonable.

"Hi!" Jack smiled as he hopped in the car next to Merritt.

"Jack, where's your house?" Merritt asked him.

"It's well, uh… down there." Jack widely gestured to the road we just picked him up at.

"Where is 'down there' and where are your parents? You're not even a legal adult yet!" Daniel exclaimed.

"Ah, well, you see… they're away on business. That's right, business. And I live in a house around that other corner." Jack mumbled, his mood already darkening.

Henley could sense that Merritt and Daniel were not done yet with their questioning, but she gave them both a look to shut them up before they did. Seriously! Why don't boys have any sensitivity? "We're glad to see you, little man." Henley smiled, "How was your week off?" Jack was very happy for the change of topic in his favor so he gave a very detailed description of the meal that he ordered at a new pizza place over his break.

"We're here." The driver announced, "Enjoy." Then, he very promptly pushed the Horsemen out of the car, through their luggage on the ground, and sped away in the car again.

"What the?" Henley wondered.

"Danny here got him mad." Merritt explained. Jack and Henley both nodded their heads at the explanation like it was everyday routine, which made Daniel hurt.

"Whatever. Let's see our new house." He said to change the subject. The Four Horsemen all turned a 180 to look at the scene.

Their new house sat at the top of a tall hill. It was a yellow house that looked like it had three stories. There were lots of windows and a dirt pathway to walk up the hill to the front door. There was already a car in the driveway, Dylan's; he had promised that he'd meet the Horsemen there to help them out.

"Let's go!" Jack started scampering up the pathway, always eager for a new adventure. The rest of the gang quickly followed him.

Jack pushed open the door and let out a gasp. The house looked very modest on the outside, but on the inside it appeared to be very modern. There was a huge flat screen TV with all video game counsels imaginable, a fully stocked fancy kitchen, shiny light wood flooring, and stairs leading up to even more cool stuff.

"This place is awesome!" Henley exclaimed.

"You like it?" came Dylan's voice. He appeared after stepping down the stairs. "Welcome to the ultimate Eye-renovated Horsemen estate."

"Oh yes, it's very nice." Daniel said, trying to make himself look professional in front of the Eye man. That meant for him not to freak out about the sleek leather couches and the TV fit for kings.

"Very hip, thanks Dylan." Merritt told the former agent. Jack snorted and had to cover his mouth to retain his laughter of the older man's use of the word "hip".

"Alright then I think we should get right down to business." Dylan said, meeting each Horseman's eye, "We need a story to prove that you guys aren't the Horsemen."

"But we are the Horsemen." Jack said. Merritt face palmed.

"You know that, I know that, but we don't really want everyone here knowing that." Dylan explained, "So I've come up with a great story. Merritt, you are Jack's father."

"Ha! You're my kid." Merritt teased. He knew how much Jack hated being called kid. Sure enough Jack scowled at the floor.

"Henley, you are Merritt's younger sister."

"Way younger sister." Henley made clear.

"Yes, and Daniel, you are a family friend who's staying with them for a while."

"Alright…" Daniel said.

"So Daniel's new last name is Bannon and the rest of you have the last name of Ritzer." Dylan said, "You all keep your first name to avoid confusion. You guys got it?" The Horsemen nodded, "Good. I'll catch up with you guys later on- have fun in your house, but remember your mission- try to find some magic talent around here." Dylan started going towards the door.

"Bye!" The Horsemen said in synch.

After the door slammed behind the man there was chaos.

The Horsemen whooped and jumped all around. Daniel promptly turned on the TV and Henley went out to look at the beautiful garden in the back. Jack went upstairs to claim his room and Merritt, being the chef in the gang, started to try out the high tech kitchen.

It was almost too good to be true.

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