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"Remind me again what the plan is, cap?" Clint stated while shooting an arrow towards a mutant that is clinging on the Hulk's back.

"Just keep your head in the game, birdbrain." Tony snorts.

The Avengers minus Thor, Greg and Natasha are all fighting the Eagle Clan mutants in Central Park.

Iron man is flying around trying to demolish every single flying mutants with the help of Clint.

Steve is fighting through hundreds of mutants on the ground by himself.

Hulk, well Hulk is smashing just about everything that comes in his way.

Then, the X-Men join the party. Scott, Logan and Jean join in the fight beside Steve. They've killed hundreds of mutants but they keep on coming.

Storm is having fun electrocuting the mutants from the sky.

"Logan, any idea where they're coming from?"

Logan traces their track to an underground tunnel.

"It seems that they're come from an underground tunnel. If we don't stop them from coming, all this fights are pointless."

"Iron man, do you copy that?"

"I'm on my way. JARVIS, locate Logan."

Iron man shoots a couple of missiles into the tunnel. With a bang, the tunnel collapse with the mutants inside.


Gregory walks into the hall where Howard is sitting on his usual seat.
Gregory didn't bother to greet him instead he shoots him a glare.

"So, you've decided to betray me... Like your brother did."

"I came here to offer you a chance."

"You think you have the rights to offer me a chance?! You should be the one begging me for another chance! You betray me and you walk back in here like nothing's ever happened?"

"Dad, please stop this madness."

"Hahahaha! You've still got the guts to call me daddy. Are you out of your mind, traitor?" Howard gives a sinister laugh.

"I won't stop this, boy. I will kill everyone that dare obeys me, I will claim the throne and rule the world!"

Gregory continues glaring at Howard and lets out a sigh.

"Then I will just have to stop you."

With than last sentence, Gregory shoots an energy beam at Howard, but the shot is deflected by Howard's shield.

Howard gets up from his seat and walks slowly towards Gregory.

"Did you seriously think that you've got what it takes to defeat me?"

Howard shoots a strong blast at Gregory. The smaller man dodges the shot but is slightly hit at his left thigh.

Before Greg is able to make a move, Howard took a knife and stab it into Greg's right thigh, immobilising him.

Greg lets out a scream of agony and release an energy blast only to have it absorbed by Howard.

Howard took the knife from Greg's right thigh and stab it into his chest.


Howard leaves the body on the floor and realise his younger son is standing by the entrance.


"I'm impressed how Tony can stay in the suit for so long. It's so uncomfortable." Natasha complains through the intercoms.

"Hang in there a little longer. We need to buy Tony some time."

Natasha shoots her repulsors at any mutant insight, with some help from JARVIS.

After an hour of tiresome battle, all the mutants have been destroyed. The Avengers and X-Men are all on board a quinjet heading towards Tony's location.

Everyone is sore here and there but the battle isn't finished yet. They must get to the Stark brothers.

"Let's just hope we manage to provide a distraction for them."


Tony stands by the entrance staring at his brother. He is loosing a lot of blood, but he is still breathing.

Anthony, you can do it. Don't care about me just go get him.

Greg's thoughts ring in his head.

What's happening? Why can I hear his thoughts?

Tony flusters. Not only can he read Greg's mind but even Howard's.

Hah! He thinks he can stop me. Pathetic!

Tony's eyes glances at Howard after reading his thoughts.

Gregory is no longer breathing.

He's gone...my brother... Is... GONE!

Rage is rising in Tony's heart and he looses his control. His palms are slowly turning blue and icy cold.

What's happening?

He teleports himself beside Howard and punches the man hard by the abdomen multiple times. The shield is broken and Howard falls onto his knees. Tony shoots a fire ball at Howard which sends him flying to the other end of the hall.

"H...how... wh..why can't I absorb your energy?" Howard can barely speak.

Even Tony himself is confused. He looks at his palms, it's different, the skin is too blue to be human.

What is happening to me?

Suddenly a heavy blast of energy to his chest throws him at the wall.

Howard takes the knife from Gregory's chest and walks towards Tony.

Before he can stab Tony, a sudden burst of green light blinds both of them.

When Tony opens his eyes, he sees Loki, the god of mischief.

He is fighting Howard with his staff.

Tony looks at Loki only to get a severe headache. He holds his head to ease the pain.

Flashbacks of Tony's childhood appear in his mind. Loki, he met the god when he was a baby. Loki held him when he was young, brushes his hair gently when he was young.

Then the pain is gone. Tony watches Loki stabs his father with the staff and then disappears.

Tony sits by the wall wrapping his knees into his chest, eyes staring into blankness. Until a warm hand settles on his shoulder.

"Tony, are you alright?"

Tony raises his head to see Steve whose face is full of concern "I'm fine."

The other Avengers and X-Men all enter the room and go over to check the bodies. They confirm that both Howard and Gregory Stark are dead.

After letting his tears roll, Tony finally gets up. "Anyone wants Shwarma?"

Everyone agree on getting Shwarma and they all leave the scene for SHIELD to cleanup.

What in the world am I? Tony asks himself.

The End

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