Forever's Not Enough

A/N: Hello. This is a StiLu/StiCy fan fiction. Hope you like this story, I'll make sure it would end well. I seriously needed inspiration right now. I actually got sick and had chicken pox (in this damn age!). Hope you enjoy this.

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Chapter One - You Don't Belong Here

Lucy Heartfilia happily walked in the guild, receiving warm greetings and the like. Even though there are some people who do not appreciate her staying the guild for long, there are still some friends left to make her feel welcomed. She sat down a stool beside the counter, not wanting to say anything more. Mirajane Strauss, the guild's barmaid, served her the usual strawberry milkshake, and she gladly accepted it. Lucy took a sip and chatted cheerfully with Mirajane, until Natsu Dragneel entered the scene. Lucy felt her heart skip a beat, because she sensed something bad would happen in the next few seconds. She could feel the intense glare Natsu is giving her right now, although her eyes were still focused on the milkshake.

That was until it really happened, Natsu just slapped her on the face. It made a loud, painful sound that echoed in the guild. The guild members stared at the scene and processed what just happened. Mirajane gasped in shock, making her cover her mouth with her hands. Natsu glared furiously at Lucy, who's crying from both physical and emotional pain. "N-natsu...W-why?" was all she could say under her breath.

Natsu's eyes are enraged, and they were focused on Lucy. He clenched his hands and gritted his teeth. "Why?! Why?! Lucy! I can't believe how weak you turned out to be! You lost to that Flare girl, and then to Minerva. I can't believe I was so stupid to not realize that we wasted our strength and power just to save you from everything! You don't belong here! You don't belong to a guild! You're just counting on everyone when you're in danger! I regret bringing you here, you don't deserve to be in the strongest guild in Fiore!" he hollered frantically.

Lucy felt a lot of tears stream down her face. Before she could say something, Erza Scarlet stepped in on the scene and glared at Natsu, then Lucy. "Natsu that's enough!" she yelled. Natsu chilled down a little, but his glare on Lucy won't disappear. Erza turned to Lucy, who looked furious herself. She breathed heavily and sighed. "I'm sorry Lucy, but we're erasing you off the team. Lisanna will be taking the empty slot. That is all" she said with no emotion and exited the guild, dragging Natsu out.

Everyone gawked at Lucy with their jaws on the ground. Levy McGarden, Lucy's best friend, cried as well. Lisanna Strauss, Natsu's fiancee, was shocked herself. What has gotten into Natsu? Mirajane looked at Lucy with pity, as she sobbed and shook her head. She quickly turned to Mirajane, but made sure her bangs covered her eyes. "Is master around?" she asked Mirajane.

Truthfully, the master is inside his office. Mirajane didn't want Lucy to leave so soon. She would lie to Lucy that Gramps is present just to make her stay. Then again, Lucy would feel all worse for lying to her. Mirajane confidently gave an answer. "He's in his office..." she replied. Lucy gave her a quick nod and a fake smile. Mirajane's eyes widened. 'No...She wouldn't...!' Mirajane thought surprisingly. But Lucy already stormed inside Master's Office, leaving the members dumbfounded. Heck, even Laxus couldn't say anything more.

Lucy morosely stepped inside the office, with the slap mark still visible, but her left cheek just turned reddish and puffy. Gramps turned around to see who it was. His bright smile disappeared once he saw a crying Lucy with a red cheek. Panic immediately took over him, what happened to her? More importantly, what would Lucy want? Gramps tried welcoming him using the mood. "Lucy, what brings you here...child?" he asked with a worried look on his face. Judging from his tone, his emotion changed from fear to concern.

The said girl wiped her tears off and sniffled. "I wish to leave the guild, Gramps. Will you respect my decision?" she required. Gramps couldn't believe it. She actually expected him to decline her choice. Smartly, she added a follow-up question, just to make sure if Gramps is really a man who would respect people's rights. Gramps had no other choice but to let her do so. He sighed in defeat.

"Alright. If that's what you want. I can't prevent you from doing so" he said grimly. Lucy stretched her arms to reveal her hand, where her insignia is. Gramps jumped off his chair and walked to her. Once he reached her, he waved his hands over his insignia. It faded with sparkles surrounding every erasure. In a matter of seconds, Lucy is now just a celestial mage. Gramps eyed on her with a stern look. "Whenever a Mage wishes to leave Fairy Tail, they are free to do so, however they are expected to follow three rules.." he started.

Lucy smiled at him. She knew what he was about to say. "One, You must never reveal sensitive information about Fairy Tail to others for as long as you live" he said with a small smile on his face. Lucy knew where this was going. She remembered when Mystogan left Fairy Tail, Natsu and the others have to say the rules of leaving the guild.

"Two, You must never use former contacts met through your being in the guild for personal gain" Lucy continued, pulling Gramps into a tight embrace, which he returned. More tears streamed down her eyes as they both pulled away from the hug. After the second rule, will be the third, and she would be free from despair and pain.

Both of them exhaled. "Three, Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignificant, and you must never forget about your friends for as long as you live!" they said at the same time. Gramps smiled at her. "Goodbye, Lucy. And take care. Have fun on your journey" he said finally.

Lucy grinned, but still crying. "Yes, master, I will. You take care, too" Lucy bid farewell. They hugged again like a father hugging his own daughter before she leaves. After a few seconds of drama and crying, Lucy finally bowed and exited the office, with a longing look on her face. Everyone stared at her as she came out of the door. Laxus, who was on the second floor, looked down to see Lucy, not a member of Fairy Tail anymore. He closed his eyes and begged safety for the poor girl. He opened them once again, only to see a lot of people hugging her tight, murmuring 'goodbyes' and 'farewell'. He smiled at the scene, remembering when he left the guild.

Lucy has nowhere to go after breaking her contract with the landlady. To her surprise, there was a surprise farewell gift for all the boarders of the apartment. The landlady gave her a silver bracelet. Lucy wore it as she left the building of her apartment. She looked at it again, and it shone brightly as the sun hit its smooth surface. She sighed in deep thought, what would she do now? She thought of going back to the Heartfilia Konzern until she embarks on her own journey. Agreeing with the idea, she went quickly to the train station, bringing her luggage.

Once she got on the train station, she got her ticket and boarded a train to the konzern. She quickly took a seat near the window. Since her mind was full of the memories that happened today, she didn't even notice she sat across a blonde dragon slayer and an exceed. The blonde stared at her with a smirk on his face, and the exceed with a disgusted look. Lucy still didn't notice him, until he finally spoke up. "So what brings you on this train carrying all your stuff blondie?" he asked.

Lucy jerked to his voice. She recognized it, but she doesn't know who until her eyes met his. Lucy felt heat rush up her face as she quickly recovered to her calm state. The blonde man laughed at her. Lucy thought of something good to reply. "N-none of your b-business..." she eyed on him. A name finally popped in her mind. "...Sting Eucliffe" she continued. Sting stared at the cold and stiff blonde in front of him with an even bigger smirk. 'Crap. Stop staring at me, you perverted idiot!' Lucy thought to herself.

Sting nodded. "Yeah my name is Sting Eucliffe. That would mean you're a fan girl right, blondie? If you want an autograph, it's free. Comes with a free smile and photo shoot" he bragged. Lucy gave him a disgusted look. She really hated him already. The cocky attitude, the exposure of his abs (actually this made Lucy blush mentally), him calling her 'blondie' when he's blonde as well, and the annoying smile plastered on his face. Lucy felt that he's already a pervert.

She shook her head. "No thanks. I would rather ignore you. This blondie has a name, you know? I'm Lucy Heartfilia, and it's not so nice to meet you" Lucy said coldly, mentally saying 'Good job on the sarcasm, Lucy! Keep it up!'. Sting was shocked. He got rejected by a girl. All girls he met never rejected him. This girl is different from the others. Sting got his tongue tied on this one, he couldn't think of a good come back. He was about to say something, when Lector suddenly spoke.

"That was Sting-kun's first rejection from a girl. You better say, sorry, miss! Still though, even if you reject him countless times, he's still the best!" Lector gloated. Lucy had her words prepared on this one. If it's trash talk they want, it's a trash talk they get. Sting nodded at what his partner said, and they did a high five. A vein popped on Lucy's head. "So this is how you play, Eucliffe?! Let the game start!" Lucy mentally shouted.

Chapter Word Count (excluding Author Notes): 1,665

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