Night begins to fall over the small town of King County buried deep within the Georgia boundaries. A distant hum echos through the house of the local deputy policeman, Shane Walsh, partner and best friend of the Sheriffs Deputy, Rick Grimes. He sat in his usual spot in front of the large 40" widescreen television, a litter of snacks and sodas engulfing the coffee table. He was perched on the edge of his seat, wearing his old football jersey and cheering on the Falcons. "Come on baby, yeah!" He shouted gleefully, fist pumping the air. "Run, run, run, aw Hell!" He groaned as a news forecast interrupted the upcoming touchdown. This had better be important, it was the game of the season for Christ's sake!

"This is an emergency broadcast, I repeat this is an emergency broadcast." the man on the screen yelled into the microphone. "It appears that the dead are rising from the graves to feast upon the living. It has not been revealed what is the cause of this but it is possible that it is airborne. Lock all your windows and doors. I repeat lock all your windows and do-!" He was abruptly cut off by a man lunging himself at the reporters throat and ripping off a good chunk of meat, blood spurring onto the camera as it was dropped and screams could be heard from nearby. Shane stood in complete shock, his mouth agape as he struggled to retain the information. The dead rising from the graves to feast upon the living? Who would believe such a tale?

He chuckled to himself. "Just some newscast havin' some fun is all." He said aloud as he lumbered into the kitchen and grabbed a beer, popping the cap with ease and takes a swig. "Nothin' but a buncha dumb kids tryin' ta prank everyone s'all." He polished off the can and crushed it, leaving it on the counter to pick up whenever he damn well felt like it. The sudden ring of his cell phone made him jolt and he fumbled for it in his jeans until he found it.

"Hello, who's this?" He grunted, not bothering to look at the caller ID.
"Shane? It's Lori, did you see the broadcast?" She sounded worried and Shane could tell by the tone of her voice that she was biting her bottom lip.
"Yeah, I saw it, what about it?"
"Do you believe it? The dead coming back?And what about Rick?" Anxiety laced her voice now.
"Naw, it's just a bunch a bullcrap. It's some prank they're tryin' to pull. Rick's fine, I visited him at the hospital just today. You needn't worry."
"I know, it's just.." There was a slight pause followed by a sigh. "Every since Rick got shot I've been a complete mess. Carl won't bother to come out of his room except for school. He'll hardly eat and now this broadcast has him spooked. Shane, I hate to ask this, but I'd feel much safer if there was a man in the house in case...well, you know."

He switched the phone to his other ear, and headed into his bedroom, tossing in clothes for a coupes of days worth into the dufflebag he had laying beside his unmade bed. "Yeah, I can, just give me a couple and I'll be over."
"Are you sure?" He could hear the sigh of relief escape her lips but pretended not to notice.
"Yeah, it's no problem. You and your boy are like family to me. But I'm gonna go so I can finish gettin' my crap ready. See you in a few." He ended the call without hearing her response. "Damn woman." He muttered, reaching under the bed for his spare shotgun and throwing it over his shoulder. "Wonder what she'd do without me.."