This came to me while I was away, and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it down. Let me know what you all think.

I looked at the scar on my wrist. Evidence of how what people say can really affect you.

It's not my fault I was born like this, is it? People in my school seem to think so...

Thankfully, my senior year is about to start, and I won't have to see any of these people ever again. Little did I know, that one girl would change everything. Oh, another thing about me, I'm gay. Another reason to make my life miserable.

I started when it all became to much. My dad doesn't know, and I wanted to keep it that way. Well, he knew I was teased, but not about the cutting.

I got up on the first day of school, and got ready. My dad understood, why I wasn't in a good mood, and didn't try to make much conversation apart from telling me to ignore the stares and name-calling.

So, I grabbed my bag and went to school.

I got out, walking into the school, got my timetable and what happens? The name-calling starts. Someone decided to call me a freak and shove me against a locker.

I sighed, fixing my jacket. I didn't notice someone next to me.

"Are you OK?"

I turned to see a new student. She was petite, around 5'1, had short black hair and looked concerned. She was beautiful, but I knew better than that. It would never end well.

"I'm OK, don't worry. You're new here?"

She didn't seem convinced that I was OK, but nodded.

"Yeah. I am. My 3 brothers and my 2 sisters are to. I'm Alice Cullen. Are you sure you're OK?"

I smiled at her, trying to make her believe me. I didn't want her to be teased for talking to me.

"I'm fine, Alice. Don't worry about it. It's OK."

She shook her head and I knew she wasn't going to give up. I didn't know just how stubborn she was.

"It's not OK, Bella. Why would they do that?"

"Look, just don't worry about it. I'm sorry, but I really need to get to class."

She nodded and I went to Biology.

I sat down and took out my stuff. Alice walked in, and I realised the only free seat was next to me. Oh, she definitely won't give up now. Mr. Crowley told her to sit next to me and she walked over to me. He told us that we could talk quietly after he gave us what we needed. Alice turned to me, and I knew she would want answers. Well, she wasn't going to get any. I don't tell people I hardly know that. The only people I willingly told are my friends Angela and Seth. They were shocked, but they were OK with it, and never treated me any different. Ever. I felt so lucky to be friends. I'm sure you're wondering, how the school found out? Well, I'll get to that later.

"Well, are you going to tell me what that was about now?"

People noticed her talking to me and I knew that it wouldn't be good for her in the long run, if she kept talking to me.

"Like I said, it was nothing, Alice."

The bell rang and I walked out. She seemed upset, and I felt bad for being like this. But, I didn't want her to be teased because of me. She was only trying to be nice, I knew that.

My last class was English, and who was in my class? Alice. She sat next to me, of course.

"Bella, I'm just trying to be nice. I'm new here, and-"

"Alice, if you try to be my friend, people will hate you. I'm not exactly well liked. It's better if you don't. Trust me, it's not that I wouldn't like to be your friend, but it's better this way."

The look on her face, made me feel really bad, but I was doing this, so she would avoid all the teasing that would undoubtedly happen if she became my friend.

"Bella, I don't care what people say. Although, I would like to know the reason behind it. I think you're a nice person and would like to get to know you better. I don't care if people are saying anything about it, I really don't."

I shook my head, she just didn't get it.

"I'm sorry, but this is better in the long run."

The bell rang, and I was the first one out the door. I felt absolutely horrible for being so mean. But, I believed what I had told her. This would be better for her. She wouldn't want anything to do with me when she found out anyway. She would think the same thing as everyone else.

Wouldn't she?