My last chapter got a little garbled, so the time lapses weren't that obvious. I'm not sure what happened, but I'll make sure to include something that shows time lapses from now on.

5 years later...


"Hey Bella, you seen Bret?"

She shook her head, and I decided to look for her. We were just outside New York, and Bret had disappeared.

I walked out of the house, and started looking for her. I walked out into the forest that surrounded our home. We'd been here for the last six months, and I loved it. No one was worried about school, and had decided to just take a break.


I walked into a clearing that led to a lake, and found her siting in a tree.

"There you are!"

She looked down at me, and jumped down. She kissed me, and we walked to the lake. I sat down, and she sat down. I grabbed her hand, and she decided to lay down with her head in my lap. I started running my fingers through her long dark hair.

"Sorry, I just wanted to go for a walk."

I shook my head, I'd never be annoyed for wanting to go somewhere.

"I'd never be annoyed with you for wanting to go somewhere, baby. I was just worried when I couldn't find you."

She sat up, and leaned back against me. She seemed tense, something must have been bothering her.

"What's wrong baby?"

She turned around and kissed me.

"Nothing's wrong, Angela. I was just thinking about meeting you, and how everything turned out. I never expected to fall for someone as amazing as you."

If I could've blushed, I would have. I shook my head, and looked away.

"How do you think I felt? Someone like you." She made me look at her, and I explained what I meant. "I mean... You're gorgeous, Bret. I was just an eighteen year old girl, who was bi and I'd never had a girlfriend. But, you didn't care... You spent time with me. When I figured out that something was different about you, you told me. I know, I didn't believe you at first, but you showed me. The memories may be a little foggy, but I know they're there. When I woke up... I was confused, but somehow I knew you were there, and everything would be OK as long as you were there."

She kissed me, and I leaned against her.

I meant it, I loved her and I always would.

"I love you, Angela."

I turned and kissed her, leaning my forehead against hers.

"I love you, Bret."


I walked up to our room, and passed Cynthia. She smiled at me, as I walked by. She had worked things out with Toni, and she never found out what Alice saw.

I walked in, and Alice was out on the balcony. I walked out, wrapping my arms around her and she leaned back against me. I kissed her cheek and she smiled.

"Angela's looking for Bret."

"She went for a walk."

We walked back into our room, and I sat on the bed, laying back. Alice lay down with her head on my shoulder. I kissed the top of her head, feeling how happy she was. I started thinking about how we met, and that made Alice look up at me. She had shown me a few little things from the day we met, but never the full day or the things she'd seen before we me. Both of us had learned to control the connection enough, to give each other a certain amount of privacy.

"Bella, I want to show you something."

She turned to me, and sat up. I sat up, taking her hand.

I saw Alice walking into the school, standing by her locker. I'm slammed against the locker next to her, and she turned to look at me. I saw the conversation between us, and I felt how she did about the teasing I got.

I thought that was it, but she had more to show me.

I saw the two of us in the meadow, spending time together. I saw us kissing, and cuddling. I felt how happy she was about being with me.

I wasn't expecting what I saw next.

I looked about 14, and I was in my room, clearly upset. I felt a lot of anger and sadness at seeing this, but it wasn't my own. I saw how upset I was at the constant bullying, which led to me moving in with my dad.

I blinked, and looked up at her. I wasn't expecting any of that.

"Now you can see what I do. That's what I saw when I looked at you."

I moved a little closer to her, and kissed her.

I showed her a few memories, and she was able to see what I do when we're together.

I showed he figuring everything out, including figuring out that I liked her. I hadn't meant to show her that, and ended up burying my face in my hands.

She pried my hands away, and kissed me.

"Don't be embarrassed, kitty. I saw it, remember?"

I knew that, but it was still awkward.

"I know, pixie."

A lot has happened in the last few years. I keep an eye on my mom and dad, and both of them are still trying to find me. But, I know that this is better in the long run. Angela felt the same about her parents.

I'm glad I met Alice, she showed me that it's OK to be different, and not everyone is like Jessica. There are people who are OK with you being a little different.

Alice moved to lay next to me, and kissed me, leaning her forehead against mine.

"I love you, Bella."

"I love you, pixie."

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