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Willows POV

I sat there crouched curling in on myself trying to make myself disappear. The pain curled threw my veins and threads of loneliness dripped into my heart before it completely overcame my emotions. I was truly alone now. Tara had died because of me. Because of this magic, Buffy, Xander, Dawn, Anya even Giles looked at me with un-forgiveness ... with judgment.

The magic had over powered me ... Tara had tried warning me but I was so sure I could control it that I was controlling it. But I never had control it was an illusion. Gulping I shuffled into the corner of my room gazing with empty eyes at where Tara's body once laid. This is where her soul abandoned me. Where She left me, made love to me and died. Pain radiated around my heart as tear burned my eyes, releasing sobs I knew Buffy could hear me from next door but chose to ignore me, thinking I needed space like she did when Angel died.

What she didn't understand I was craving human contact but the pain the sadness was hurting me I could only scream and cry. I hadn't left my room since Xander carried me back from the cliff top. In some ways I'm sad I failed in destroying everything because everything reminded me of her. And them, my family. Buffy hadn't been the same since she came back, Xander since he got engaged to Anya, Giles since my magic controlled me, Dawnie since I hurt her...gulping in my sobs I crawled to my bed slowly tears still draining down my face.

They all left me not sure how to talk, approach or even trust me. They had abandoned me without even noticing, when being in a room with them all I felt unwelcome and they watched me like I was about to hurt them. I can't stand it anymore.

Reaching under my messy bed I pulled my oldest and darkest spell book out. I was leaving, not sure where I don't care but I can't show my weakness to them any longer so even if I die then I'll be better. Swallowing scream building in my throat I wiped my eyes looking at what I needed. Eager now by the thought of being away I almost rushed to get three black candles, a athame and a goblet.

Slicing my hand open not even feeling the pain I spilled more the needed into the goblet until it was nearly full. Clenching my fist to stem the bleeding only half serious in making it stop I used my fingers to draw a pentagram from my blood onto the light wooden flooring before placing a candle on the two bottom points and the top one.

Breathing deeply I sat crossed legged in the middle taking a breath concentrating my numb mind and trying to dull out the pain.

Chanting I felt darkness surround me.

"O Charon, qui custodit te fines secede mihi! Soubeki, qui custodit te Stygis secede mihi! Mephistopheles, Rex mortuorum, et ineamus secede commutandum! Tres custodes finierint tuae munera, revertere ad portas tuas!" As I finished repeating the life changing spell I felt my dull red hair swirling around me, opening my now black eyes I watched as the candles flames grew bigger and swirled around me. Feeling a stab of loneliness I watched the flames start to swallow me. I felt the warm flames brush against my skin and almost caress me with the warmth while the gods chose to where and when I would go. Where I would belong. A bright light burst from each candle while the pentagram dissolved in a bubbling mass pulling me down into the darkness. Releasing a sigh if happiness ... the first in months I let the evil magic pull me to its depths.

Then it all stopped, I hit a floor. I didn't make a noise as I gazed around the cave in curiosity. Noting the brown old leather couch pressed against an old fountain with some books stacked along the rim. A chandelier behind the couch near the back of the cave next to some holes. Turning I noted clutter almost covering the whole place. Books, clothes, jewellery, records, a boom box, posters over the sharp walls. Barrels spread around the room all with wood and what smelt like oil in. Smiling at the feel I looked closer to the holes in the wall next to the chandelier hearing whispers.

Frowning I pushed myself forward as the whispers got louder.

"GOODBYE SUCKER!" a gruff voice shouted as a screech filled the air echoing the walls and bouncing back to the main part of the cave as shrieks and roars followed. Before I noticed what I was doing I had sprinted towards the cries and roar feeling pain so similar to mine vibrating from a certain being. Dodging as two boys about 16 ran passed me I watched a black and blonde blur following the two. Shrugging I just followed the cries of pain before ending up in another cave with piles of clothes in the corners.

In the middle of the room was a blonde man about 20 holding a younger man too his chest. He was the one radiating the fear, pain and anger. I didn't pause I kept heading to him noting the younger man was about 18 with caramel toned hair spread around him. His white shirt had blood drenching it and a stake was stuck from his chest. I saw the spirit leave him.

Anger spurred at me then. Nobody should feel this pain like I have. Nobody deserves it. I will not let death destroy any more people who can be helped. I used my left hand pushing the blonde man away from the corpse when he growled at me along with another who I heard was behind me. Ignoring the growls I placed a barrier around me to keep the screeching and roaring vampires or demons away. Placing both my hands on the dead man's forehead I closed my eyes blocking everything out as my mind searched for his life force while my magic healed his body. Where I was leaning over the man I felt the stake be pushed from his chest and I could hear the skin burning itself together as the heart stitched itself together.

I found a dark grey soul and noticed the man instantly as I pulled him back to his body ignoring the questions that were shot at me. My power was draining as I replaced his undead body with blood and energy making him as he once was. When I felt the air around me crackle I knew the shield had fallen as my body tried to preserve my energy. Pulling away I opened my eyes to be met with light green eyes watching me with wonder. I dragged my body away from him when the older blond launched at the younger one shouting. Breathing raggedly I calmed my heart and dulled my painful body until I was numb.

My back found a wall to lean on as I watched the four boys pat each other's backs.

The oldest looking was a native american with a light tan, stern jaw with thin pouted lips and a sharp nose. I think he looked around 22 with the wisdom and hidden strength in his stance. His eyes were thin and calculating which hid his thoughts and observations behind a warm brown. He had dark brown hair down to his mid-back. He was shirtless and wore only a pair of black tight jeans.

The next was a bleach blonde with his hair pulled sharply up before falling in soft straight waves down to his collar bone. He had a cold and calculating face yet it was soft at the moment while he shouted to his brothers about revenge on some frogs? He looked maybe 21 but he had an older feel about him with a wisp of leadership hanging over his person. His lips were pulled in a malicious smirk and his jaw was dusted in stubble, his eyes were slightly oval with cold blue iris's planning on causing pain in the near future. He was wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt.

The next was the blonde hugging the recently deceased, he had a childlike air around him as he jumped around. He looked about 20 at most, his chiselled jaw was perfect with plump kissable lips. His nose was sharp yet soft at the same time, and his eyes were narrowed in awe and the bright blue within was screaming pure joy making me smile. He was wearing light grey skinny jeans and a fishnet vest on showing his noticeable muscles.

And the one I saved. He looked about 18 with an air of innocence draped over him along with his rounded eyes looking around in shock, he had green eyes which were not only showing all the emotions he felt but what he was thinking. His rounded face and slightly puffed cheeks were what made him look younger. He had golden tinted curls pouring down his back to the bottom of his spine.

After a few moments of revenge talk the native american one turned to me in surprise before walking over slowly. I watched him cautiously as he kneeled down looking me in the eyes, I looked right back. The other three soon followed suite all walking and kneeling watching me making me nervous.

"thank you" It was the one I save who spoke first drawing me away from looking in the dark brown orbs. He watched me with a sympathetic gaze making me frown slightly but he smiled but he looked as though he knew a secret I didn't know about. His voice was soft and gentle like honey yet a little hoarse most likely from the scream he released earlier.

"no problem" I replied quietly before looking at my clasped hands thinking. Why am I here I was meant to be sent into another dimension or somewhere where I could forget everything, flinching at the pain that burst into my numb body I buried it again thinking maybe I should try the spell again.

"why did you save Marko?" a grateful light voice asked. Looking up I saw it was the blonde who's hair was brushed back like a mane around his neck and shoulders at different lengths.

I shrugged I know why but they didn't need to know.

"She felt your pain, and I could then feel hers. She didn't want anyone to be in pain who didn't deserve it." Marko answered shocking me and making me stand abruptly . I looked at him wide eyed before allowing my pain to flash in my eyes against my will before I started walking to the exit quickly. Before I took two steps though I was in a hug with my feet no longer touching the ground, I made no movement. I didn't know what to do. Looking back I saw light blonde knowing it was the one who seemed closest to Marko.

He spun me and kissed both my cheeks pulling me into a hug repeating thank you. Not knowing what to do I just stood there. After a little while the pain I had put a lot of my energy into blocking out had started to seep into my skull and body. I had over exerted my magic again ... but at least this time it didn't get anyone killed. Smiling a little my eyes burned for some reason as my knees started to buckle though another pair of arms wrapped around my waist pulling me into a hard chest away from the blonde who stood wide eyed watching me before giving a little smile and rushing back to Marko.

Looking up I saw dark brown eyes watching me. He lifted me gently as I rested my head on his shoulder. The bleach blonde came to me while the other two were talking about what they were going to do to frogs still ... weird I like frogs...

"We are in your debt" he said coldly looking me in the eyes before he smiled a little and took my sickly pale hand and watching me carefully as I frowned.

"No you're not, none of you should feel that much pain..." I trailed of slowly as his eyes softened a little. Smirking he released my hand calling the other two over with a click of his fingers.

"I am David, the one holding you is Dwayne, the blonde is Paul and the one you saved is Marko, and we are in your debt." He said gesturing to each one before looking mw in the eyes again sternly. Knowing straight away they won't let me leave until they think they have fulfilled the 'debt'.

Nodding I felt numbness fading as pain and loneliness once again drained into my skin. Mumbling I replied. "I'm Willow "

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