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Willows POV

After a few minutes they must have felt the suns pull lulling them to sleep because there movements and actions were becoming sluggish.

"You need to sleep" I said quietly as David glared at me a little for telling him what to do but I knew he knew I was right. Shrugging he told Dwayne to put me in Stars bed. Nodding Dwayne headed into the main of the cave, when we reached a small cubby hole with a mattress he gently placed me in the bed. I couldn't move my body and magic was drained, it wouldn't take long to replenish though so I would be fine by this evening most likely then I can get some candles and re do the spell.

After a Dwayne left bidding me a good rest I fell into a nightmare, relieving Tara's death but I was being watched by Buffy, Anya, Xander, Dawn and Giles. They watched me with betrayal and distrust repeating 'it's your fault' over and over making me scream. I felt hot tears ripple down my face and I watched the light in Tara's eyes fade as she left me. I watched her body cool, pale and empty. The abandoned me, we were getting better and then she left me. Like Oz she left. Like Buffy. Like me. I had left I was no longer the Willow everyone expected me to be. That Willow was dead, she died when Tara left. Not died the moment Tara abandoned me because of my magic I changed I am a shell but who is going to fill this shell?

I awoke suddenly by somebody shaking me. Shaking my head I pushed whoever it was back with my rejuvenated magic as my mind tried remembering what I had done. I brought a vampire back. I hope he won't become like Buffy, but it's her soul that got tainted when she returned. Vampires don't have souls.

I was still shaking when I heard a voice break through my painful haze.

"You're going to be fine" Looking up I saw the vampire I saved ... Marko. Frowning I felt the familiar pain edge into my being accompanied by betrayal, fear and loneliness. I simply nodded not wanting to know question. I got out of the bed and noticed my pillow was soaked in tears, the duvet covered in blood. Frowning I looked at my hands. I had ripped them open with my nails in my sleep, I had about a dozen deep scratches down each of my arms. I felt nothing as I ran my bloodied fingers down the scabbed over wounds a little pain but I couldn't react the pain was so miniscule to what I felt every moment it was almost refreshing. Looking up I saw Marko's eyes had a slight amber tinge in as he followed my movements.

Walking out of the cubby I ignored him when he took deep breaths to calm himself. If he attacked me he would do me a favour. When I walked into the main of the cave three pairs of eyes snapped to me but I ignored them in search of an old towel or perhaps a first aid kit.

"What happened?" David's cold voice asked from a wheel chair in the middle of the room, sending a small glance I looked him in the cold eyes and replied a simple nothing. My voice was as cold as his eyes. Glaring he stormed over and grabbed my arm looking over the wounds. His eyes widened slightly knowing they were self inflicted. Growling he yanked me over to a unit pulling a cloth and bottle of water out handing them to me. Nodding I poured the water onto the cloth and swept away the blood mesmerized. The water made little waves running over my pale almost butchered flesh. And I didn't wince once.

I heard them speaking again, David's clipped voice was cold and menacing as he spoke of different ways of torture. Pauls light voice exited Marko and Dwayne have yet to enter their thoughts. Feeling a cold brush of water over my arms I looked up to see light green eyes. Marko was standing there in front of me helping to wash my blood away. Frowning I simply returned to scrub at the blood that covered my arms, he took the cloth though and gently wiped it off. His hands were gentle, I felt eyes on us. Turning I saw the rest of his nest were watching his actions carefully, he looked to them and rinsed the cloth letting the red tinted water drench the bowl below.

"What are we going to do with Willow?" He asked David. David looked me over smirking.

"Take her with us," He answered Marko before turning to me and walking closer making Marko take a step back from the power emitting from him. "You're a witch right?" he asked me while smirking.

I cocked my head to the side watching him before nodding. He frowned, he was close enough to touch him and I could tell he was purposefully releasing the dangerous aura since the other three backed away a step unconsciously.

"Are you not scared?" He asked after a moment with a scowl studying my features. What did I have to be scared of? When I voiced this he simply smirked and pinned me by my neck to the wall. He growled when I made no notice.

"Why are you not scared, witches usually are more fearful of vampires because they need to preserve their power, and I can smell the power radiating around you!" This got me angry as my eyes flashed black I threw him across the room causing a few rocks to fall.

"I am not scared because I lost all I have, you claim to owe me a debt? By killing me that would be doing me a favour!" I replied calmly watching his angered yet amused features as he stood and brushed himself off.

"You have a great darkness in you, a great power. You will fit in brilliantly" He smirked as my eyes drained into the almost lifeless sage they had become.

"I cannot join you, my spell went wrong" I stated simply as he took a supposedly menacing step towards me. Marko was the one who jumped next to me as Dwayne attempted to calm David down, Paul was still planning some frog deaths.

"Your spell didn't go wrong..." Marko told me gently gaining my attention straight away, he flinched at my gaze.

"What do you know of my spell?" I asked my voice colder then ice making David and Paul growl at me since it seemed like I was threatening a nest mate.

"I saw it...I saw you performing it when I was staked then you came here looking for friends, family. That's what we are. I saw the connection form from your pain to Pauls. And I can see you ..." He trailed of as my eyes softened and went through pain but when he stepped towards me my eyes flashed black.

"I can not only see but feel your pain, and all your emotions like I would a fellow pack member..." He continued taking a step back.

Turning I walked to the wall of one of the caves as I felt the dark magic rip through me and try to take over I held it in shaking from the pressure. I felt somebody behind me I spun to see David looking much calmer before I walked away. Something touched my shoulder as I headed to the exit. As a warning I release green flames from my hands, the flames surrounded me encasing me, burning me yet doing no physical damage at the same time.

I felt the vampires back from the threat instinctively and I heard them hiss, turning I saw their threatening faces, I sent a small taster of my power letting them feel a tiny portion. When I saw them relax I relaxed my magic before turning and walking out.

"That's a VERY small portion of the magic, I have so much damned magic it burns, my body is failing because it cannot contain it unless I let the 'darkness' control. But her last priority before I returned was destroy the world. I cannot afford to let her control. My spell was meant to take me to somewhere, someone who can help me control it!" I muttered looking each in the eye before walking out to see some rickety stairs leading from the ocean a few moments walk from the cave mouth. I walked up until I saw a white light house spinning, I sat on the edge, watching water move. I watched the stars envelope the night as I heard the boys muttering coming up the stairs.

"We can help you" A dark velvet voice spoke next to me, looking from the corner of my eyes I saw Dwayne.

"How?" In that one word I could hear my own voice and flinched at how broken and sad it sounded.

"We will be your family, friends and not let you destroy the world should 'the darkness' control you" He spoke softly watching the waves with me. Turning I looked at him before he met my gaze.

"If the darkness wins, or my magic becomes too bad for me, promise me now to kill me" I said looking in his eyes with nothing but coldness, if he couldn't promise this then I can't control it on my own and I can take care of this right now. I would anyway but the spell must have sent me here for a reason, if it was simply to save Marko and his nest from pain then the darkness will control me and then they can end it for me.

I could see the emotions flare in his eyes. Sighing I carried on.

"My darkness builds each day, I don't know how to stop it and I know I cannot control it so when I say it's too much kill me, if you don't when I say that I will change and you will have to do it for me. If you cannot with hold this promise to me now, I will be forced to deal with it now before it gets out of hand because like I said it IS building" I said looking back into the ocean.

"Ok, we promise" I heard David's cold gruff voice answer for Dwayne, I turned looking each one in the eyes before standing and walking to David, holding my hand out.

"You will be the one to kill me, looking in your nests eyes I can see the doubt already but should they or you fail there will be no chance for you or anyone, anything and so you must be able to kill me at anytime" He nodded smirking and shook my hand.

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