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Willows POV

After shaking my hand David pulled me over to four bikes, each unique and different in its own way.

"Where are we going?" I asked when he pulled me on behind him. He smirked and simply said food. I rolled my eyes wrapping my arms around his muscular chest which as covered by a black leather trench coat. He sped away when the others were on their bikes hollering and shouting they drove to a long decked area lined with stalls, shops and hundreds of people. Next to the deck was a long beach and I could see cliffs at the end with small lights where houses were.

When David finally pulled up and dismounted I noted previous skid marks along the recently used wood. They must come here a lot, yet looking at the thriving people it must be like all you can eat buffet. They all stood around a moment looking as though debating in each other's minds. Frowning at them I simply shrugged and perched myself on a bench next to Paul who was actually sat on the back part with his feet on where your meant to sit.

"Willow" David's cold voice speared threw the observations I was in the act of making while noting the big rides, kiosks and alleys. There was so much on this deck I couldn't keep my eyes in one place. It was a perfect place to get lost and stay lost.

I simply looked into his hard eyes not making a sound. He growled, huffed before looking to me again. "We are going to hunt, Marko and Dwayne will stay with you ok?" He asked coldly. Cocking my head to the side I thought.

"You know I have watched vampires feed before, right? I have seen some things you haven't thought possible" I started thinking over the past demons, monsters and vampires not to mention human deaths I had to see starting at such a young age.

"Really? Well you can tell us about it later. Dwayne wants to ask about your powers anyway and you seem comfortable with Marko" David finished smirking before storming down the deck. Paul hugged me kissed my cheek and hugged a unsure Marko before running after David.

I turned to watch the ocean thinking idly how far I would swim before I stopped feeling sad...

"Where were you?" Marko asked gently bringing my depressing thoughts to a end and attracting confusion. Seeing the Marko continued.

"Where I saw you do the spell, I saw things that looked impossible..." He trailed off. Now I thought about it I looked around more closely gasping at the 80's clothes before groaning and turning to the confused duo.

"Where are we now and what year?" I groaned thinking how far I was sent, it looked like I was in the late 80's or early 90's but I'm not certain.

"We are in Santa Carla, California and its 1987" Dwayne replied slowly.

I flinched and face palmed against my will making the two ask what's wrong.

"My spell sent me further then I thought ... I'm from Sunnydale, California as well but I'm from 2003..." I wandered off.

"Whoa..." Was all a shocked Marko could say.

"So I'm 16 years in the past...Over the country there's a 9 year old me" I thought.

"Can we go see her...you?" A exited Marko exclaimed making me roll my eyes.

"No we can't change my history or past or I may change something which will affect me coming back here to see you, I was sent to this time to specifically change something about what you four do. So if my only reason for being here was to save your life Marko then we will know soon..." I trailed off at his slightly saddened expression.

"Don't worry I will stay until I vanish or David kills me" I said attempting to cheer him but I failed, sighing I hugged him a little bit hesitant but he grinned and hugged me back.

"So what happened to make you lose control of your magic last time?" Dwayne asked breaking the silence, I flinched at Tara's dead eyes that appeared in my mind.

"My magic was stronger than me...still is and when somebody I cared for died it went against my wishes and ..." I trailed of holding the tears that had corrupted me back. Marko hugged me awkwardly while we all sat on a bench.

"Sorry if I brought bad memories up..." Dwayne mumbled sounding guilty making me feel bad, taking his hand I apologized.

"It's not your fault, just that it is pretty recent, give me time to know you and I will tell you one day" I smiled to him getting a faint smile back.

"Wait, isn't Sunnydale on a hellmouth?" Marko asked while he looked as though he was thinking hard, I nodded a little and he released a impressed whistle.

"Wow, you must be classed as an elderly then not many people live passed their teen years!" He said looking me over in wonder making me smile a little.

"Well I'm only alive because I was friends with the slayer" I said quietly. He just gained an impressed, shocked look. Dwayne simply looked confused.

"'was' like past tense what changed?" Dwayne asked looking at me gently.

"She died. But I brought her back, though she changed. Her soul was tainted, We were told that who get's sacrificed goes to hell which is why I brought her back but ... she claims she was happy in heaven and is upset at me that I dragged her away from peace..." I said looking at my hands wringing them tight together making them go white and red in places until a tan hand took my left hand and stroked the back in little calming circles. I pushed the tears back, I remembered seeing her scared expression from when I brought her back, her disappointed look when she found out it was me who dragged her back from heaven.

Looking up I met Dwayne's understanding eyes and leaned into him a little liking the warmth.

"What were you on about earlier concerning frogs?" I mean I have frog phobia because when they jump I jump but as long as they are a distance I like them ...

They both gave chuckles before Marko answered. "Did you see the two boys running from the cave earlier?" I nodded slowly before he smirked and continued. "They are the Frog brothers, they are the ones who staked me. We are feeding and then getting revenge later tonight" Marko watched my reaction carefully.

Well nobody died why must they get revenge? I frowned before thinking, they are getting the same revenge I wanted for Tara and I can't fault them. I thought a moment before looking to Marko's eyes. He looked pained yet exited with anger hidden. Sighing I looked to Dwayne who had his emotions hidden.

"You want me to help you get revenge?" I asked gently watching them as they nodded.

"I...I can't kill them but I can curse them and spell them into seeing things that aren't there. But why must you kill them?" I asked calmly. "I mean you survived so shouldn't you distance yourself" They both looked incredulous.

"They tried killing me, they would have killed the rest should they had the opportunity, they need to learn!" Marko hissed. Nodding I thought of a way to punish them yet leave them alive.

"What if I spell them to imagine their worst fears coming true! Would you leave them alive, it would traumatize them enough you get revenge?" They contemplated.

"Why are you opposed to killing?" David's cold voice broke the tense silence. Turning I matched his cold gaze before explaining what I said to Marko and Dwayne minutes before. He snickered at their fears coming true but looked angered at the idea of them living after hurting one of his nest.

"We kill every day, why should you be ok with these two to live when you seem to understand us feeding of others?" He asked impatient. Marko and Dwayne had left at some point and Paul had sat next to me occasionally stroking my hair and hugging me, making me flinch and freeze seemed to be his hobby.

"You kill people as survival, killing them for revenge when they are kids and don't know what they are doing is un warranted. Marko lived, traumatizing them with their fears should stop them from even thinking of stepping outside let alone hurting your nest!" I groaned, growling he nodded.

"Only if we get to watch and scare them a bit!" I nodded, happy they live in fear is better than being ... dead.

"Let's go boys" David said smirking, frowning I turned to see Marko and Dwayne stood behind the bench watching Paul as he plaited my shoulder length hair. Grinning Paul pulled me up an started dragging me to his bike before David gave him a look. Groaning Paul pushed me dramatically sighing. I stumbled next to David who helped me on the back of his bike. We drove back to the cliff which Dwayne mentioned earlier was called Hudson's bluff. When we dismounted David smirked at me before grinning making me uneasy, I looked at him carefully before he wrapped an arm around my waist pulling me to him making me frown.

"We fly" he explained, shrugging out his grip I said I would follow him. Growling he took off with a laughing Paul after him, Marko was looking at me concerned and Dwayne said he would follow me. Smiling I let my magic surround me making mist and electric currents burn the air. I lifted into the air surrounded by a mini storm as lightning poured around my hands keeping me in the air from the humid static. When I caught up to David he looked impressed, Marko asked if he could ride with me making me roll my eyes and Paul wanted to race their but stopped when David glared again. Dwayne fly next to me whispering "impressive" in my ear making me shiver and blush.

After a few minutes we landed on a dry grassy area with a few trees around and a old house a few minutes' walk down the unofficial drive way. We heard barking and I faintly saw a couple of boys drag a dog into the house. We walked forward until we reached the door. Paul, Dwayne and David would get them into the living room, Marko would guard me and we would enter together when they were contained in the room.