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Willows POV

When me and Marko entered the first thing I saw a couple of brothers who were being held with their hands behind their backs curtsey of Paul and Dwayne while David was sitting in a brown leather armchair watching as a teenager about 18 with dark hair held tightly onto a beautiful tanned girl, behind the two teens were two younger kids the youngest maybe 12 and the other one about 16.

Looking over them all I assessed them carefully. The two brothers being held I assume were the Frogs, they looked about 17 both with dark hair, one had his shoulder length pulled back by a red bandana where as the other one had his cropped around his face. The one with long hair was tanned a little more than the shorter one and was wearing a grey t-shirt, red chequered shirt and holey blue jeans. The one with short hair was wearing a grey jumpsuit. They both had firm jaws and stern cold eyes and thin lips that made them appear older but I could see the slight bit of fear when they saw Marko alive and walking around the room.

The oldest teen boy had dark brown hair curled around his face, he was wearing a pair of jeans a leather jacket and a grey shirt. He was slightly pale like he was sick and was sweating a little, his hands were quivering and he had a scared stance but protective. His face was pointed with gently curves and he had thin eyes and lips but his lower lip was slightly fuller like he was pouting. The girl was gorgeous, calm serene features and walnut like eyes a deep brown with a button nose and perfectly curved lips to match her figure, she wore a white sweetheart top and purple sequined skirt that fell to her ankles. Her hair was in curls with frizz building on one side from the humidity and I could see her clinging tightly onto the younger boy behind her and the older teens arm.

The tallest of the younger boys was about 16 with spiked up blonde hair, he wore a dodgy pattern yet colourful shirt over a black tank and black shorts. His features were that of the older boys I assume they are brothers. The younger was looking towards Dwayne apologetic and scared while Dwayne blanked him. He had a innocent face with full lips and wide eyes, his brown hair fluffed around his shoulders as he clung to the girl.

"We killed you bloodsucka!" Was the first words uttered upon our entrance courtesy of the long haired Frog. His voice was filled in a proud tone but overcame with rage. I watched him as he shrunk slightly under Marko's withering look.

"Yes you did indeed kill our brother!" David sneered before gesturing to me. "And our new friend brought him back, she has also bartered in keeping you alive" The two boys watched me like hawks as I watched them back carefully. They snorted in disbelief at my blank gaze waiting for when the boys had the fun and explained who the others were.

"Yeah right! I bet she's another bloodsucka cause you were scared of us! She most likely can't even hit someone without falling over " Bandana growled glaring at me. I took a step towards him fixing my dark gaze into his eyes while my eyes turned black.

"I have made a deal on your behalf, for your lives" Another step closer. "Yet you don't believe me? because of my looks?" Another step closer. "Should I show you what I can do as a demonstration? just to " Another step I was a few inches away from his face not allowing my gaze to waver as his eye screamed fear at my bottomless eyes. "Prove my ability?" Looking him coldly in the eyes letting my magic cackle around me and him as I drew his mind into mine.

I watched him in a room, cold, alone, dark with evil laughter resonating around. He shouted he knew this was a illusion. It was but only in his mind, we were simply staring at each other in the real world.

Grinning I made the ground drip blood to the ceiling making him shriek, I made the blood make rivers forming patterns around his feet and above him. He was panicking I could feel his fear draining out his pores.

I pulled out his mind at his scream letting him see the real world once more.

I walked towards David ignoring his brother asking what I did. David and the boys chuckled while the girl was sobbing into the older boys shoulder now.

Watching them David noticed my confusion.

"That is Michael and Star, behind them I believe is Laddie and Sam" David murmured gesturing to the spoken people. I nodded before turning to see both brothers watching me. I smiled a sad smile as Paul knocked the one with short hair onto his knees.

"Allen!" Bandana screamed when his brother released a pain filled grunt.

Allen stood roughly while Paul snickered before staggering towards where me and Marko stood while David sat.

"You're a witch?" I nodded simply as he nodded back slowly before taking another step to me stumbling when Paul grabbed his hair harshly.

"Why are you helping these monsters?!" Allen hissed as Paul pulled him in line next to bandana. I frowned and watched him as his eyes were hate filled glaring around the boys and then landed on me softening a little.

"I saved Marko. Because he didn't deserve to die" I stated looking at him, my voice was soft and you could hear the certainty behind it.

"They kill people!" Allen groaned looking at me.

"I have killed vampires, a human and many many demons. But they all kill to feed, they don't feed they die it is the natural order" I replied watching his eyes widen along with the others in the room at the mention of what I have killed.

"you...you killed a human?!" Bandana yelled to me as I sighed and closed down, I would not tell two boys who tried destroying the nests happiness my history.

"I think we should get on with this don't you?" David asked looking me in the eye. I nodded before walking to Bandana. Placing my fingertips on his forehead he shrugged back before Dwayne held him still by his hair.

I closed my eyes searching for his biggest fear. I found it. Smiling I planted fake memories of willingly becoming a vampire in his mind, ripping flesh apart happily with his teeth when he screamed I pulled away. I left the lingering thoughts and stood before a struggling Allen before repeating the same process. His fears were different and made me smile. Pulling away Dwayne walked with me to David and Marko's side while Paul frowned looking at his hostage.

"Paul you can come over he will see them when you step away" Paul scowled looked to the crying bandana and walked over pouting. Sighing he turned and grinned when he saw Allen having a panic attack, I was making him see hundreds and hundreds of bugs, spiders crawling over him as he struggled to wipe the imaginary pests away.

Smirking Paul hooted as both brothers were reduced to whimpering and screaming. David looked towards Star, Michael, Laddie and Sam before thinking a little.

Lunging to his feet he turned and asked if I could alter them. I nodded.

Turning to the scared four I walked to Michael before he tried to shove me away, Marko grabbed his hands twisting them before he touched me though. Grabbing his chin I edited his memories, he will think he got high before hanging with the wrong crowd, met Star and Laddie who were homeless and fell for her.

Moving on when he slumped forming images for his memories I tool Star's quivering hand and healed placed new memories her family disowning her and running to Santa Carla a few weeks ago and meeting Laddie who was lost and stuck together. She fell unconscious as I planted similar memories in Laddie and Sam's minds when they were all asleep I cast a spell over the three half vampires that would hide their urges and cloak them in the sun. Smiling I turned before heading to the boys who were watching pensively, Dwayne took my hand as I started swaying. I groaned and the exhaustion the covered me like another skin as I yawned into his shoulder while David spoke with Marko and Paul about killing some guy called Max.

Then the man in question ran in with a middle aged woman with short red hair. Max was middle aged with dark brown gelled hair with coke bottle glasses and a ridicules coloured suit with checks over it, yawning again brought Max's attention to me as he surveyed to room while the woman ran checking Michael. Frowning Max came closer and sniffed me before hissing witch before Dwayne picked me up bridal style as he vampire sped us behind a now standing David, Marko and Paul while Max ranted about betrayal.

I Started to lose consciousness but my vision caught a large blue truck with a stake attached to the front as it slid through Max who was headed to the redheaded woman. Everything went black then as I snuggled into Dwayne's subconsciously not noticing the glares fixed upon me.