It was after a lacrosse game and Stiles was alone in the boy's locker room. The coach wanted a word with Stiles and that is how he found himself alone now because when he was done talking to the coach everyone else had already gone home. He wrapped a towel around his waist and was getting ready to take a shower when he saw someone looking at him, his hand tightened around his towel.

"Hello?" he called looking at the shadowy figure.

"You were quiet impressive on the field today" The man said with a deep voice as he walked out of the shadows, Stiles took a step back as he watched the man approach him.

"Thanks but this is a boy's locker room, for team members and coaches only" He said uneasiness sweeping over him as the man got closer. The blonde haired man smiled and Stiles noticed a tattoo on his neck. He sucked in a breath and told himself to stay calm; it was a clan mark like the one Derek and Scott have, he remembered Derek showing him the rough book of different clan's and their marks.

"Ooh I don't think anyone will mind." He drawled "I used to come to this school when I was wee pup" He added as he continued to approach Stiles, only about a foot away from him now.

The teen grabbed his Lacrosse stick that was behind him and moved away, unknowing to him that the wolf was moving Stiles closer and closer to the shower part of the locker room. The blonde haired man sniffed the air and walked closer to him "Look dude get out of here you're not allowed! former student or not, if you don't leave…"

"You'll do what? Scream for help fruktbar?" he sneered, Stiles looked at him …fruktbar?… he wondered what that meant. The wolf charged at him and pinned him to the wall of the shower, Stiles moved the Lacrosse in front of him to push the man off him, looking at the stick the wolf growled as he ripped it out of Stiles' hand.

"GET OFF ME!" he yelled, hoping one of his wolfy friends would hear him and come save his ass.

Growling the blonde wolf pulled Stiles off the wall and then slammed him into it face first, getting another cry from the teen Stiles felt his brain rattle around his head and was sure he was now bleeding. The wolf man handled him so savagely that he left claw marks on his skin and made an extra effort to make sure bruises were left as well, he growled in Stiles ear as he took a deep breath of the teen's scent "mmmm such a beautiful scent fruktbar, your ready, I can tell" He practically purred, the teen's eyes widened when he felt a finger probe his hole.


"Tankene dine jævla oppførsel tispe!" he growled at him, in a language he didn't know. The finger pushed deep into him making him scream as claws and all was added.

Another growl came from behind them and the blonde wolf turned around and looked at the two wolves behind him "Fuck!" He snarled as he let go of Stiles, the teen fell to the floor knocking into the handle for the shower and turning the head on. The blonde wolf stood looking at the two teens and then all hell broke loose. Stiles was on the floor feeling rather dazed and hurt. The shower was turned off and sound one calling Stiles' name, the injured teen looked up at his friend.

"Sc...Scott?" he asked, his voice weak and raspy from screaming.

"Hey it's okay, he's gone" He assured him as Stiles looked around to find the other wolf was indeed gone, a blanket was then wrapped around him then was helped up by Scott.

Derek ran into the room to find Scott helping Stiles walk out of the shower. The smell of the attack filled the alpha's nose and he was filled with rage. He looked over at Isaac who had cuts across his chest and face but was healing slowly and Scott's shirt was ripped but his wounds were healed. Derek walked over to Stiles and knelt in front of him, the teen looked at Derek with wide eyes "Stiles…" he asked, unsure how to proceed.

"He was a tall blonde, pale blue eyes and kept calling me 'fruktbar'" He listed, he had to tell Derek this while he could still think clearly before he had to face his dad.

"Fruktbar? What the hell is a fruktbar?" Scott asked.

"It's Norwegian for fertile" Derek said with a frown

"Fertile?" Isaac asked "Wait this wolf wants to get Stiles pregnant?" blonde blurted loudly, looking around the room, Derek nodded and looked at the scratches on Stiles' skin.

"Did he bite you?" Stiles shook his head "In any form Stiles you have to let me know if he did"

"No Derek he didn't !You want to know what he did?" he cried out, tears burning his eyes.

"Shhhh, I'm sorry I really am sorry, your dad is on his way okay? I can hear him, we will keep you safe just be strong" He tells him, standing up he turns to Isaac "Isaac go home, we can't have them seeing you like this" The curly blond nodded and gave Stiles a soft squeeze on his shoulder then ran out the of the room before John turned up.

The Norwegian wolf watched from the roof, holding his bleeding side. He had just going into a fight with an alpha and a beta, both seeming determined to protect the human Fruktbar, he then smelt another alpha, it was the other scent on the human's body…so he's already been scented… he thought. He wondered how he could have missed that being so close to the human in the shower. Deciding to try another day he jumped off the roof and headed into the woods, his only worries were that the two packs protecting the Fruktbar will get in his way and that the other alpha will be looking for him.