The Sheriff was horrified and angered to find out what happened in the locker room. He had taken his son to the hospital where he was looked at, but by Stiles' version he was prodded, poked and stuck with needles, he sat on the bed and after 3 hours of it he was tried, sore and achy and his dad was pacing the floor "dad I'm okay" He said, wanting the man to just stop moving, John looked at him in confusion.

"Your okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, he didn't get to do the deed... I am achy and bruised but I'm okay, if it wasn't for Scott and Isa-Derek we would be having a completely different conversation" John looked at him with a frown.

"I don't 'ever' want that conversation!" he said with a very effective growl.

"Neither do I…Can we go home now I want my bed." He asked



"No, you're staying here tonight with a couple of armed guards, if I can find them." He said as he twisted his phone in his hand.

"You're overreacting" The moment the words left his lips that he knew it was the wrong thing to say "no no your right, I will stay the night, my head and all, yeah I'll stay" He rambled to stop his dad from yelling at him.

"I thought that's what you said, and you're missing school tomorrow" he added.

"Daaaaad…wait its Saturday tomorrow, yeah that's fine"

John had left the room and placed armed officers outside his door. Stiles leaned back against his pillow and let out a shaky sigh, covering his face with his arm. The clicking clock on the wall read 1am. A knock at the door made him look up to see Isaac, he smiled and nodded for him to come in, the curly blonde walked in and closed the door "Guard?" The blonde smiled weakly.

"Yeah I know, I can't even take a piss without them wanting to know my every move" He sighed in irriation, the curly blonde shifted from one foot to the other "What's wrong Isaac?"

"I can feel your pain"

"Well yeah I have cuts and bruises all over me" He said, the other teen shook his head.

"N- No in here" He points to his chest over his heart, Stiles looked confused and titled his head "I…I want to scent you" He confessed blushing in embarrassment as he looked elsewhere but Stiles.

"Scent me?"

"It's what pack members do to comfort a hurt pack member" He explained, his blush deepening. Stiles rubbed his eyes, he was too tired to deal with this and he couldn't be arsed to say no and hurt the pup's feelings.

"Will the others come and do the same?" he asked, all ready knowing the answer.

"Yes" Isaac said with a small smile.

"Alright, come on then" He said, patting the mattress next to him the blonde's face perked up and he shrugged his jacket off then unwrapped his scarf and placed it on the chair before he kicked his shoes and climbed onto the hospital bed.

Both Stiles and Isaac knew how it looked to other people who didn't know about werewolves things but Stiles didn't care he was too sleepy as he rested his head on Isaac's warm chest and the rhythm of his heart soothed his rampant mind. Isaac turned his head to see someone else at the door "Stiles?"

"Ummm" The teen moaned, is his mind already starting to shut down.

"Scott's here" Isaac informed him, Stiles looked over Isaac's shoulder and blinked then waved his friend in. the door opened completely and Scott walked in, he was about to open his mouth to say something but Stiles beat him to the punch.

"Shhhh pack cuddle, get in and join." Stiles yawned then proceeded to snuggle back into Isaac's chest.

A week went by before another confrontation happened. The Norwegian wolf was nowhere to be seen, Scott had even roped in Chris to help look for the crazed basted but that didn't help either, where ever the blonde wolf was he was staying for the time being, the only thing Stiles hopes for is the Alpha pack to kill the wolf.

Stiles was starting to feel like his old self again, he went back to school but was a little jumpy whenever someone touched his shoulder proving his dad's point that he isn't over what happened no matter how much he put on a fake smile, but every night he would find either Isaac or Scott in his bed, he even found Derek in his room once when he got home early from School.

He found the older wolf rolling on his bed sheets, "what are you doing?" Stiles asked with a smirk, Derek look up at the teen and let his eyes shifted.

"I'm marking your bed"

"Ummm I got that big guy, but why?" Stiles asked as he put his bag down, the wolf looked up at him with an odd look in his eyes.

"If you're bed smells like me than…the idea is that the other wolves will leave you alone if they think your mated" He said, Stiles cocked his head to the side and sat in the chair by his computer.

"Why do they need to think I'm mated?" he asked.

"You're smart enough, you should know that already" Derek stated, he could smell the cuts and the bruises on him and the hurt deep inside his heart, he could smell it all, even though Stiles tried to be himself and while it did fool some people he could still smell and see the flicker of pain that continued to torment him, the teen took a deep breath and looked at him.

"If the other wolf is still out there waiting for him he will follow my scent but if he thinks I'm mated with another alpha's scent he'll leave me alone" Derek nodded "In theory" Stiles added.

"In theory" Derek repeats, "It's the only way I can think of for now to keep you safe there are other ways but I want to see if this will work first"

"The others way, meaning you or the other wolves in our pack will give me the bum rush?" he asked

"No I will" Derek growled, Stiles was a little taken back by that and looked t Derek fully.

"You, you'll have sex with me?"

"Only as a last resort, you're barely 17, you would be giving birth to a baby when your only 17." He said Stiles frowned and leaned back in his seat.

"I still don't understand the baby part, how will that happen? I'm a guy!" he asked then quickly added "I am a man right?"

"Yes Stiles you're a man, but let's have this convention another time"

That night while Stiles was asleep, alone for once, his dad had just gotten in from work and checked on Stiles to find the teen in a deep sleep, he crept back to his own room and shut the door. Scott had called to say he couldn't make it and he would get Isaac to come over instead but Stiles told him he was fine and he not to bother Isaac. Shifting in his sleep Stiles felt a unnerving stare of some one's gaze, he turned around and opened his eyes to see the shadow of someone at the end of his bed…not Scott, not Isaac, not Derek or Peter… his mind told him.

A car drove passed the house and the headlights lit up the room, cloaking the figure in light. His red eyes shined like a cat's in the dark, Stiles shot up out of bed and moved to the head bored "Did you really think your friend's scent would hide your tantalizingly virgin scent fruktbar?" He growled.

"DAD!" Stiles yelled as he dove off the bed as the wolf jumped him. the teen dove to get his baseball bat and swung around with the bat and hit him in the head casing him to fall to the floor where Stiles brought the bat down again on the wolf, the wolf grabbed the bat and threw it into the wall. "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!" the teen screamed as he was thrown onto the bed.

"Slutte å slåss meg!" he growled as he started to rip Stiles clothes to shreds, he could hear his dad trying to get into his room…he locked the door!…his mind supplied as he kicked out, hitting the wolf in the face, hearing a snarl he was suddenly flipped onto his stomach and the sound of a zipper being undone made Stiles scream and he bit the wolf's hand in an attempt to save himself "Du lille tispe vil lære din plass!" he growled and pinned him to the bed. His face was pushed into the pillow as he struggled, feeling the Norwegian's cock sliding against his arse cheek.

The door was broken down and a growl filled the room as the blonde wolf was pulled off him. scrabbling onto his back Stiles looked at Derek as he sliced the other wolf across the chest, John ran into the room with his gun and shot at the blonde wolf when he stepped away from Derek, hitting him in the chest and the head. Derek looked at the Sheriff as he ran over to Stiles and looked down at him "Stiles...Stiles did he…"

"N…no no, nearly." He said his voice was horse as John warped a blanket around him; he turned to Derek and looked at the other wolf.

"How did you get in here?"

"The same way he did" He said pointing to the dead wolf "Through the back door, he broke the lock" Derek told him. Taking off his jacket off he placed over Stiles shoulder and the teen took a deep breath of Derek's Earthy scent, John didn't say anything as he knelt by Stiles.

"Can you stand?" Stiles nodded, "okay good, come on we're going to go downstairs and you're getting shot of whiskey" He said as he helped Stiles stand.

"I think we all need a shot of whiskey" The teen said as he walked out of his bedroom without looking down at the dead wolf that was continuing to bleed on his floor.