3months later

Telling John was the hardest thing Stiles has do, no correction listen to a crazy bitch tell him how she got fucked by his mate was the hardest thing he had to do, he stood there looking at the crazed woman as he smirked at Stiles "Naww did you really think he cared about you." She whispered in his ear, Stiles looked at Derek who shook his head telling him she was lying,

"I know he cares about me and did you think a hug would make you smell like my mate has sex with you." The woman smirk turned into a sneer as she looked between him and Derek, Derek shrugged at her

"Did you really think you could have gotten away with at Sarah?" the alpha wolf asked

"Son of a bitch you turned him! After all the time we spent together in New York where I begged you to give me the fucking bite and you give it to him a silly teenage boy!" she screamed

"Stiles is not a silly teenage boy, he is my mate and you have caused pain so much fucking pain by pulling this fucking stunt!"

Derek walked over to Stiles and nuzzled his neck to give him some comfort as he placed his hand on Stiles' bump "I'm sorry I put you though this." Stiles placed his hand on Derek's hand and looked at him with scared eyes that told him he was scared that Derek would leave him.

"He is a teenage boy!"

"He is my mate! That is not going to change." There was a growl behind her and she turned to see 4 more wolves behind her, she looked at Derek

"How could you do this to me?" she whined as she watched Derek his frighten mate

"I could I let you poison him, do you know what you could have done if he thought I broke our bond he could have lost our pups, I would have to kill you so I am letting you go, and you will drive back up to New York and stay the fuck away from us!"

"Dad would you do the honours?" Stiles said, Sarah turned to see John standing there with the police car door open

"Get in."

It was an hour after Sarah had left and Stiles still hasn't said a word, Derek began to worry that Stiles was thinking the worst, so he goes over to Stiles on his hands and knees, the teen watched him from the corner of his eyes as he kneels in front of him "What are you doing?" Stiles asked looking at him

"On my hand and knees." Derek replied

"I notices sour wolf but by?" Stiles said, Derek took Stiles' hands and played with them

"Because you quiet and your thinking about the ex bitch girlfriend and I am worried that you think I did cheat one you with her?" he said, Stiles gave him a sad smile and cupped his cheeks and kissed him on the lips

"Stupid wolf, yes I am worried she knew a lot about you from when you were and item before we met and yes there was a moment or two that I thought that she was saying was true but then I remembered that you are loyal to your pack and to me and you love me and I love you. I'm sorry I am quiet I am just shaken up by what happen." He said and he let Derek drop his head onto Stiles' knees and Stiles let his hand run though his hair "I love you Derek Hale and I will never brake our bond." He tells him as they sat there in silence.

Stiles walked down into the kitchen while Derek had a late night shower, he was hungry and mint chocolate ice cream with bits of fresh bloody raw deer met, Stiles hated himself for wanting deer meat but he couldn't help it. He mixed it all together and sat at the table eating the ice cream mix, he was a lone for a little while, while Derek took his time in the shower Stiles learnt that the alpha took his time in the hot water. John wondered into the kitchen he stops when he see Stiles and walks closer to him "What are you eating?"

"Deer mint chocolate ice cream." He said with a smiled

"Ah sounds... sicken." He said walking to the cupboard and pulled a glass out and a bottle of something

"Have you got rid of her?" John nodded and took a seat across from Stiles