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This story is set in an alternate universe, where the Guardians aren't the Guardians. They're still magical etc., but they're not like they were in the movie (you'll see). But don't give up on me there! They still work in one way or another for the children and that theme is still there from the movie. In this alternate universe, magical beings live alongside humans, and there are all sorts of races and species, some magical, some alien, etc., so for example, even though Bunnymund isn't the Easter Bunny in this story, he's still a big blue Australian Pooka who paints. This is a romance story between Bunnymund & Jack, but they don't actually know eachother until they meet eachother in this chapter, so it's a budding romance deal, with a couple other pieces of drama thrown in. So anyway, I know a couple of other authors have done a similiar thing, but it's new for me, so please give it a shot and let me know what you think! I'm open to any suggestions for improvement.

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Jack dusted off his suit as the door of his car opened, and he stepped outside. The cool, crisp night air greeted him, and he took a deep, refreshing breath. He thanked the staff member who had opened the door of the cab, and dropped a couple of coins in his hand.
The snowy-haired twenty-year old then proceeded to walk up the red-carpeted stairs that greeted him. As he approached the top of the stairs, he was greeted by a plump man in a light blue suit.
"Your invitation, sir?" he said in a delicate, light voice.
Jack smiled, and handed him the printed envelope. The man took out the piece of paper inside, and read it quickly.
"Ah, Mr Jack Frost! Please, come in. You are just in time for dinner!"
He thanked the man, and walked through the large glass doors in front of him. As he walked through, chatter and music filled his ears merrily. He grinned mischievously as he handed his hat and gloves to one of the doormen. This was going to be a wonderful dinner.
The dinner itself was being held at a famous five-star restaurant, the North's Star. The huge, sprawling venue was carved of pure, white marble. The large double-glass doors that Jack had just walked through were led up to by several low-cut steps, which were edged by tall ferns, and decorated with red carpeting.

Once you entered the restaurant, you were immediately greeted by the dining hall. A massive room that held over one-hundred and fifty round tables, it was spacious enough to host over five-hundred people. The tables were covered with crisp white linen table cloths, and the seats were a dark, thick wood, and the pillows varied in colour, from green, to yellow, to pink, to blue, to red, causing a dizzyingly beautiful rainbow effect around the room.
Several large windows adorned the walls, and behind the thin red velvet curtains that partially covered them, there was a beautiful view of a large, semi-frozen lake, that stood just in front of large, rolling, mountains, that were gently peaked by snow. However they were only a dim outline in the late evening light. Tonight, around two hundred guests mingled throughout the hall, some seated, some walking between tables, however most were crowded around five incredibly long buffet tables, which were laden with several plates and bowls, brimming with food.
Jack observed the crowd for a few moments, noticing the vast diversity of the guests. There were all sorts of different species, some winged, some tailed, some furry, some of them even had multiple legs.
For a winter spirit like him, this was the place for a dinner party.

His train of thought was broken when a loud shout echoed out across the dining hall.
"JACK!" a thick russian accent called out.
Looking to his left, Jack noticed the host of the party himself, Mr. Nicholas North.
Jack reflected on the man he had met so recently as he walked over to the man. He was in the toy industry, and owned several large toy store chains throughout the world. He had also invested and co-funded several large fashion and cooking companies, which had boomed economically. The man was a multi-millionaire, with a kind heart, a happy face, and a remarkable way with children.
"Ah Jack! You finally made it!" North grinned, extending his arms.
"Sorry, the traffic was a real mess," Jack apologised, wincing slightly as North pulled him in for a some-what bone crushing hug.
"Well, this is why I keep telling you to come and move out here! No traffic! No hassle! Takes fifteen minutes into the city, and you never run into rush hour!" North laughed.
"No, I couldn't North, it's your house," Jack replied.
"Yes, but have you seen my house!? Oh, in America, you can buy so much for so little!"
"Well yes, when you have the money like you do," Jack rolled his eyes.
"Yes, like I do!" North chortled good-naturedly. "But I bore you, come, meet my friends!"
With one hand on Jack's shoulder, he led the young man over to his table. There were three other figures seated at the table, all of which were chuckling merrily when Jack was introduced to them.
"My friends! This, is Jack Frost!" North announced.
"Oh hi Jack! It's a pleasure to meet you!" the woman who stood up and shook his hand was remarkably striking.
Short and thin, but still very curvy, she had bright purple eyes, with long, expertly decorated eyelashes, and a beautifully patterned dress, that almost seemed to swirl with colours. But the most striking thing was her hair. Shortly cut, and sticking up in a neat collection of tufts, her hair was dyed beautifully, with all sorts of colours covering her hair. Jack literally couldn't spot a colour that wasn't there; and promptly the thought of her having crashed straight through a rainbow popped up in Jack's quirky head.

"I'm Tooth! Well, that's not my real name of course, but everybody calls me that, because I'm a dentist, but oh, never mind that, I watched your show on TV the other day! You are absolutely hilarious, I was laughing so hard I almost-" she would have continued babbling had North not stopped her.
"Oh right, sorry Jack, I'm just a bit excited is all," she flashed a perfect grin and then sat back down, taking a deep gulp from her champagne glass.
North chuckled quietly and then turned Jack's attention to a small man in a yellow suit, sitting across from Jack. The little man had crazy light blonde hair, that stuck up in mad tufts, as though he had been electrocuted. He stuck a lazy hand in the air, and waved slightly.
"That is Sanderson - we call him Sandy. He does not talk much, but do not worry, he is just a silent little man," North explained, as Jack waved back at Sandy awkwardly.
"Yea mate, he's also drunk," a gruff voice added.
Jack turned, and for a second, his heart fluttered slightly, but he wasn't entirely sure why. Sitting to the right of him, was a tall, muscular figure in a light grey suit. His dark blue fur was uncombed and untreated, but it still rested lushly under the suit. He had a white muzzle, and his long blue ears stuck up in the air proudly. He was holding a glass of scotch in his left hand, and his right hand was spinning a glossy black pen between his fingers. His bright green eyes regarded Jack curiously, with a slightly cocky look to them.
"And this," North sighed. "Is Bunny,"
"Oi, I told ya not to call me that," Bunny protested, draining his glass. He put down the glass, and extended his hand towards Jack. "You can call me Aster; E. Aster Bunnymund."
"Jack Frost," Jack said, shaking his hand.
"Here, come sit down," Aster said, patting the empty seat beside him.
Jack and North took their seats, Jack still eyeing Aster curiously.
"He's just a big blue bunny rabbit," Jack chuckled to himself.
"Well, now that Jack has arrived, let us eat!" North laughed.

The rest of the night passed in a blur. After they had stacked their plates with more food than Jack could manage, they sat down and talked and drank. They talked about all sorts of things, but mainly about themselves and what they was going on in their busy lives. Jack found out that Tooth was actually a retired dentist, and she now ran an international organisation for dental healthcare. Sandy, although he had passed out an hour after Jack had arrived, had managed to tell Jack that he worked alongside North, in a branch of the big man's toy industry.
"So, what do you do?" Jack turned to Aster.
The large blue rabbit looked up at him, and cocked his head, amused.
"Not much," he sighed.
"Oh, don't be so humble my old friend!" North burst out laughing, sending wine flying across the table in little droplets.
"Bunny's a painter!" Tooth giggled excitedly. "He's absolutely incredible!"
"Ya not a painter if ya can't get any shows," Aster said sourly.
"Why can't you get any?" Jack asked. "I mean, it sounds like you're pretty good."
"Nobody wants classical paintin' anymore Jack," Aster smiled slightly. "Now it's all 'bout lines and circles that ya make on a computer. No one wants strokes on a canvas anymore."
"Which is full of shit!" Tooth hiccuped slightly, and covered her mouth. "Sorry, but Jack, what do you think of that? Bunny painted that!"
She gestured to the wall on the other side of the room. Jack turned and looked as he heard Aster sigh loudly behind him in exasperation.
"My god…" Jack's eyes widened.

Ahead of him, there was a massive painting hung on the wall. It took up most of the space on the wall between two small windows, and it stood above one of the buffet tables. It was honestly the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
In the centre of the painting, there was a large, snowy tree. It's thick brown trunk snaked down the canvas, branching out into several thin roots as it did so. Along the roots, several Christmas ornaments hung off, icicles, bobbles and candy canes, none of which looked alike. The branches of the tree were sparkling in the light, and it seemed like the snow had been painted with diamonds. On the top, a large yellow star stood proud and bright, with glossy golden tendrils spiralling around it.
Although the image itself was incredibly simple, the way that Aster had used the colours and paint was phenomenal.
"It's waisted there," Jack said breathlessly.
"What?" North asked.
"North, you have to move it away from the buffet table - everyone's too distracted by the food. It's like going to a movie and getting distracted by the popcorn."
Everyone chuckled slightly.
"I'm serious."
North nodded slowly, considering it.
"Very well, I shall see too it later," he smiled.
"North!" Aster protested. "I don't care, it…it 'sfine the way it is."
"No Bunny, Mr. Frost has a point, it shall be moved so it can be seen in it's full glory!"
"Ugh fine," Aster sat backdown, and pulled a tin can from his pocket. He opened it, and the smell of tobacco filled the air. He lifted a cigar out, and stuck it between his lips.
"Bunny! What have I told you?" North wagged his finger at the rabbit. "Not in here."
"Fine," Aster snapped. "I'm goin' for a walk."
He stood up, and began walking to the doors.
"Can I join you?" Jack asked, standing up.
Aster paused and looked at him for a couple of seconds, then nodded slowly.
"Sure, if ya can keep up."
"Is that a challenge?"
"Maybe," Aster replied, with a glint in his eyes.

Fifteen minutes later, they were walking through the cold night air behind the restaurant. They were walking along a cobbled path, that lazily curved its way down to the lake. The path was bordered by two hedges, so they were more or less shielded from the guests at the party.
Aster took a deep breath from his cigar, and blew the puffy grey smoke into the air.
"So…I have to ask…I mean, what, like…what are you?" Jack asked haltingly.
Aster looked at him, and then looked away, a slightly forlorn look on his face. He blew more smoke out of his mouth, and sighed quietly.
"I'm a Pooka, mate," he said.
Jack didn't know much about them, but he knew that the species had been ravaged by disease some centuries ago, and the immortal race had been brought from millions to hundreds. Nobody had really heard much from them since.
They walked in silence for a few more minutes, before Jack tried again.
"How many more paintings do you have?"
Aster looked at him, that amused look on his face again. Jack couldn't quite figure out why, but it made his stomach squirm…in a good way.
"You seem to like my paintin', kid" he grinned.
He paused for a second, and then nodded. "Yea, I do. I've got a loft in the city where I paint."
"Where abouts?" Jack asked.
"Right next to ya theatre, Mr. Frost, comedy king of the year," Aster chuckled.
Jack blushed bright red.
It hadn't come up much during dinner, because pretty much everyone knew about it. Jack had recently scored a gig at one of the biggest theatres in the city, and he hosted a comedy show four out of five days of the week, and his shows were always sold out. He'd turned into quite the celebrity since he'd arrived in town. Which was a hell of a lot different from where he'd been before.
"Yea, you're shows run pretty late, so sometimes I open the window and listen while I paint," he said. "I'm on the top floor, so it's faint, but I can still hear ya. It's not that difficult, considerin' how they open the roof 'n all."
He looked over at the young man and smiled slightly.
"You're pretty funny kid," he complimented.
"Thanks," Jack mumbled awkwardly, his cheeks still bright red.
"Is he biting?" Bunny though to himself. "Nah don't be ridiculous."
"Do..do you think I could see some of them?"
"Oh…he might be" Bunny smirked slightly.
"Yea, I guess. I s'pose you're in the area, so you could drop by sometime."
"Awesome" Jack grinned.

By this time, they had reached the edge of the lake. The lake itself was actually surrounded by a high bank, but the two friends didn't quite notice. As they walked forward, Jack took a step too far, and fell forward as his foot slipped over the edge.
"BUNNY!" he echoed out in a strangled scream as he fell into the dark water below.
Jack's mind went blank and he panicked as dark memories flashed in his mind, the cold water embracing him. He thrashed desperately, fear filling his chest as he sunk into the water.
Suddenly, there was a large splash next to him, and two strong hands grabbed his shoulders. He felt himself being hoisted out of the water, and he gasped as air filled his lungs once more, and he went sprawling onto the grassy bank.
He retched, and water spilled out of his mouth onto the ground.
He felt a warm hand stroke his back.
"There, there, mate," Aster said soothingly. "You're all right now."
Jack struggled into a sitting position, and coughed a few more times. He looked up at Aster, who was watching him with concern. The blue Pooka was crouching in front of him, his hand still resting on Jack's back. He was dripping wet, his thick fur matted. He had taken off his shirt when he dived in, and in the dim moonlight, Jack could see his strong, muscular body. His chest and stomach were completely defined, a six-pack covering his lower body. His arms and legs were thick and curved with muscle.
"My god" Jack thought, a lump appearing in his throat. He shook his head, confused at the sudden thoughts that had popped up. "What-?"
"Jack? Jack, are ya alright?" Aster shook him gently.
"I…uh…I…y-yeah…" Jack stuttered nervously, still staring at Aster's body. When he suddenly realised that Aster had caught him looking, he quickly looked away, embarrassed.

Aster's eyes widened slightly when he noticed Jack's gaze, but he pretended not to notice. He gently picked up his shirt, and draped it over Jack's shoulders.
"C'mon, let's get you cleaned up," he said.
Jack nodded and held his hand out to Aster. The Pooka gripped it, and lifted the kid to his feet.
"Thanks," Jack said quietly.
Aster paused for a second, and then tentatively, he put his arm around Jack's shoulder. When the winter spirit didn't resist, Aster carefully pulled the boy close to him, pressing their bodies together. Jack nervously nestled against Bunny's fur as he shivered.
"Okay mate, let's get you home."

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