Okay, I haven't updated because 1: School just started, and 2: My computer crapped out and I lost everything except what was saved on my Fanfiction Account, so this is all I have. It's short but it's sweet, and I promise I'll have more on the way soon! Please R&R!

Jack's eyes fluttered open as bright light filtered into the room.
He yawned, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He slowly propped himself up on his elbows, a couple of his joints cracking from stiffness.
The first thing he felt was the pain.
It wasn't that bad, but his lower body was aching and throbbing numbly with pain. He winced and took a long, deep breath as he forced himself upwards into a sitting position.
The bed was empty, the sheets messy and twisted, half-covering Jack's naked body. Although he couldn't see Bunny, he could smell the Pooka's strong scent on him.
He did notice that the bedroom door was slightly ajar. Very carefully, he shifted himself out of bed, and onto his feet. He winced and cussed quietly as pain spiralled up his back in several sharp throbs.
"Fucking rabbits," he said under his breath.
After a few more minutes he felt more confident to move, and he struggled across the ground towards the bathroom. Turning into the room, he bent over and picked up his clothes.
After struggling into his boxers, he put on Bunny's shirt, and walked out into the living room with a slight limp.
The rest of the apartment was empty.
"Bunny-?" Jack said.
No reply.
"Bunny!" he said a bit louder.
But only silence greeted him.
He walked over to the kitchen, and that's when he saw it. There was a piece of paper lying on the counter, with an uncapped pen next to it. He picked it up, and read the note.

"I just went out to get some things -
I'll be back in half an hour or so.

- B. xx"

Jack smiled slightly, moving his finger over the two 'xx's on the page. He put it back down on the table, and stretched, yawning again. He then walked over to the fridge, found a bottle of water, and sat down on the couch. A few minutes later, his head began pounding heavily, his eyelids began to close from the heaviness of tiredness, and the hangover that he didn't realise he had, knocked him unconscious.

When he woke up, Bunny was shaking him gently.
"Jack?" he asked. "You alright?"
"I-uh-y-yeah," Jack croaked.
Bunny chuckled. "Hangova?"
"Yeah," Jack smiled feebly, his head still spinning.
"Well, you wanna eat?" Bunny held up a bag of groceries in his hand.
Jack nodded, as Bunny stood up and walked away.
"S-Sure," Jack yawned.
"Hey, you might wanna catch a shower," the Pooka said as he ruffled through the plastic shopping bags and pulled out some eggs, flower, and butter. "I haven't cooked these in a while, and it might take a little while."
"S-sure," Jack stumbled over to the bedroom door. He turned round and watched Bunny take out a bowl and a coupe of spoons. "What are you making?"
Bunny looked up and grinned.

Several minutes later, Jack was soaking in the bathtub, water gently dripping out from the tap. He watched each drop fall and plop into the water. Ripples glided out across the cold water and tickled his skin. He'd never had goosebumps, because generally Winter Spirits don't get cold, but he felt shivers up and down his spine. The pain had subsided slightly, and was now a deep, numb throbbing, but there was something else that was bothering him, although he couldn't put his finger on it.
His thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock on the door.
"Can I come in-?" Bunny said silkily.
Jack jumped up slightly and reached for his towel in an attempt to cover himself. But then he paused, and sat backdown into the water.
"He's already seen it all," he thought to himself.
"G-go on ahead," he called out.
The door opened smoothly and Jack saw Bunny leaning against the doorframe, a light blue plate in his hand.
"Hungry?" he said softly.
Jack nodded and smiled slightly, bringing his legs up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them.
"Now, I haven't made these in a while," he said, walking over. "But I have to say they're pretty damn good."
He sat down on the closed toilet and balanced the plate on his lap.
"You like chocolate?"
"Love it."
Bunny cut a slice off with a couple strokes of the knife, and piled some stuff onto the fork. He leaned over, extending the fork towards Jack. The comedy king hesitated, and Bunny laughed.
"C'mon luv."
Jack smiled and leaned over the edge of the tub and took the mouthful. It was surprisingly good, and hints of chocolate and caramel flowed into Jack's mouth.
"That's actually really good," he said in-between chews.
Bunny chuckled. "Good."
He helped himself to a piece, and then set the plate aside, balancing it on the rim of the sink. He leaned forward and looked at the naked spirit in his bath.
"Ya alright luv?"
Jack nodded slowly. "I'm hungover and sore, but otherwise I'm good."
Bunny grinned. "It always hurts the first couple times."
"Didn't help that you're so big," Jack teased clumsily.
"Well, sorry about that," Bunny smirked. "It's a species thing. Just part of what I am."
Jack cocked his head slightly and studied the giant blue rabbit sitting across from him.
"What are you?" the winter spirit said suddenly.
Bunny looked up slowly, resting his chin on his palm. For a few moments, Jack saw a deep, profound sorrow fill Aster's eyes. He looked silently at Jack for a few more minutes, and then sighed loudly.
"I'm a Pooka, mate," he said quietly. "And…I'm the last of my kind."
He stood up, brushing his pants off gently.
"No - wait, Bunny, I didn't mean-" Jack panicked, stretching out his hand.
Bunny leaned over and kissed Jack softly, silencing him. It was gentle and affectionate, and caused the spirit to quiver as the Pooka's lips brushed against his.
"No, it's okay," Bunny whispered, breaking the kiss. "You have every right to ask."
He kissed Jack again, and then stood up, and walked out of the room, leaving Jack breathless and intrigued.

About fifteen minutes later, Jack was back in the living room, fully clothed and feeling a lot fresher.
When he came out of the bedroom, he found Bunny seated at the kitchen counter, surfing through his laptop. He smiled when he saw Jack, and took a sip from a cup of coffee sitting on the counter next to him.
Jack glanced at a square chrome black clock on the kitchen wall. It read 11:30. The spirit stretched, cracking his lower back.
"Do you have to go?" Bunny asked.
Jack nodded slowly.
"I think so," he said, reminding himself of his schedule for the day.
The Pooka nodded, and stood up, pouring the rest of his coffee in the sink.
"You have all your things?"
Jack double checked his pockets and nodded.
"Okay," Bunny sighed slightly and scratched the fur on his head.
Jack walked over to the door and Bunny followed him. He swung the black door open and leant against it. He cocked his head and looked at his younger lover.
They stood in silence for a few minutes before Bunny spoke.
"Will you call me?"
The question caught Jack slightly off guard, but he blushed in spite of himself.
"What for?" he asked.
"I don't know," Bunny said smoothly. "I thought ya might be interested in dinner sometime."
Jack blushed even harder. He hadn't expected that.
"S-sure," he murmured.
"Alright then," Bunny smiled warmly. He stepped forward and slid his arms around Jack's waist. They kissed tenderly, their lips lingering at each other's. When they broke apart, they kept their arms wrapped around each other.
"I like you Jack," Bunny admitted softly. "And not just for the sex…although, you're pretty damn good at that too."
Jack chuckled and planted another small kiss on Bunny's lips.
Then they separated, and said goodbye to each other.

As the winter spirit stepped out into the hallway, he cast one last glance over his shoulder, as the door to Bunny's apartment slowly swung shut, the Pooka still watching him curiously.