till i collapse

everyday he sweats the weakness out of himself, and when the sweat isn't enough he bleeds it out. The days where most people would stay in bed and sleep in; he's out there before the sun. When's it's so cold the very air you breathe seems to be biting at you… he takes huge lungfuls, trying to catch his breath. He's a warrior in every conceivable way, yet only fellow warriors recognize him for the killer he is. His disarming smile tricks the dull mind of normal civilians. Unaware this wolf in sheep's clothing walks among them, ready to turn killer at anytime.

the real slim shady

Most never know his real name, distracted by the fake persona he emits. One that says bad boy that just needs saving. He's showed them all who he really is, but still they ignore, content to live in their bubble of ignorance. the few that recognize keep their distance, they know a wolf when they see one and have no desire to face the beast.

sick- adelitas way

He respects them, recognizes those infected with the same sickness as him. That all consuming anger and desire. His one goal in life is revenge and it drives him. If he could he would watch his enemies burn before him and just watch them turn to ash before his very eyes. Until that day there's stoping him. People have tried, and failed, many times. Until his last breath he'll fight for life, and revenge.

fuck authority-pennywise

The cops don't know what's going on, and the ones that do lie. He rages against the system that allows people to be taken in the night without a fighting chances. So he spreads the word about the things that go bump in the night, case by case. He ignores the rules, they don't apply to him, he's above the rest of society, and he knows it. He grew up an outcast and he's content to stay that way, he's better of in the shadows.

meant to live- switchfoot

SOmetimes though he questions this life, wondering what would he be if the past was different. Could he have been like the people he's saved? Can he ever go back to that life of ignorance. By the dawn of the next day though he knows the truth. Even though he's stuck fighting this war of his father and grandfather, he's giving others a chance to live for more than a life of lives and half truths. He's giving them something more.

carry on my wayward son- kansas

so he keeps fighting, day in and day out. One day he'll get hurt and won't be able to patch himself up. They'll find his remains and the remans of whatever monster he was fighting that week. The cops will cover it up, making up some bullshit reason, or just never saying anything about it and sweep it under the rug. He prays to his friends every night, and although they're all gone, and have been for awhile, he pretends that that little voice in his head is them. He knows that one day he'll join them, and finally find some peace. But until that day the death of his friends and family will haunt his empty existence, he has no tears left to cry, he's a shell of what he was.

war os the answer-five finger death punch

What keeps him going is the hunt. The thrill of killing a demon bitch, right in the middle of screwing some poor idiot over. Hunting has always been his answer to everything. He's going to spend the rest of his day, wether it's a week or years, killing those cancerous monsters that suck the life out of humanity. Sometimes he takes his anger out on the stupid biker gangs at the run down bars he visits. But whats a little blood in repayment for all the people he's helped.

So he'll keep pushing past the point everyone else would quit, because let's be honest. Without his brother Dean, Sam Winchester has nothing to live for.