A/N: A little fic that has been in my head for awhile now. And by little I do mean little. 100-300 words a piece. It won't be my main priority as I am working on Thick as Thieves, however it can act as a pleasant little diversion. Have fun. A triple post today just to get things started.



And he calls himself a man of God…

Kagome felt hot under the heavy fabric of the white haori and red hakama that swirled around her legs. She didn't particularly like assuming the garb at the best of times, however Miroku had insisted for the sake of their scam. Ominous cloud indeed… we're ripping these people off!

The monk was busying himself in one of corner of the room, mindlessly chucking things over his shoulder as he searched for items of value for trade. Her eye twitched. "Miroku, we really shouldn't be doing this," she reminded him.

"Nonsense, Kagome!" he replied affably. "They won't even notice that anything is gone! In fact, why don't you check in that armoire over there."

Yeah right… The young miko glanced at the hulking wardrobe and meandered over. At her first attempt to open it, it rattled with defiance. "Stubborn thing…" she muttered, blowing her unruly bangs out of her eyes. She gave the handles another harsh tug… perhaps too harsh because the doors were suddenly swinging open, she was stumbling back, and kimonos were being strewn everywhere. In particular, one caught her attention as she was falling through the air; light and shimmery, nearly translucent. In fact, she wasn't quite sure it was a kimono. More like a shawl, or a cape.

"Oomph!" she hit the floor, knocking the wind out of herself… and the fabric covered her.

Miroku whipped around at the commotion, halting as power swelled in the room. "Kagome?"

No one answered…

She was gone.