"Effie, what are you doing here?"

It has been years since Effie Trinket showed up at my door. After the Games we went out separate ways. The last I heard of her was from Peeta who told me she was happily married to a childhood friend and they had a daughter called Alice. Yet here stood Effie Trinket after all of these years with who I could only assume was Alice. She was a beautiful little thing and looked just like her mother.

"Hello Haymitch. I was supposed to be meeting Peeta today, but they do not appear to be home. Alice is due her nap soon, so do you mind if we come in to let her rest?"

"Do what you want, sweetheart," I grumble.

I don't know why I am being so grumpy with her, I know she is not like any ordinary Capitol citizen anymore but I can't help keeping up the usual banter we had all of those years ago. It felt like things had never changed.

The two of them came in, Alice was not letting go of her mothers hand, giving me a stare that could burn a hole right through me, She definitely has the same mannerisms as her mother. Effie was the only person I knew who could pull off a stare like that but Alice could definitely give her a run for her money. Both of them sat on my very dirty sofa and I was extremely surprised when Effie didn't scold me for not cleaning. At first nobody was talking, in a way I was thankful because I didn't have to listen to her awful accent.

"So Haymitch, what have you been up to since the Games?"

I know Effie is only trying to break the ice between us but I can't help but feel so annoyed. What did she think was going to happen, thousands had died and District 12 was only just getting back onto their feet. Katniss had lost it completely after the death of Prim. Peeta had still not fully recovered after his incident in the Capitol. Sometimes it would get so bad Katniss would come over and drink with me until she was unable to feel anything. Did she think everything was going to be amazing for District 12? Just because the Capitol had gotten better, it was always better.

"What do you think, sweetheart? Did you think everything was just going to be perfect? Of course you did, you're from the Capitol, and everything has always been a breeze for you. You never lost anybody you cared about!"

Effie did not react. She did not say a word. She just stared at the wall behind me with a blank expression.

"Of course not, Haymitch, Peeta has been telling me everything and I can tell you, life in the Capitol was never easy, you knew that. Do you think I was in the rebellion for the image, of course not. Life has never been a breeze for you, but it hasn't for me either. Just calm down," said Effie, sounding calm like she knew this was going to happen.

I didn't have anything to say to her. I got up and got a bottle of liquor and sat on the sofa, trying to forget this day. I watched Effie settle Alice. From what I could see she was an amazing mother. It was like back in the Games when all she would ever do is treat the kids like her own son and daughter, especially Katniss and Peeta.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and in rushed Peeta.

"Effie, I'm so glad you're here!"

"Likewise Peeta, you weren't in so I just came over here, I have not been waiting long."

"Well I wouldn't like to keep you and little Alice waiting, Haymitch do you mind lifting Alice next door?"

"What do I look like, a bloody servant?"

Despite my grumbling I lift Alice into Peeta and Katniss' house and lay her on the sofa. I don't want to stay any longer, I'm not into the big family-like reunions and all I want to do is finish my half empty bottle of liquor on the sofa at home.


I wake up what I assume can only be a couple of hours later. The sun has set in District 12 and I try to turn the light on, except the light doesn't turn on. I guess the bulb must not be working. I give up and try the other one, except that one doesn't turn on either. I get up to turn on the big light, a fuse might have blown, but when I get up the whole town is in darkness. District 12 doesn't get a lot of electricity at the best of times, but here in Victors Village electricity was something that came with the prize of winning the Games. I find a candle and some matches and make my way round to Peeta and Katniss' house. I can hear screaming, I guess Alice must be afraid of the dark.

"Katniss, Peeta, Effs, where are you?"

"In here," I hear Katniss shout.

She sounds bored, like she doesn't want to be here, I can relate to this. There is only so much enthusiasm a normal person can take. Effie and Peeta would tip me over the edge. I follow the sound of Katniss' voice and find them all in the living room. Alice is on Effie's lap crying into her mother.

"Haymitch, would you walk Effie and Alice to her hotel."

"One, I am not Effie's servant and two hate to burst your bubble but the hotel is closed. Everywhere is closed because of the power cut."

"I guess Alice and I will just go back to the Capitol then, she's missing her father."

"Are you stupid, sweetheart. Your fancy Capitol trains run on electricity, you're stuck here."

"What?! Surely not, surely they have some sort of replacement train running to the Capitol, maybe one of the coal run trains?"

"Sweetheart, this isn't the Capitol, we don't have replacement trains, especially not as far as the Capitol, that's like a 4 day journey on a coal run train. Do you really think we're going to waste all that coal for two people?"

"You don't understand! I need to get home!"

"And you will sweetheart, when the power comes back."

"We have no room here, she can't stay. Haymitch she will have to stay with you," grumbles Katniss. I see a lot of myself in Katniss but sometimes I want to kill her. "Looks like she'll have to stay with you, Haymitch," she smirks.

"Whatever," I mumble walking back to my house with Effie's heels making so much noise, I'm surprised she didn't wake up the entire town.

I have a guest room that Alice and Effie could spend the night in but it is no where near the standard Effie is used to. When she walked into the room, I'm surprised she didn't faint. Instead she put on one of the most fakest smiles I have ever seen her use and sat on the bed with Alice next to her.

All I could hear for the rest of the night was crying. Not Alice though, it was Effie

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