A.N. Hey everyone, really sorry it has taken me so long to update. Some things have happened since I last updated this, but I'm getting through it slowly but surely! Anyway, enough of my excuses, this chapter is a flashback to when Effie was living in the Capitol, hope you enjoy!

Warning: This chapter could include some triggering/disturbing content

He would be home soon. I knew he would. I would have to hide, he'd be drunk. Maybe I'd be lucky and he'd have one of those ghastly girls with him that he had picked up at the bar. What a mess I had gotten myself into, when I said my vows to this vile excuse of a human being I did not expect for my relationship with my 'true love' to end up like this. I suppose nobody does. We are brought up from a young age to believe in fairy tales and that miracles can happen, but I have learnt that over the course of this relationship, neither of these things are true.

However, there was one exception. My beautiful daughter, Alice. Who, throughout all of what was happening under the exact same roof as her, would always have a beautiful little smile on her face, a quality she had taken off of her mother. It's been hard trying to keep up this pretence in front of all my friends. When we are at a dinner party, or even just out, I need to keep a big smile plastered on my face as my husband continues to hurt me. It's never been easy, and I don't think it will ever get easier.

I hear the lock in my front door turn and the fear pours into me, you would think by now I wouldn't be scared, that I would know how to handle it by now, but that is not the case. I sit on the couch and try to act as normal as possible. Sometimes when I'm lucky he walks right past me, but I always make sure Alice's door is locked. If he ever hurt her I don't know what I'd do. The door handle turns and I'm aware that my breathing has quickened a considerable amount in the past few seconds, the door squeaks open and he walks in. I knew why I'd fallen for him all these years ago, he was definitely what a Capitol girl was looking for, and most Capitol girls don't mind getting badly abused, because half of them are so thankful they got somebody so handsome and 'oh so perfect'. I am not one of these girls, nor will I ever be. It's funny how the beauty of somebody fades when you get to know them, now I just see my husband as extremely unattractive, on the inside, and on the outside.

He is drunk, I can tell. His tie is slightly squint and his hair is a little ruffled. He is slightly stumbling and he makes his way over to me. I realised I have stopped breathing and have to tell myself to breathe in and out, in and out. His hand is resting on my knee and he is watching the T.V, in and out. At first he does not say anything, but this is usually the case, he will start off okay but then he will attack, like a bird catching its prey. In and out. He catches sight of a bruise resting on the inside of my arm and something inside of him snaps.

"I did that to you, you must have done something to me you slut!"

"I didn't do anything," I whisper. In and out.

"Yes you did, you've always done something, you're a no good slut," he shouts right in my face.

"Please be quiet, Alice only went to sleep around half an hour ago."

"Never, I repeat NEVER, tell me what to do. I will do what I want, I control you and everything and everyone in this household. I am the boss, do not order me around, and certainly do not disobey me," he says a slight twinkle in his eye, and I know it's coming.

Except he doesn't do what I expect him to do. He puts his hand down my top only to discover the key to Alice's room, and my stomach flips. He grabs the key, his cold hands skimming my skin making me shiver. I am frozen into place as he gets up, I grab onto his arm but he just shakes me off. I pull together the strength to stand up and make my way to Alice's door, standing in front of the door, in his way. In and out.

"You will not touch a hair on our daughter," I say feeling the tears come to my eyes.

"I will do as I like."

"Do what you like to me, anything you want, just please. Don't hurt Alice, she loves you, you're her Dad," I say my voice creeping higher and higher, almost to the point of hysteria.

"Alice doesn't love me, you've brainwashed her. She is scared of me, she knows what I am capable of. You took away any type of love that Alice had for me," he says pushing me out the way.

"What are you going to get out of this?!"

He stops in his tracks, by this point Alice has woken up due to all of the noise, she has always been a light sleeper. She looks at me getting off the floor and her little eyes well up with tears. I hate seeing Alice cry, she should never have to see her mother in this position, it is something a child can never un-see for the rest of her days.

"Daddy, what are you doing?"

"Mommy, are you okay?"

"Don't hurt me, Daddy."

"Daddy, what are you doing?"

"Daddy, get away from me!"

I hear my little girl scream and I am paralyzed. I cannot get up, I have hurt my head when he threw me out of the way. I feel dizzy and all I can hear is the screams and cries from Alice.

"Mommy, Mommy. Please help. Daddy get off of me," she screams and I start to cry.

I am stuck in place and Alice has caught my gaze. Her eyes are full of fear and sadness and vulnerability. My little girl.

It is morning and I am still in the position I was in last night, Alice's door is open but Alice is not in her bed. I look around only to find her under the coffee table, centimetres away. Her eyes are open, she is staring at me. Her eyes are bloodshot and red and puffy.

"Do you want to go visit Uncle Peeta and Aunt Katniss?

She nods.