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Chapter 117

I woke up to Bella giggling, which made me smile.

Though I hadn't opened my eyes just yet, I knew the sun was shining, and that it might be closer to noon than morning.

It was time to get up, but I didn't want to.

"Eddie Spaghetti with the meatball eyes," Bella began to sing. "Put him in the oven and you get French fries."

I chuckled, covering my face with the pillow. She wasn't crooning to me, instead serenading our son. But it took a long time for me to outrun that silly song as a kid. It followed me everywhere, and everyone called me Eddie Spaghetti.

"Sprinkle on the cheese, if you please!" she laughed. "Be careful with the pepper, 'cause you just might sneeze!" Bella was cracking up.

When I turned, she was bent over the bassinet, making his legs dance.

"You like when Momma sings?" She gasped, playing with the blanket, and I'd bet money Eddie was smiling wide, which is new. He's been smiling a lot more the past couple of days. He's all gums, and I love it. "Eddie Spaghetti with the meatball eyes. Put him in the oven and make French fries..." She trailed off, taking a quick peek at me. "Come look."

I was quick to follow her instructions, stand behind her and stare down at our son. Eddie was in his onesie—kicking his legs, his arms wide. His eyes were huge at the moment, now traveling over to me. "Good morning, li'l man." I grasped his teeny hand, marveling at how much of a grip he has. "I like when Mommy sings, too." I shared that secret.

Bella giggled. "Watch this." She bent even lower, grabbing his feet. "Eat him for breakfast. Eat him for lunch." She nibbled on his toes, making him smile again. "Every time you eat him, he goes crunch, crunch, crunch!" Bella pretended to really eat his leg, and then…

Eddie let out the smallest giggle.

It actually just sounded like he'd hiccupped a couple of times.

"Gas or real?" I asked, laughing myself. "Look at you…you're laughing now?" It was the most precious thing—ever.

Bella nodded. "I asked the doctor…all babies are different, but…two months is the standard."

I nodded, extremely proud. "He's advanced for his age."

He's closer to seven weeks than six, but I'd take it.

"You're gonna meet your grandma today, too?" she asked him, sounding very enthusiastic, but he didn't do anything.

I turned to look at the alarm clock, and it was actually twenty to one. "Baby…I should have left already—"

Bella stopped me, placing her hand on my chest. "Actually, I wanted to let you sleep." She lifted Eddie and brought him over to the bed. "I'm getting ready to go home—"

I sighed, sitting on the bed too. "What'd I miss? Fill me in." This happens more times than I'd like to admit—life happens while I'm sleeping.

Bella leaned over to kiss me. "After you check out the house, you'll come back here and get this bed."

I yawned, nodding. "And my mother?"

"Well…" Bella started to change Ed's diaper. "Mr. Colleoni came over this morning. He wanted to know how I was doing…He told me to let you sleep, said he'd take the ride with Vito to get your mom." She fastened the Velcro tabs. "He also said he'd talk to you later, and he assured me our house was ready for tonight."

"Tonight?" I raised a brow, giving Eddie my finger.

"You forgot?" she asked, though I knew what was going down tonight.

"No," I said. "I just figured . . ." We were hosting a dinner party, a small get-together Bella planned, wanting to make dinner for Carlisle and Esme as a thank you. "With my mother coming, I assumed it was canceled."

Bella giggled. "Your mom was the surprise…The dinner's for her, actually. She'll see some old friends, meet this little guy…" She bent low to nuzzle her nose to his forehead. "You'll get to see your mom."

I threw my head back to laugh, remembering the conversation I had with Colleoni last night. "Wait…Colleoni went to scoop her? From the airport?"

Bella shrugged. "What's the big deal? They know each other, right?"

"Too well," I grumbled, and I didn't know how I felt about all that, to be honest. "Maybe you can make sense of this…" I furrowed my brow, staring to Bella.

"Hmmm?" She continued to dress Eddie.

I didn't want to bother her with that crap. "Nothing…I'll get ready to go. Lemme check out the house before you head over." I grabbed my boxers to pull them on. "Jazz here?" I figured he could help me move the bed.

"No," Bella said. "He's down at Sal's. He opened for you and is getting food ready for later."

"You're not cooking?" I asked.

"I am," she giggled, tickling Ed's ears. "But he's helping out."

"Oh…cool." I moseyed over to the bathroom to get ready for my day.