Chapter 1

The red-eye from London to New York was the worst flight as far as Edward Cullen was concerned but, an evil necessity. Tomorrow, he had a shoot in New York, in itself a rarity but, he was looking forward to sleeping in his own bed. Even if it was alone. Seth Clearwater, his assistant was still a bundle of happiness even after the killer flight. But, he had a reason, he would be greeted by his boyfriend, Jasper Whitlock who happened to be Edward's agent. Alice was not with them on the flight and was meeting friends in London. She would see them at the next location in a week's time. Edward and Seth let the other passengers off before they disembarked.

"Thank you for flying Air America, Mr Cullen. I hope you had a comfortable journey," the stewardess said smiling his best smile hoping to catch the famous photographer's eye.

Edward nodded as Seth handed him his livelihood, his cameras. His cameras were worth more than the average person's yearly salary and like family to him. Other than himself, only Seth was allowed to touch his cameras and that had taken Edward over a year to allow. Now he couldn't imagine not having Seth with him. Walking through the quiet customs area they were greeted by Jasper. The blonde man smirked as he stood there looking like he had just came off the runway to pick them up. He had once been a model but, gave it all up having enough of the travelling. Little did he know that he would be the one keeping the home fires burning while his lover was jet setting around the world on the other side of the camera. Being assistant to Edward Cullen was not easy.

Seth carefully placed the cameras at Edward's feet before stepping forward and greeting his lover. Shaking his head, the photographer pulled his camera out and began shooting them. With the love that they showed, he couldn't resist the chance to update his portfolio even if he didn't need one anymore. The pale skin of the blonde and the light russet tones of the native man contrasted beautifully. Often he asked Seth to model for him but, the young man refused. He was happier behind the camera away from the life of the models. Like Edward, he'd seen models come and go. Drugs were a big reason, killing many careers, whether losing their looks or even death. Jasper put his young lover down and shook his head as the camera once again flashed.

"Ed, welcome home," he said taking their luggage cart before leading them out to his car.

"Good to be back," he smiled. Edward was not one for small talk. He left that to Seth who spoke enough for the both of them. "Who am I shooting tomorrow?" he asked as they pulled out of the airport on their way to his penthouse apartment. Many times he thought of selling it but, for the life of him, he couldn't. It held too many good memories. Shaking his head, ridding it of the thoughts, he turned his attention back to Jasper.

"Rose has a new guy which she assures me is a natural," he chuckled when Edward and Seth groaned. No doubt he was a natural but, if it not for Rose's attitude, they would be happy. "Paul and Emmett are updating their portfolios while you're here. God knows why, those two are hot commodity," Seth giggled, he loved Emmett. They had become close sharing the same sense of humour. "Car will pick you up at 8am sharp," Jasper said pulling up outside his best photographer's apartment. Seth jumped out and helped Edward while Jasper remained in the car taking a call. The phone was literally glued to his hand. Jasper had taken a huge risk when he hired Edward straight out of high school but, he never regretted it for one moment.

"Welcome home, sir," Carlisle, the porter said taking Edward's bags from Seth who quickly kissed his friend before jumping into the car.

"Thank you, Carlisle. How is Renesmee and Bella?" he asked.

"Good sir, Renesmee was accepted into Harvard. Bella and I couldn't be more happy," he smiled as they headed up the elevator to the penthouse suite. "Thanks for the letter of recommendation, Edward," he said when they were alone. Carlisle was a talented man, once a doctor who burned out and was looking for something none stressful.

"I'm pleased. Give them both my love," he patted his friends back. "You knocking off soon?" Edward asked.

"I wish, I will be here when you come down in the morning. Double shift, I've got Harvard to pay for," he smiled.

Opening his door, he let Carlisle put his bags down just inside the door and he handed the man a hundred dollars. Carlisle shook his head but, put the money in his pocket. He knew this was his friend's way of helping him.

"Goodnight, Edward. Come for dinner soon, okay?" tipping his hat, Carlisle shut the door after Edward nodded his confirmation.

Going through to the kitchen, he picked up his Marlboros and lit one, taking in the much needed nicotine. Another reason he hated flying. Next stop was the liquor cabinet where he made himself a scotch on the rocks. Sitting at the breakfast bar, he checked his mail which were mainly bills while pushing his voicemail, listening to messages. He couldn't help chuckling at his mom giving him a whatfore for not calling her often enough. Nothing was important other than calling his mother tomorrow to keep her happy. Just as he was about to set the machine again, his phone rang. He wondered who could be phoning at this time of night as he picked it up.

"Hello, Edward Cullen speaking," he said taking a sip of his scotch.

"God, your voice still makes me hard," a gravelly voice replied. Edward skulled the rest of his drink before replying.

"Garrett, what do you want?" he sighed pinching his nose between his fingers. Garrett, the ex who had cheated on him one time too many. The last time was the worst though, Edward had let the others go. But not when he screwed his former best friend, Ben.

"You, babe. I miss you. I want to take you to heaven and back," his voice held so many promises. Garrett was a fantastic lover. Sadly, he was the biggest asshole Edward ever had the unlucky privilege of knowing.

"More like hell, Gar," he growled hanging up the phone only for it to ring again seconds later. Shaking his head, Edward lifted the handset and place it back down on the table letting voicemail pick up any messages. It still freaked him out that Garrett knew when he was home. He went to the large windows picking up the remote and closed the blinds. If this kept up, he would sell the apartment. Having a quick shower, he headed to bed. Tomorrow he had a big day. After the shoot, he and Seth would be in the darkroom developing the pictures they had just done for an english client.

The following morning he was ready when Seth knocked on the door. Looking at him, Edward could tell he had little to no sleep. Ushering him in, he handed him a coffee while he went to finish getting dressed. Seth followed, not caring that Edward was only wearing a towel.

"Jasper has us booked for a week in Brazil of all places, the rainforest," Seth said sighing as he swallowed the coffee.

Edward smiled. He always wanted to go to Brazil's rainforests, the wildlife alone would be stunning. Already, in his head he was picturing; the greenery, the heat, the trekking to find the perfect location. The only thing that would dampen the trip was the actual work that was involved with the models, no doubt moaning about the heat and humidity.

"Who's the client?" Edward asked holding back a yawn. He really should've said no to today's shoot but, of course being a workaholic, he couldn't say no.

"Another Man mag," Seth smiled. It was a refined magazine for the modern man which both men loved to read.

"Nice one, Jazz," Edward chuckled. He did a shoot for them for a small ad when he just started out. The money he made was pittance but, he still loved it being his first one ever as a professional. "Come on, we better not keep Rose waiting. I quite like my balls," both men moved faster. Rosalie Hale was a great agent but, a bitch to work for.

They pulled up to the agency and were greeted by Victoria. Her red flaming hair was already coming loose from its bun. To Edward, she always looked panicked and wondered why she stayed with Rose. Kissing both Edward and a bit more lingering one on Seth's cheek, she lead them to the room where they would be doing the shoot. The money wasn't great for this sort of work but, it was easy and quick. They would be out by lunch where they agreed to meet Jasper at La Grenouille.

"So, who's first," Edward asked as he and Seth set up the cameras.

"Paul will be first. He has another shoot to get to by ten o'clock," Victoria said looking at her watch worryingly. Edward was not worried. Paul was a professional, he would walk in pose and walk out within half an hour. Edward didn't even have to tell him how to work the camera, the camera seemed to work for him. "Then you will be doing the new guy, Jacob Black," she sighed with a faraway look on her face. Seth clicked his fingers in front of her face before she blushed and continued. "Emmett will be here about noon for his shoot. He is flying in from Hawaii where he just did a shoot for GQ," Seth rolled his eyes. Victoria always named dropped. "So, can I get Paul for you?" she asked again looking at her watch. Edward nodded and went to stand behind his camera as Seth stood behind him holding his other camera in case it was needed.

Paul Lahote waltzed in wearing nothing but a smile and a dressing gown. Unwrapping it, he threw it carelessly at Victoria and kissed both men on the cheek. "Morning, boys. Lets get this done. I have a bed warmer at home that I want to get back to," he winked as he walked to his position. Edward shook his head. Paul was the biggest whore he had ever met but he couldn't help but, love the guy. As yet, Edward and Seth had not warmed his bed for him, much to his displeasure. It was not through the lack of trying. He had completely given up on Seth, however. Even he could see there was no one even close to Jasper Whitlock. "So, how was London?" he asked as Edward began taking shots.

"It was brilliant. I saw the Queen," Seth giggled. He forgot to mention that it was on tv but, oh well, let him have his dream Edward thought.

"Which Queen, honey?" Paul said laughing getting a great shot for Edward. "You know you're so cute when you blush," he winked at Seth again, another perfect shot. Edward stood back from the camera taking the one from Seth and moving to get closer to Paul. "So, Eddy I hear you're single now," he said.

"Now, who told you that, Pauly?" Edward chuckled.

"Oh, we all know. Nothing is a secret around here," he said flexing his muscles for the camera.

"Well, not interested. I'm off men for good," Edward handed the camera back to Seth and took take the dressing gown from Victoria. He held it out while Paul slipped his arms in and tied it up. "Always a pleasure, Paul," he said kissing him lightly before setting up for the newbie.

"Can't blame a guy for trying. See you in Brazil," he said giving Seth a final wave and heading out.

"I take it Jazz is coming to Brazil," Edward chuckled. No way in hell would he let Paul near his man. Seth smiled and nodded. He wasn't stupid. He knew that Jasper always came to shoots if Paul was there. The studio door opened and both men look up to see the new model they would be working with. Esme walked in first meaning that he was young as well. Stepping aside, Edward got his first glance of the boy in his wet dreams. Swallowing hard, he quickly looked over at Seth to see what he was thinking.

"Oh my god, Jacob, it is you," Seth screamed running to the young man.

"Seth, it's been like, forever," he chuckled picking Seth up as though he didn't weigh a thing. "You owe me dinner. You promised me you would come see me when you came home," he pouted. Edward was already taking photos, getting Jacob while he was relaxed. Putting Seth down, he looked over at Edward and smiled walking towards him only for Edward to keep moving backwards wanting to get the shots. Jacob stopped however, and frowned.

"Ed, cut it out! Say hello, don't be rude," Seth said giving Jacob an apologetic smile. "Don't mind Edward. He likes to take photos when you're relaxed, If you want to take off your gown, we will get you set up. Jacob nodded and undid his gown. Edward had never before almost dropped his camera until the moment he saw a big strong broad chest, perfect pecs and pert pebbled nipples slightly darker than his russet skin. His eight-pack abs just seemed to pop out. His shoulders broad compared to his small waist that joined to the perfect, Edward swallowed deeply, deciding he would need to do the shoot using the tripod. Licking his lips, he waited for Seth to get out of shot.

"Jacob, this your first shoot?" Edward asked. Edward clicked as he got the shot of a blushing Jacob while he nodded. "You must work out a lot," he said. Jacob smiled at him. Another roll was being loaded. Seth knew Edward was going to use a lot of film with Jake, his cousin from back on the rez.

"Never lifted a finger to be honest. Watch this," Jacob said. He relaxed slumping his shoulders for a few seconds and stood. He still had a great body, just not as pumped. He then turned around giving Edward a perfect shot of his ass but, so busy looking at it with the naked eye he missed everything. Seth smiled as he clicked away with the camera. Edward had a bit of a crush on Jacob. Shame he was straight but, he wouldn't tell him that until the shoot was over. He might as well have some fun with his boss while he could. Jacob turned around and his abs were again popping out.

"Fuck me," Edward whispered so only Seth could hear. Snapping out of his drooling, he took more shots of Jacob while he asked him about growing up and what he did for fun. "Okay well, that is the underwear shoot. Normally, we start clothed but, I can see why you had no problem," Edward smiled giving Jacob a wink.

"If you've got it, flaunt it," Jacob said returning the wink and walking to wardrobe, the door shutting behind him.

"Jesus, he's really your cousin?" Edward asked getting himself a much needed drink and adjusting his cock which had been hard the whole shoot.

"Who, Jake? Of course, can't you see the resemblance," he said lifting his shirt showing his sweet little six pac.

"Oh definitely, Sethy," he laughed while Seth pouted. "Think he would cut his hair?" he asked Victoria when she walked in. "He would get a lot more work if he did," Edward said sadly. As much as he loved the ink black hair that went to the middle of his back, it was old school and would need to go.

"I don't know, if Rose told him to he would," she said confidently.

"Actually, he won't until he turns of age," Seth said as he set up for the next shoot. Edward and Victoria looked at him confused. "Its tribal tradition, we keep our hair long until we turn eighteen then we can then decide to cut it or leave it long," he said flicking his ponytail around. Seth was nineteen but, having no reason to cut his hair. Plus, Jasper loved his hair.

"Shame but, I understand. When does he turn eighteen? He looks about twenty one to me," Edward sighed.

"January fourteenth," Seth smiled meaning he only had a few months left.

Jacob walked in this time wearing a suit minus the shirt. Esme came in and stood beside Edward. "Esme honey, you know the rules," Esme giggled and moved back. No one stood near him while he worked. Only Seth and he knew exactly where to stand so he wouldn't distort the lighting. Jacob seemed more tense now which was a shame but, it showed a harder side of the young man. "Jacob, what sports are you into?"

"Baseball is the only game I watch but, I play football on the beach with the guys," he said with a sparkle in his eyes. Edward captured every single second of his beautiful eyes. Seth handed him the other camera as he knew he needed to get body shots as well. Never had he seen Edward so out of focus in his work. He looked at Jacob and had to admit, he was a looker and couldn't blame his boss but, he had to snap him out of it or the whole shoot would be a waste of time.

"Jacob, lower your chin a bit,"Seth said doing what Edward would need Jacob to do. Complying to instructions, Seth kept giving him directions while Edward snapped away as he asked him personal questions. Rose had slipped in unnoticed and frowned at what she was seeing. Why was the assistant giving cues? That was Edward's job and she paid good money for him to get her the best shots.

"Time for a break. You look fabulous, darling," Rose stepped in the shot making Edward put his camera down. Kissing Jacob, she ushered him out with Esme to go change for the next shoot. She turned and glared at Edward who stood there annoyed at the audacity of Rose. No one but no one called a halt to his shoots. She stood in front of him with her arms crossed, her long red painted fingernails tapping on her arm. "Care to explain what the hell is going on here, Edward?" she snapped.

"Well, I was working until you rudely interrupted me, Rose," he growled handing Seth his camera and walking to the food area.

"It didn't look like that to me. You're supposed to be working, not flirting," she said walking towards him, her seven inch high heels clicking on the concrete floor.

"I was not flirting. I was helping him relax like I do with all the other models I work with," he growled. Hating that he had been caught actually flirting even if it was pathetic, on a minor.

"Well, I am not paying for a lousy shoot so, I want to have a look now," she said. She was the client and the client got what they wanted. Seth loaded them onto the computer. Walking over, Rose took the mouse and began scanning through the photos. A smile graced her face only for a fraction of a second. She was right yet again, she had a model the camera loved. "He has to have this by tomorrow morning. He is going to try to get into Another Man mag," she said getting up and walking out without a backward glance.

"Bitch," Edward said turning his attention to the screen. "God, he is stunning," he said looking at Seth finally. Nodding, Seth went to help himself to food and drink wondering whether he should put Edward out of his misery now or later. He decided later, he was having too much fun. In fact, he decided to ring Jasper and get him another place at the table and have Jacob to join them. Being Jacob's cousin, he would be allowed out without a chaperone.

Jacob returned, this time is a football uniform and a helmet in his hand. Under his eyes he had black paint. Seth quickly set up the scene while Edward called Jacob over to look at the computer screen. Most of the photos were done on film but, the digital camera still gave some great pictures. Edward pointed out the good from the bad although, there weren't very many bad ones. They were standing so close their arms touched every now and again. Not standing up, Edward patted Jacobs back and directed him to go to Seth who would get him into position. He waited until no one was looking and quickly adjusted his cock again. He felt like a hormonal teenager again, always with a hard on. Looking up, he saw Jacob and Seth laughing together, totally at ease. Jacob was tossing the football he was given in his large hands. Seth started creeping back as Edward moved to his camera. All too soon they were done. Esme rushed forward to lead him out.

"Jacob, be back here at one o'clock. I want to introduce you to my boyfriend," Seth smiled at both of them. Esme went to protest. "He is my cousin. I can chaperone him," he said giving her his best smile that had all the girls wobbling at the knees. Esme nodded and lead Jacob out by the arm.

"Emmett missed his flight so that's a wrap," Victoria said coming in. "I will send a courier around first thing in the morning for Jacob's portfolio," with that she headed out. Seth began packing up without being asked.