A/N: As always, I don't own Wreck-It Ralph. I do, however, still enjoy how this came out. This bizarre idea came to me when I got a facial treatment to get rid of my zits. Also, this will be part of a small real world AU series for my VanillaTaffy fics that will be updated whenever I have an idea for a story. Summary for this one is: In an attempt to make Vanellope girly, Taffyta and Crumbelina force her to get a facial treatment. Of course, Vanellope objects, but the two won't give up!

"Well, I do hope you know what you're doing, Taffyta. When trapping Vanellope and making her go get a facial treatment, it won't bode well to just brute force it. I know for sure that tomboys like her will not go down without a fight," Crumbelina warned Taffyta.

"Yeah, I know. Vanellope's my girlfriend, Crumbs, so she'll trust me," Taffyta retorted.

The two girls sat in the living room of what is every girl's dream in San Francisco: Taffyta's mansion. They were discussing about Vanellope's zits and how to get rid of them. Luckily for them, Vanellope is at a gaming get-together with Swizzle, Minty, Sticky, Torvald, and Adorabeezle, where Swizzle and Minty were happy to host at their house. Of course, since Vanellope went here a lot, she decided to leave her PS3 here with Taffyta while the Xbox 360 was at her place. Cadbury and Eclaire Muttonfudge weren't very pleased with the arrangement, but they made do with it.

"Well, if you say so," the other, equally-rich, girl sighed.

"Just trust me on this," groaned the pink-clad girl.

Vanellope came back, earlier than they thought. "Hey, guys! Returned a lil early because the power blew on us. I guess that's what happens when ya plug in all those laptops for a Minecraft session. That and some of us got pretty frustrated at the slow Internet as a result."

The two girls decided to abandon all they planned and stood up, arms crossed.

"Uh, guys? What were you talking about?" asked the raven-haired girl.

"Vanellope, I know you hate this, but you really need a facial treatment. Just look at your zits!" the platinum-blonde girl asserted.

"What?! Taffy, ya know I hate girly stuff!" Vanellope gulped, stepping back a bit.

Taffyta bit her lip a bit, but Crumbelina stayed her ground. "Vanellope, Taffyta's right. All that acne will become a problem in the future," Crumbelina reinforced.

Vanellope quickly glanced for an escape route and quickly ran down the stairs to the basement. Taffyta and Crumbelina quickly followed. Unfortunately for the two, Vanellope was more athletic than they gave her credit for. When they went to the basement, Vanellope was nowhere to be seen.

"Dammit," Taffyta cursed under her breath. In all honesty, she didn't want to force Vanellope to do this, as she often let her be if a subject is particularly touchy for her. "I swear I heard her footsteps here."

The basement, as was typical for any rich family, was pretty big. However, it also provided many hiding spots, especially for a girl as small as Vanellope, who stood at just 5'3"; Taffyta wasn't that much taller, just about an inch or two taller. There was a home theater, which Vanellope loved to take advantage of for the PS3, a few soda fountains, a Dance Dance Revolution console, and a pool table, all on some gorgeous marble flooring.

Taffyta sent out a few gestures to Crumbelina, meaning that they split up and find Vanellope. Crumbelina nodded and off they went to find the runaway.

Little did they know that Vanellope was hiding from behind the DDR console. One advantage of being a tiny person, Vanellope complimented herself. She quickly and quietly speed-walked to the stairs and ran, closing the door a bit, alerting the two.

"She was here the whole time?!" the Italian girl exclaimed, running up the stairs.

Back in the living room, Vanellope sat down to take a quick breather, but she stood up when she heard footsteps and decided to go outside to throw them off. Alright, hide in the flowers. They'll never look in the flowers, she thought, sprinting past Eclaire, who just got back from work.

"Hmph. She's just as jittery as one of my bakers," Eclaire scoffed, shaking her head. "I'll never understand why Taffyta loves her so."

The brisk San Fran weather hit Vanellope hard. It's not that it was cold; it was actually quite nice, but she just came from inside, which was nice and warm. She looked around, making sure to crouch down when she approached windows. The front yard of the mansion was large, with a roundabout driveway and everything. An idea popped into Vanellope's head. Making sure no one was there, she went into the fountain that was in the middle of the roundabout. Now the only problem was the risk of being seen when she resurfaces to take a breath.

Back inside, the two were absolutely stumped. "How did Vanellope just up and disappear?" worried Taffyta.

Crumbelina shrugged. "I think we grossly underestimated her cleverness, Taffyta..."

"I think I can answer that, you two," Eclaire revealed, pushing up her sunglasses. "I saw her leave the mansion, if I recall correctly. She acted like she was being hunted down. She should still be here, knowing her."

The two looked at each other, pleased with the new info they got from their "contact". "Thanks, Mom. We're looking for Vanellope to make her get a facial treatment," Taffyta explained.

"Might as well give her the whole spa treatment, then," Eclaire joked.

Crumbelina looked in the left side of the front yard, while Taffyta looked at the right. "Vanellope... Where are you," Crumbelina muttered.

Vanellope resurfaced and she dared to peek over the edge of the fountain. What she saw scared her. "Shit. Shit, shit, shit!" the firebrand grumbled, gritting her teeth. She can get out, but the splashing will catch their attention; or she can stay in, but they'll eventually find her. She went for the former.

The splashing and dripping of the water caught the two girls' attention, leaving Vanellope no time to dry off. She squeezed as much water as she could and ran back inside, the two close by now. Damn water-soaked clothes making me slow down, Vanellope scolded herself.

Eclaire was shocked to see a soaking wet Vanellope and the two girls chasing her. They were going everywhere, mainly due to Vanellope's refusal to get a facial treatment.

After that was over, Eclaire stood there in the middle of the soaked floor. "Muffin!" she called out for one of the housemaids.

"No worries, Mrs. Muttonfudge. I got it!" a ditzy-sounding voice came and Muffin came on by, mopping up the floor.

Now it's back to square one again. Taffyta and Crumbelina were winded, whereas Vanellope had much better endurance than either of them. "Wh-whoa, I never knew my girlfriend was born of lightning," joked Taffyta as she took a few deep breaths.

"Quite the shocker indeed," Crumbelina gasped, laying down a bit. They were at the top of the stairs, which surprised the two since Vanellope can easily run up despite it being a spiral staircase.

Vanellope went into a random room and closed the door a little. She leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. Then she took a good look at the room she was in and her stomach dropped. She was in Cadbury and Eclaire's bedroom. "Shit. Again," she sighed, facepalming herself. Then she eased up a bit. Taffyta would never think to go here, right?, Vanellope asked herself. Maybe this is a good thing. She sighed in relief, but snapped back to reality when someone opened the door. She had to think fast, so what'd she do? She went into the closet, finally relaxing a bit. Then she heard the familiar light French accent and it was Eclaire.

"Crazy day, no? First I see Vanellope running around, then she comes back in soaked to the bone," Eclaire sighed in French to herself, putting on a fake smile in an attempt to tell herself to be more patient with the teen girl. "Maybe I'll take a shower and that will help me relax."

Vanellope immediately went into the farthest corner and curled into a ball, making her as small as she can make herself to be. She forced herself to not look up when the closet door opened. She could only hope now that Eclaire wouldn't see her.

Eclaire grabbed her clothes, close to where Vanellope was, and looked down a bit. She raised an eyebrow and went into the bathroom, closing the door. "Vanellope..." she muttered.

The spunky girl slowly left the closet door and quietly left the room and ran into what seemed like Taffyta's room. As soon as she sighed in relief again, the door closed, followed by a locking sound. Vanellope didn't look up, knowing that she's trapped now. "Ya finally got me, huh?" she smirked.

"This is for your well-being, Vanellope. I suggest that you give up calmly and peacefully," Crumbelina suggested.

Vanellope laughed, "Yeah, right!" With that, she ran around a bit, Taffyta mirroring her moves. "Even my girlfriend's copying me," she laughed, running to the other side.

"Come on, Vanellope!" huffed and puffed Taffyta. "I'm getting really tired of this. Literally! I feel like I ran a marathon!" In one last burst of energy, Taffyta suddenly ran forward and pinned Vanellope down.

Crumbelina became very nervous when she saw that. With Taffyta on top of Vanellope and the fact she's got her pinned down... "Taffyta, you oughtn't be so excited with Vanellope! If someone didn't know any better, it would look like you two are getting a little more than comfortable, if you know what I'm saying."

The two girls on the floor laughed. Taffyta leaned in a bit and whispered into Vanellope's ear. "Get a facial treatment to zap the zits away. Please? For me?"

"Oh, alright," conceded the feisty girl.

Taffyta smiled and gave Vanellope a quick kiss just as someone knocked on the door. Crumbelina unlocked and opened the door and there stood a shocked Cadbury. "Bloody hell, Taffyta! I didn't teach you to be so promiscuous!" he interjected, holding a hand over his heart. Unfortunately, he didn't know any better, and so thought that the couple was doing something else.

Crumbelina smiled awkwardly, giving the two a quick glare as they laughed. Vanellope playfully pushed Taffyta off and explained the whole thing.

"So yeah, Taffyta and I weren't doing anything like that. Besides, I'd never deflower your little angel," assured Vanellope after half an hour of explaining.

"Well... Alright. But if word gets out that you did, so help me..." Cadbury hinted, scowling a bit. He left girls to their business.

"Alright, girls... You know what to do," gulped Vanellope as they dragged her away to get a facial.