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The door was kicked down.

Vampires...always with the violence.

A dozen cloaked guards manned the doorway but after their dark gazes swept over the room, they parted in order to make way for their leader. Unlike the habitual charcoal cloak, the leader approached, shrouded within a burgundy velvet robe. His brothers ranked his sides but had chosen to leave their mantles behind, leaving them bare and almost…vulnerable.

My attention was drawn away from them and over the cloaked figure that now unveiled himself. "Bella..." he smiled widely, intentionally flashing his perfectly white teeth that sparkled menacingly. His steps were graceful as he glided towards me so he could take my face between his hands and placing brief yet all too intimate kisses onto my cheeks.

"Aro" my visitor spoke with a stern purpose. Having already pushed himself off the ground, he now approached us and stood a foot away from his supposed 'king'. It was amusing because he was a foot taller than him and Aro had to tilt his head to meet his eyes.

A falsified grin was plastered as he widened his arms in exclamation. "Klaus! How wonderful to see you again" he appraised, clapping his hands together. "I see you have found my new...prize" his eyes met mine again and a smirk twisted the corner of his lips upwards.

My visitor had now chosen to stare at me too. A similar look of victory now brightened his blue eyes as he too smiled. "I actually came here to offer her a job" he stated calmly and then turned back to his 'king'.

However, as expected, my guests' silent command did not settle well with Aro as his smile fell but he forced it again when shaking his head. "Oh no. No – no – no" he argued, realising that the offer was filled with seriousness "Isabella will have to stay here. She is part of our family" he coerced himself into keeping his tone light and weightless.

"And your prisoner"

The accusation was met with fake and pretentious laughter.

"Oh, Isabella is already part of the guard" Aro tried to remain calm but his trembling was quite visible – at least to me it was. I could also read how his hands had disappeared under his cloaks, probably fidgeting with his thumbs like he usually did when he was distressed.

My visitor was relentless when walking around to my other side and resting his warm hand onto my shoulder. "Do you experiment on all your guards?" he mused with a hint of amusement.

"Not that it's any of your business b-" Aro held up his hand to stop his 'brother', Caius from making a stupid mistake. His blond haired brother grumbled under his breath but complied, taking a small step back behind him.

Once Aro was sure that they were all controlled, his steely stare bore into his "Isabella is special, she needs to be studied" Aro argued, which only made my visitor scoff with a humourless laugh.

When silence prevailed, the visitor's mischievous expression well with the cold air and his eyes were dark and stern. His fingers gripped my shoulder tightly and I whipped up to cast a heavy glare onto him before moving away from his hold. Several gazes began following me as I bent down to gather my sketches.

Once they were in a neat pile, I placed them onto the table and moved around to get my chair. However, upon pulling it with the intent of sitting back down, I paused at the sound of my guest speaking again.

"The girl will be coming with me" he claimed confidently.

I had to bite down on my tongue and curl my fingers onto the chair to stop myself from losing control. I disliked how they tended to speak of me in third person and I hated it even more when decisions were made for me, with the thought that I would obey.

Aro began to lose his patience with who he knew was his superior. "No" he growled but then fought back his rage. His hands quivering when he smoothed down his front suit jacket. "I found her so she will be staying with me" he argued in a more relaxed tone.

"Poorly played Aro"

As I anticipated, my time here was not done – at least not according to the red eyes. This was made clear when Aro took a step forwards which was mimicked by his lap dogs. "You come to my castle – uninvited, may I add. You kill one of my guards and then you intend to kidnap one" he snarled and the fury flared in his scarlet eyes.

"Are you fighting me on this?" my visitor questioned not raising his voice which somehow made it even more frightening – well only to the red eyes.

Aro crossed his arms and the guards followed after. "There is no need for a fight" he reasoned with a light laugh before coldly glancing at me as he stated, "I have already won"

Upon hearing the petty argument, my decision had been made.

"Do y-"

Whatever threat or words of disagreement that were going to be shared were cut off when they realised that the floor had grown unstable. Dangerous judders now cutting through the ground and then shooting through the walls.

Understanding had all eyes now whipping towards me.

Now having their attention, I focused my mind onto the guards at the door and within a twentieth of a second, their bodies crumpled and gasped screams of agony fell from their lips. All that filled the silence was their anguished cries but I soon silenced as an unconscious state overwhelmed them. Darkness was now roaming in their minds as they found the closest thing to sleep they would have.

Silently and languidly, I picked up my papers and lethargically slipped through astounded bodies as I passed the three 'kings'. I only paused to give a curt nod at my 'doctor' but he continuously gaped at me, leaving me proud to see the fear in his golden eyes.

Without another word or action, for the first time, I stepped out of that room, pausing to take in the moment of freedom. It was a regrettable decision and I did not deserve it but I would not sit there for another second, listening to pathetic creatures fight for me or try and auction me off.

The wives before me pressed themselves onto the wall with their faces hidden behind the dark velvet cloth, attempting to make themselves invisible to my perusing gaze.

As I made a move to take my first step towards a new life, a tight grip was on my hand, pulling me back but I did not move. "Isabella" his voice now gruff and forceful when saying my name.

Rolling my eyes theatrically, I reached up and grabbed his wrist, first gently but then grasping it tightly and twisting it thus peeling his fingers off my shoulder. Whirling around, I used my palm and flexed but it had him flying back through in the room and crashing onto the table. A resounding crack echoed through the air and the table and chair scattered around him in shattered pieces.

Not wasting another second on the disgusting killer, I turned around and began to walk down the hallway, not surprised when hastened footsteps whispered after me. However, I was confused as to why he made no move to match my speed. Instead, he continued to lack a few feet behind me but I decided not to waste another second on it.

Rather, I focused on the task of escaping the confinements of these treacherous brick walls. I longed to set my eyes on anything that was not the lavish golds and rich burgundy that decorated the castle's interior. I wished I could be away from the sadistic paintings that all portrayed deaths and brutal war.

Fortunately, this proved to be very soon when I came across the staircase that would soon lead me to life once again. The thought had me quickening my steps and hastily trailing down but I did pick up on how my visitor had also accelerated.

Once I reached the last step, I ignored the wide hallway and took the opposite one. We both continued down, both silent but sharing an air of excitement and anticipation.

We continued on for several minutes with him never asking a question or an enquiry as to where I was going. I pondered over why he was even following me. Did he plan to kidnap me? Did he find what I was doing trivial and nonsensical?

I knew he wanted me – actually, needed me.

Would that be where I ended up next? Mystic Falls?

Nonetheless, the questions were abruptly interrupted at the sight of the streaming light that stretched towards my feet. I warily looked up at the large iron doors that had small rectangle windows that allowed light to flow in.

"What is it?" he spoke, finally standing by my side.

Anxiety was vaguely etched onto his features and his dark eyes hung heavy with perplexity. At the sight of his confusion, I gulped down nervously, unhappy to have not seen this happening.

With a fatigued sigh, I bowed my head but then brought it back up again. I watched closely as his eyes widened with surprise and soon understanding at the sight of my bared fangs and bloodshot eyes. "You're a vampire" he sighed and I nodded.

Yes, I too was a killer – probably an even worse murderer.

After another deep breath, I relaxed my features and fell back to my normal façade. My head bowing in shame and anger to have shown him that side to himself.

Suddenly, I had my head was tilted up with one of his fingers. The same hand then slowly and cautiously slipped down to my shoulder. With our locked gazes, I could read the wariness within his as he slowly inched his touch down to my collarbone.

Somehow, the feverish touch had my breathing heavy and my head spinning.

I wasn't sure if I liked it.

He then dropped his hand but used the other to check my wrists. His fingers circling them, all with an intent and heavy gaze fixated onto me. Apparently he was not done because his fingers then flipped down, threading through my fingers and yet I had still refrained from asking him of his actions.

"And you don't have a daylight ring" he stated once again with certainly. When I made no answer, still shaken with the effects of his gentle caress, he reached up to tuck a stray lock behind my ear. "Good to know you have a weakness" he smirked and I rolled my eyes, making him grin wider.

Before I could comprehend his actions, he had taken off his jacket and draped it over my shoulders. Once I realised his intentions, I pulled it over my head, pausing to revel in the warmth as I discreetly inhaled the musky cologne airing the leather. I could also detect the slight hint of aged whiskey which had me salivating.

I missed whiskey – or any alcohol for that matter.

The strange thoughts were interrupted with the loud creak of my visitor pulling at the large door. On instinct, I jumped back onto the wall, flinching away at the threat of the pool of light now pouring in.

"It's okay" he assured me and I was taken aback with the lack of malice. Rather, like his eyes, his voice held warmth and pure sincerity. "Isabella..." he whispered encouragingly, holding out his hand for me.

I stared at his fingers before slipping my hand into his. His warmth now encasing my palm while his other hand then brought me close to his side.

"Don't let me go" I murmured absentmindedly but not really caring that I spoke.

From my peripheral vision, I saw his eyes widen at the sound before he turned back to the door, his hold tightening around me before he vowed, "I won't"

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