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The rain was pouring down outside, thunder and lightening scattered through the night. Angel found that he couldn't sleep, though it wasn't the storm. He'd been having trouble getting back to his normal pattern for two weeks now.

Making a plate of scrambled eggs with cheese, Angel turned on the television. It was set on some movie, the volume low. It was there for noise, nothing else.

When he finished, Angel got his plate and a glass of milk and went over to the desk in the corner and began eating the late night snack.

After the last bite, he began to stand to take the items back into the kitchen and wash them when his eyes glanced outside. He looked for just a moment, then found his head turning back, his eyes narrowing.

Angel walked a few steps around the chair and he looked down to the ground below. His head tilted, taking in the scene.

A young blonde female was down there, across the street, under a lamppost. Her arms were open wide, her head thrown back, her body spinning in the wet drops.

He didn't know why, but he felt so drawn to the action, to the girl. She looked so carefree down there, laughing and spinning.

Angel stood, just watching her for several minutes before setting the glass that'd still been in his hands down. He slipped on a pair of shoes and a jacket before leaving his apartment, taking the elevator down to the bottom floor.

Heading outside, he got a look from the two men behind the desk in the lobby, but he paid no mind. He just continued out, staying under the roof and walking until he was in a better spot to see her again.

Angel leaned against the wall, his eyes trained as the young blonde continued her play.

When it really started to come down, he heard her screech then start running away. He couldn't help the laugh that slipped between his lips as she skipped and ran off.