Well, guess who has nothing to do today!
I discovered KevEdd quiet a while back, maybe a year and a half ago or so. And let me tell you, at first I was horrified! How on earth could people ship poor sweet Double D with that big old bully, Kevin? But then, it grew on me and then I discovered the fanart. Let me tell you, KevEdd fanart is some of the best I've seen for any fandom.
(Also, who else watched this when they were little, being their favourite show, and then having their parents groan about it? Hehe. My mother hated it's very soul.)
So, here's my very first KevEdd/EEnE fic ever~ I hope you like

I own nothing!

"You really should be more careful, Kevin," Eddward says as he rubs alcohol over a scrape on Kevin's knee. The nurse's aide takes care to wipe away any dirt and grime and bandages up the flesh wound with expertise.

"Yeah, whatever," Kevin says quietly, watching the aide from the cot. It's raised but Eddward still has to bend down a bit. The imagery races through is teenage male mind, sending a wave of heat from his stomach down. He won't let himself blush like a girl.

Eddward's head bobs and he smiles, his gap peaking through his lips. It's a lovely sight for someone like Kevin, who is head-over-heels enamoured with the beanie-wearing-magnifying-glass-toting boy.

"Well, I think you're all patched up again, Kevin. You really should take more caution in your actions. Being as active as you, it's quite easy to get more than just a scrape." Eddward holds out the nurse's jar of lollies and Kevin takes one, even though he knows he won't be able to savor it until later, away from the prying eyes of the football team.

"Yeah, I'll try and do that." Kevin hops down and punches Eddward lightly on the arm. The aide stumbles a bit and smiles shyly.

"Y-yes, well, I'm sure you have class now, don't dawdle." Eddward writes a note for Kevin's teacher and sends him on his way.

Once the door has clicked shut, Kevin feels his face burn bright red. He pulls his baseball cap down and shrugs his shoulders to strut down the hall to his class. The lollie is in his pocket and he smiles to himself, knowing it's just another reminder that he got to see Eddward again today.

As wonderful an athlete as he is, Kevin really is accident prone. This has been the fifth time this week that Eddward has patched up his high school crush.

The football star had swaggered in, hands shoved in his pockets and baseball cap pulled over his eyes. He looked stunning to Eddward, until Kevin said something about a scrape and Eddward's mind started whirling.

He had Kevin sit while he got the items needed to bandage the scrape. Eddward was self-conscious as he bent in front of Kevin to work on his knee. He got nervous a lot around the athlete and tended to ramble on whatever task he was on.

"You really should be more careful, Kevin."

"Yeah, whatever."

Eddward lets a tiny smile slip across his face. He's turned away anyway so Kevin couldn't see it. He liked how Kevin could do that. Not care about injuring himself, even if it's just a scrape.

Eddward places a bandage over Kevin's knee and announces he's done. As an afterthought, Eddward offers him a lollie and almost regrets it. Kevin is popular, the star athlete of the school. He wouldn't want a lollie, those were for children!

Kevin takes one, but doesn't eat it. He must be being polite for Eddward's sake.

He hops off the cot and the two stand in silence for nearly a minute before Eddward begins to write a note for Kevin. "Y-Yes, well, I'm sure you have a class now, don't dawdle." He hands over the note and they don't touch fingers.

Kevin leaves without another word and as soon as the door is shut, Eddward feels his knees wobble and he nearly falls to the floor, his stomach fluttering like it always did when Kevin visited him in the nurse's office.