Note: Nearly all Omegaverse (including some I've written) stories have Omegas not being able to function during Heats unless they are relieved sexually. Well, Heats are basically a menstruation period parallel and sometimes women are just not 'in the mood' during those times. Also, sometimes, there can be complications. I've had my own battle with extreme periods and I honestly hate those tampon commercials with the happy women running outside and wearing dresses and all that jazz. Anyways, this is terribly written because I could not really think of any scenario that I could get behind, but it's finished (with a crappy ending). c:

Also, your diet is important. It's important to get the right kinds of nutrients and the right amount. Eating too little or too much can cause negative effects on your health. And it's just a lot more fun to be healthy and not laid up in bed. Take it from someone who's coming off the path of eating too little.

I own nothing!

Edd awoke from his dreams to a pleasurable aching in his lower abdomen. It pulsed inside of him and he couldn't help but grind his hips into the mattress as he was laid on his stomach. The plush material helped very little and it only made the ache more notorious.

All too soon Edd found his self hovered over the toilet, his face covered with cold sweat and his whole body shaking as he vomited into the porcelain bowl. He heaved once more, exerting himself and just feeling completely exhausted despite having just woken up.

He hated these days.

Kevin knocked lightly on the door and came in with a tall glass of water and some Pepto. Edd rinsed his mouth and took a large swig of the pink, gummy fluid, willing it to work faster.

"C'mon," Kevin said quietly. "Let's go back to bed."

"But work…" Edd said pathetically.

"Not in the middle of your Heat," Kevin chided. "You wouldn't let me work during mine, so you'll just have to suck it up in bed."

Edd let himself be led back to bed and he was met with all the provisions the two young lovers had gathered through the years waiting for him on the bed.

A hot water bottle was warming his spot in the bed and Edd curled around it. The electric blanket had been pulled out of the hall closet and was warming the entire bed and Edd took advantage.

Kevin handed him two symptom suppressants and Edd downed them with one of the many water bottles that sat on the side table next to him.

"We really should see the doctor, Edd," Kevin said as he tucked the blankets around the exhausted Omega. "You're Heats shouldn't hurt you like this. You shouldn't be throwing up every single time. Or be in so much pain."

"I'm just nervous," Edd confessed. "I fear they may say there is nothing to do but wait them out like I have been."

"But surely other people have sucky Heats like you? I mean, they definitely aren't a walk in the park, but yours are extreme."

Edd nodded. "I think I'll just sleep for now." The conversation ended at that and didn't pick up until noontime when Kevin wandered back in the bedroom with some homemade soup.

"Just take a few bites, Edd," he pleaded. "Just drink a little broth."

"I can't," Edd said. "It turns my stomach just smelling it." He had his nose pressed under the blankets. "I'll eat later."

"That's what you always say," Kevin huffed. "And then you don't eat for three days."

"I would just throw it up anyways."

"But you lose so much weight!" cried Kevin. "It's not healthy. Even if you do just throw it back up, you need to eat something. That," the red-head looked sternly at Edd, "That or I'm dragging you to the hospital."

Edd glanced at the soup Kevin was still holding. Then he heaved a heavy sigh and reached for the bowl. He took a tentative sip and grimaced as it hit his stomach like bricks and lay heavily at the bottom. He drank a tiny bit more and then handed the bowl back, curling in on himself as he tried his hardest to go back to sleep.

Downstairs, as Edd slept, Kevin was on the phone.

"They're not even regular. I mean, he gets them maybe every other month. Maybe. Sometimes it's every three months, but it's always really bad. He throws up and heaves and loses his appetite. Huh? Uh… I don't think so. I mean, he's always in really bad pain and so he just tries to sleep it off. That exercising crap does nothing."

Kevin listened for the reply from the other end. His cousin may be an Alpha, but he did have an Omega mate and so he thought he could use that as an outside source.

"But she doesn't get sick? I don't mean like just an upset stomach, Kev. I mean serious heaving and throwing up and intense pain in his abdomen."

"Nazz says to take him to the hospital so they can figure it out. She's not heard of a Heat that intense."

Kevin sighed. "But he's so scared."

"Just do it, Squirt. Then you'll have answers."

The Omega sighed once more. "Fine. But if he hates me, I'm blaming you. I'll talk to you later, bye."

So, Kevin would get Edd to the hospital if it killed him. That was his new mission for today.

Edd was still sleeping as the red-headed Omega crept into the bedroom. The clock on the bedside table read just past four. The emergency room would still be open until eight. They had plenty of time.

"Edd?" Kevin cooed softly, shaking the raven-haired Omega. "Edd, wake up, please."

Edd moaned quietly and rolled onto his back. He cracked open a heavy eye. "Yes?" he croaked.

"I was talking to Kev and he and Nazz said I should take you to the ER. Really, Edd!" Kevin crawled onto the bed beside him and ran a soothing hand over his arm, a safe spot during Edd's Heats. "And, well, I think we should. So come on. We're going," he said sternly.

Edd moaned again. "Could I take a shower first? I'm covered in sweat."

"Sure. But don't take long. I want to get there before the sun goes down." He helped Edd out of bed and to the bathroom, fetching clothes and an extra towel before giving him some privacy.


The drive wasn't very long. The enclosed space made the sweet scent Edd produced much more potent. Edd himself was curled in the front passenger seat, dozing as Kevin tried his best to hurry in case Edd needed to throw up.

The waiting room was crowded with multiple people of all Types, but Edd was the only Omega in Heat so they all stared as the two signed in and found seats in an empty corner, near the restroom.

Kevin pulled Edd's head down onto his shoulder, running hands over his arms and talking in hushed tones as some of the people continued to stare at the source of the tempting smell.

After almost an hour, Edd was called and Kevin had to rouse the sleeping man and lead him past the heavy oak door and down the hall where the nurse showed them into a small, private room.

She took Edd's heart rate, his blood pressure, height, and weight and told them it would be just a moment before the doctor came in.

The room was cold and Edd lay down on the bed, reveling in the cool temperature against his hot skin. Kevin mopped a little sweat off of Edd's brow with a tissue.

The doctor came in shortly after the nurse had left and immediately began asking questions as she skimmed a chart in his hands.

"So, Mr. Vincent," she said kindly. "What seems to be the problem? It says you've been having problematic Heats?"

Edd just nodded.

"He's real sick every time he gets them. And they're not at all regular," Kevin sprouted off, repeating everything that went wrong during Edd's Heats. "And we're just worried it may be something more."

"Hmm… Well, Mr. Vincent," the doctor said kindly. "It's not uncommon for Heat cycles to be uncomfortable or ill-inducing, but the severity of yours is certainly concerning." She flipped through the chart on her clipboard once more.

"I have heard of Omega's experiencing very serious illness and pain during their Heats, but it's very uncommon and usually can be fixed with a simple change in diet or exercise."

"But he—He's seriously ill right now!" Kevin exclaimed prematurely.

The doctor fixed him with a stern look. "I'm aware of that, Mr. Anderson, was it? Mr. Vincent's symptoms are not something that are just going to be overlooked. If you will let me continue…"

"Sorry, Ma'am."

"Yes, well, I'm actually a little concerned with Eddward's weight. Honey, you need to start eating. You're severely underweight for someone of your Type, height, and age. My chart says you're barely 100 pounds. Mr. Vincent, you should at least be 120 pounds, around 140 would be preferable. Now, if you were to start gaining a little weight, we may see a difference in your symptoms during your Heat cycles. I'll draw up a diet plan if need be, but you need to promise that you will be gaining weight and I want to see you at least ten pounds heavier at your next appointment." The doctor scribbled something down. "I'll be back in a moment," she said, excusing herself. "Then we can plan an appointment for Mr. Vincent."

Kevin sat back down next to Edd's head after the doctor left the small room. "I told you, you needed to eat," he huffed.

"Maybe I'll try a little," Edd said pitifully. Kevin huffed again.

The doctor came back a few minutes later with a freshly printed out dietary plan that was sure to have Edd gaining the necessary weight should he decide to follow it correctly. Kevin slipped it into his messenger bag and thanked the woman as she led the two out and towards the receptionist who set up an appointment for the next month.


"He just needs to follow this diet plan and the doctor said it might help the symptoms," Kevin explained to his cousin over the phone as he tinkered with the toaster at the kitchen table. The phone was on speaker so he wasn't balancing it between his ear and shoulder while trying to wind tiny screws into the toaster. "And, it's not, like, foreign stuff. We already eat half the stuff on the list; he just needs tiny bit large portions."

"You know, I don't think I've ever heard of doctors wanting a patient to gain weight," Kev commented off hand. "It's like, nowadays everyone's all obese and stuff."

"Yeah, well, there're lots of underweight people too," Kevin corrected. "And I guess Edd's one of them. Just, as long as he starts eating more, hopefully his Heats won't be so bad anymore."

"And then you can do the do."


There was a crackled snickering that passed through the phone speakers and Omega Kevin's ears turned a bright red. "Oh, don't get all upset," Alpha Kevin nagged. "We all do it so don't be all embarrassed."

"J-Just shut up already," Omega Kevin snapped. "Besides, we aren't talking about that!"

"Yeah, yeah. Hey, I gotta go. Nazz is calling me. Bye, bro."

Kevin sighed. "Bye, Kev." The Omega glanced at the time and decided he could continue with the toaster at another time. He should start dinner, one of the preapproved meals from the diet plan.

Edd had been doing pretty well. He ate everything Kevin made, but sometimes had issues with portion sizes. Kevin fussed and put an extra helping of rice or another pork chop onto the raven-haired Omega's plate who would then just end up pushing most of it around, claiming to be full and Kevin would be forced to pack it up for lunch the next day.

Of course, Kevin couldn't control what Edd did or did not eat during lunch when they had school or work, but he did make sure to pack them and hoped that Edd would try his hardest to eat everything.

And then, by next month, as Edd's Heat hit him once more in a confusing mess of pleasurable aches and stomach churning illness, Kevin dragged him to the emergency clinic and just like last time, he and Edd were the object of attention due to Edd's sweet pheromones.

After a nurse had them in one of the back rooms, the doctor came in with her clipboarded chart and kindly smile. "Well, it looks as if you've put on some weight, Mr. Vincent!" She said happily. "Exactly six pounds and four ounces. Not what I had preferred, but still very good. I'm sure Mr. Anderson has been taking very good care of you."

"He's been very insistent, yes."

"Yes, well, insistence is good. Well, it seems you're coherent, this time around. I don't think you spoke two words last month."

"I wasn't feeling my best," Edd admitted shyly.

"Yes, well, that can be dismissed. Have you noticed any difference in your Heat this month?"

"Other than the fact that the cramping and my stomach has settled after the first day, I'd say it's been a pretty normal Heat, at least for me. Some Heats are better than others."

"Well, hopefully, once you've gained the necessary weight, these symptoms will have dramatically changed and your Heats will no longer be so punishing. They are cycles that let your body know you're at your most fertile and it's supposed to be a pleasurable time for mated Omegas," the doctor listed off knowledgably. "And maybe, once they're on the right track, you and Mr. Anderson here can start having children?" She smiled kindly.

Kevin flushed and started stuttering and grasping for words while Edd just sat in quiet embarrassment.

"Now, if you keep following that diet plan, you should have twenty pounds on you by your next appointment. Let's have it in two months next go around so we can have some time to let your body adjust, hmm?"


Edd ate the last bite of rice that Kevin had spooned onto his plate. He'd had to power through the last couple of bites and force himself to finish everything on the plate. The extra food being forced on him was not very fun. Edd never really ate that much since he was a child and as an adult he continued his bird-like proportions. But now he was having second helpings and Kevin was having none of it when he tried to skive off meals.

Gone were the days of take-out boxes full of half-finished meals from date-nights past. Kevin even threatened to take away date-night all together if Edd didn't start eating his entire meal when out in a restaurant or even at home. So Edd powered through his meals, feigning exhaustion afterwards so he could lay in bed and hold his stomach as he felt just too full and too sluggish to do anything more.

Gaining weight was tough. He hated it, actually. Edd had never been a vain person before; he'd never worried he was too thin or too thick, but now that he was forced to eat he couldn't help himself from looking longer in the mirror, running his hands over his stomach or calculating how his waist and thighs were fuller.

"That diet is working very well," his doctor told him after a few months of constant supervised meals. Kevin smiled and patted Edd's shoulder. This appointment had been scheduled for Edd's Heat but it had not shown up after being regular for a few months and Kevin's would be starting soon. "You're just about at a perfect weight and BMI. Have you noticed any differences in your Heats lately? Less cramping, more cramping? Nausea?"

Edd shook his head. "Less cramps, but I have back pain still. And the nausea isn't as bad as it used to be."

"See, then?" The lady smiled. "A little weight gain and everything just about went away! You see, problems aren't just caused by excessive weight, but too little of it as well. I'm glad we could solve your Heat problems just by changing your dietary habits." She checked over her charts once more and smiled bigger than she had before.

"It also looks like I've some special news for you two."

"What is it?" Kevin asked, squeezing Edd's hand with worry.

"Mr. Vincent's just over two months pregnant."