Previously on the Twin Trilogy…

Cordelia collapses in Wesley's arms in the street with a vision.

Cordelia: I saw a girl, she needs our help.

Angela beats up a demon.

Angel: Name's Angel.

Angela: Angela.

Cordelia holds up a mirror to reveal that neither Angel nor Angela is in the reflection.

Angel and Angela: You're a Vampire!

Angela: When's your birthday?

Angel: July 16th.

Angela: What year?

Angel: 1757.

Angela: That's mine. What country?

Angel: Ireland.

Angela: What time?

Angel: 7:28.

Angela: I was born at 7:36!

Wesley: Angel and Angela are…

Angel and Angela: Twins?

Angela sires Evelyn. Angel and Angela kill a bad guy and take her power.

Angela: (telepathically) Can you hear me, Angel?

Angel: I can hear your thoughts.

Angela: And I can hear yours.

Angela adds Cordelia to the link by taking her hand as a light wraps around their wrists. Angel adds Wesley the same way. Angela takes Evelyn, who hugs her hexed teddy bear tightly. Angela comes to the Hyperion a year later.

Angela: Hey, Angel.

Angel: Angela.

Angel starts to partially lose his soul and Angela gets pierced, turning her into Aingael. The two share Angela's infection by sucking each other's blood.

Angela: We can weaken Darla and then this whole link will turn back to what it was.

Angela sets fire to Darla and Drusilla.

Angela: I can promise you that we're both gonna die together, both with souls at the time.

Angela cuts her palm open.

Angela: My blood…

She takes his hand and cuts it.

Angela: Your blood…

She mixes the blood.

Angela: Our blood.

Divinity walks into the Hyperion.

Divinity: I'm in danger, you're in danger. Our dangers are related. It involves a girl I think you guys know. Her name is…Angela.

Angel: Huh?

Darkana falls from a tree behind Buffy. She turns into a cat and runs off.

Angel: We've gotta bring Angela back.

Dawn walks in.

Angel: Dawn.

Xander, Anya, Willow, and Buffy all walk in. Angela comes in with Evelyn.

Angela: While I was a killer Vamp, I put together the Gales. Darkana is half-Vampire and half-Remori demon. Darkana can shape-shift and manipulate darkness. And then there's Melody. Half-demon, half…well, actually I don't think anyone knows what the other half is. She can control and manipulate minds. And Famina who is half-Oracle and therefore can see the future. She's also half-Vampire and can steal memories. Not erase, steal. Any of the memories you'd lose would go right into her. And Tameeka…she's the only one who's any part real human and it's just half. She's half-Ghost and an elemental. Then, Cassie. Her real name is Cassiopeia, actually, but everyone calls her Cassie. She's a telepathic pure-blood Witch. And lastly, Isabella, half-Vampire, half-Werewolf.

Tameeka: You sired the Amwyn a Difetha.

Angela: What? No, I d…Evelyn. She's the Defender and Destroyer?

Evelyn knocks out Xander and kills a boy. Willow hexes her teddy bear, which gives her a soul again. Divinity disappears. Cassie casts a spell.

Willow: The Gales cast a spell. It released the Vampire versions of us!

Wesley: [Melody's] half Treilnaok! It's a demonic creature that feeds off the souls of mortals and can absorb the power of magic creatures. Their touch is poisonous, their blood is acidic, and their gaze is deadly or—in the case of a Halfling like Melody—petrifying.

Connor beheads Famina, dusting her. Three years later, the gang has made the Slayer Training Program. Anya, Tara, Wesley, Fred, Cordelia, and Doyle reappear as Ghosts.

Wesley: Dawn's our Seer!

Dawn makes out with Connor. Darkana sires Connor.

Dawn: I'm pregnant.

Willow casts a spell to bring Connor and the six Ghosts back as half-humans. Eight months later, Dawn has Summer.

Anya: I've been pregnant for six months now.

The Gales cast a spell to send Summer to Sharusa. Two weeks later, Anya has Autumn. The Darkness comes along. The Darkness beheads Cassie, bringing Summer back as a teenager. The Darkness possesses Darkana, kills Isabella, knocks out Tameeka, and chases after Melody.

Angela: I can't believe I'm saying this, but we've gotta protect Melody.

The Darkness slits Tameeka's throat, mutilates Melody, and kills two of the Slayers. Dawn uses her power to knock the Darkness out of Darkana. Angela looks at Angel, her eyes violet from the Darkness' possession. Angel remakes her blood ritual to get rid of the Darkness. The Darkness manifests.

Cordelia: I think I preferred it when it was inside Angela.

Fred: I'm pregnant!

Buffy and Angel kiss, eloping. The Darkness pierces Buffy with dark energy. Buffy half-dies in Angel's arms. Summer and Dawn kill the Darkness, but awaken the Hell-Mouth outside London. Buffy comes back.

Wesley: I think I know what happened. When the Darkness died, the explosion following penetrated the link and gave everyone in it eternal youth. For those who already had it, eternal souls.

Willow: I think I found your birth parents.

Angel and Angela stare at her.

Willow: Your father died of cholera before you were born. But there's no death record for Elizabeth. She's immortal. She's still alive!

Buffy: I think I'm pregnant. With Angel's child.

Connor: And I thought I was a big deal.

Angela pierces Louisa.

Louisa: You think I know where your mother is? I came here for you. If anything, your mother is dead.

Angela stares at her. Willow gives Drusilla an eternal soul so she and Spike can be together.

Angela: Angel, Louisa had to be lying. If she was here for us, why would she have to kill Lola's mother?

Angel: Maybe a Slayer bloodline was dangerous for her.

Angela: And what about our mother? If she knew she was gonna die, that would explain why she gave us up.

Angel: She's out there. Trust me.

Angela smiles at him. Buffy screams.

Willow: The Slayer in her is fighting against the Vampire in that child.

Angel: They'll both die.

Willow: There is one thing we can do.

Willow casts a spell on Buffy. She holds up a bottle with a glowing black light in it.

Willow: Essence of Slayer.

Giselle is born prematurely.

Buffy: So I'm not the Slayer anymore.

Buffy and Angel look at baby Giselle. Buffy smiles.

Buffy: It was worth it.


Darkness is coming…

Xander: Our child, special.

Anya: I always knew.

The end of days draws near…

Buffy: I don't think we really got rid of the First.

And all…




Angela: Something happened to Willow.

Angel: That Sibyl you killed. She's back. She did something.

Spike: Looks like there's more to the kids than meets the eye.

Summer stakes a Vamp without looking.

Giselle Vamps.

Autumn turns into a wolf.

Audrey casts a spell.

Fred: Anthony was born on Halloween. Do you know what that means?

Irene listens and can hear everything she wants to.

Wren turns into a bird.

Winter drops an amulet and reveals that it's burned a mark shaped like a star on her palm.

Morgan collapses with a vision.

Cameron has a vision.

Lucas fights a Vampire.

Giles: Three of these children are not even supposed to exist. Another was born on the Day of the Dead. The rest of them—except Autumn, I suppose—have rare abilities that haven't emerged in even immortals for hundreds of years.

Buffy: Which means there's more to this story then we're getting.

Louisa: Newsflash: sometimes, a chain of events starting with something as small as dropping a book can lead to the end of the world…or its saving. All we have to do is manipulate the time stream a little.

Willow: It's impossible to do stuff like this, but it's happening.

Summer: We've gotta do something…or it's over for us and everyone.

Will they save the world?

Winter: There's something going on here, I know there is.

Dawn: Isn't there always? And doesn't it always involve me?

Or will it collapse under them?

Cameron: If we don't do something now, we're all gonna die!

Giselle: I'm not supposed to exist. Maybe it'd be better for everyone if I didn't.

Autumn: Audrey!

A Vampire tries to shoot Autumn.

Next Generation

Summer: I hate this job.

Anthony: I know, isn't it cool?

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