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Chapter 1

~Percy's P.O.V.~

Do your best, Percy, that's all I ask. Think with your heart, and do what's right.

"Are you sure you wanna go through will this Perce? I mean, once you go in there… you're life won't be the same after."

Percy and Grover stood outside of the worn down apartment building on the west side of New York. Not many people were passing by the abandoned area, and the cold wind whipped at Percy's brown jean coat as he looked over the structure.

Moss grew in a few spots and cracks lined the bricks. Each and every window was blacked out, and if Percy didn't know what was inside, he would've high tailed it out of there as quickly as he could. Sounds of the bustling city flowed in the air from nearby neighborhoods, and the sound of Percy's heart beat rocked in his ears. It was now or never.

His best friend in the whole world, Grover, leaned against his crutches next to Percy, skepticism written all over his face. He wore the dress shirt, red sweater vest, and khaki pants from their private school, and he shook his head slowly.

"Percy… I'm still not sure."

"Grove, it'll be alright. I want to do this, and you know that you didn't have to come." Percy commented, glancing at his friend while sliding his hands into his pockets. Percy loved Grover and all, but sometimes he was such a worry wart.

It was Percy's choice to join the Revolution, he felt called to. After Beckendorf had brought it up in homeroom, it had stuck in Percy's mind for weeks.

You see, Percy never liked his family. The high and mighty Jacksons. They were the most successful shipping business in the whole world, and a title like that went to everyone's heads. Besides Percy. His father used it for leverage and was always at work, trying to gain more control. His younger brother grew more and more greedy every day.

The only one in his family who meant anything to him was his mom, but she had passed away when Percy was ten. Her with her perfect brown hair and caring eyes. She always supported Percy in every way that she could, and she never really cared about any of the money. After she died, Percy's father only grew more money bound and started caring less about his family. In simple words, Percy wasn't a fan of 'family-time'.

Percy could live with his father treating his like a bad son, which he usually did. His dad would say that Percy was mocking the family name, but Percy couldn't care less. He could live with the isolation and disappointment. But, he couldn't live with the greed that his father had. It was consuming and powerful, poisoning his whole family, and Poseidon had taken one step too many in a greedy way, pushing Percy toward the Rebellion.

It had been a Sunday afternoon, and the Jacksons were having an open garden party for their friends and company friends. The garden had been decorated with elegant white tables, all trees lined with little decorations and the backyard's dolphin fountain flowed with crystal blue water. It was warm and balmy, sunlight streaming overhead and through the garden's willow trees, and Percy was actually enjoying himself.

For about five minutes.

Percy stood next to his father at attention, a neutral face covering his features, and he counted down the seconds until he could leave and get changed out of his awful dress clothing. A tight white dress shirt with a suit jacket overtop and black slacks. Pinching black dress shoes and a deep blue tie practically chocking his neck. Did Percy mention he hated really dressy clothing? He could handle the occasional slacks and dress shirt, but full suits? Forget it.

The man of the hour, Poseidon Jackson himself, stood next to Percy as he chatted and spoke to other high nosed people like himself. He was dressed similarly to Percy, his dark hair trimmed neatly and his goatee perfect and Percy couldn't help but admire his father the slightest bit. He stood tall and proper, being studious to ever person that addressed him. He held his host composure the entire time, and he truly did look welcoming and gracious. Percy knew it was an act, but it was an extremely good one none the less.

He was about to ask his father to excuse him for a moment, when someone caught Percy's eye.

Tall and lanky, with grey hair cut short. A solid black suit with a grey undershirt. A walking cane that had a solid diamond on the top. His entire being was spotless and he radiated power. He was flanked by two body guards that were basically statues instead of men. His face held a small smirk on it, his eyes twinkling with purpose and determination. That was the other thing, his eyes were solid gold. Almost like he was made of money and gold himself. His figure screamed powerful, and Percy grew incredibly curious on who he was.

The man stepped up, out stretching a thin hand to Poseidon, and his smile grew a tad.

"Hello Mr. Jackson, it's nice to finally meet you. My name is Mr. K. Ronos, and I run-"

"The most profiting weapons company on this planet." Mr. Jackson finished shaking the man's hand happily, eyes practically shining. "The pleasure is all mine Mr. Ronos! Would you care for a drink or anything?"

Percy watched as his father practically gushed over this man, and grew more surprised. His father never gushed over anyone but himself. This whole interaction caused Percy's interest to shoot through the roof, and he watched Mr. Ronos with the upmost interest.

The man shook his head, hold a hand up to stop Mr. Jackson with a small smile still lingering on his thin lips.

"No Mr. Jackson, thank you. However," he quipped, pulling a thin, folded piece of paper from his coat's breast pocket, "I do have a proposition for you. A proposition that will not help us both, but expand the Ronos and Jackson companies to their fullest potential."

Mr. K. Ronos pulled a cigar from his pocket and gave it a spark as Poseidon read over the paper, eyes growing with every word. Percy managed to sneak one or two words over his father's shoulder without it looking like he was spying. Team work. Pairing. More money for all. Shipments of weapons. Global spread. It was a pairing of their companies. They were going to work together to spread K. Ronos's weapons around the world, and Percy's father would benefit from shipping everything. They were getting more money, and the thought made Percy's stomach jump.

He excused himself, walking back inside, and his head was spinning with thought. It was only going to get worse. He was getting more money and that would make his head swell. The cigar smoke that curled into Percy's nostrils as he left wasn't the only thing causing his discomfort. The mere thought of his father becoming more successful… well Percy didn't even want to think of that.

He practically ran inside, bumping into a few people on his way in, and the whole time he felt a pair of golden eyes follow his ever movement.

That was two years ago. Poseidon and K. Ronos had become a team and were the most indestructible companies in the world. They moved weapons across the globe, and the money just kept rolling in.

Percy was sick of it all. Percy had promised his mother before she passed that he'd do great things, and following his father footsteps was not an option.

Do your best, Percy, that's all I ask. Think with your heart, and do what's right.

Percy had been at school when his close friend, Charles Beckendorf, brought up his father's company. Beckendorf's father worked for Poseidon, and he and Percy would occasionally speak about it. Beckendorf was a strong, burly guy. His skin tone was a dark brown and his built made him the most intimidating guy in their school. He was extremely good with working among tools and metal, yet he could be the biggest softy Percy knew. Beckendorf and Percy grew up together and both complained about their father's work.

However, that day, instead of complaining, Beckendorf spoke of something else. He knew the company angered Percy, and he offered him a relief. There was rumor of a group of both rich and middle class teenagers that were working together to shut down the K. Ronos weapons company, and that in turn would take down the Jackson Shipping Company. Percy had always believed it to be a rumor and nothing more, but apparently it was true.

At first Percy was nervous, thinking he'd be caught and punished even for thinking about it, but after weeks of deliberation, he asked Beckendorf how to join. Beckendorf gave him the address and the time to show up; happy Percy had accepted his offer. Five o'clock, 2449 West Brook Street.

That's where Percy currently stood, Grover nervously shaking at his side. Grover had a good heart, but he never really wanted to go against his family or their wishes. He was a great friend, but Percy knew he'd have to do the revolution without Grover.

Percy placed a reassuring hand on Grover's shoulder, giving him a lope sided grin. The curly haired boy smiled back, worry still evident in his eyes.

"Come on G man," Percy coaxed, letting go of his friend, "I'll be fine. Heck I'll even see you at school tomorrow! Go home, relax, and I'll tell you about it tomorrow." Percy ran his fingers through his own short, raven colored hair, and the smile remained on his face.

He could do this… right?

Grover shook his head, smiling a bit, and he started to hobble away as he called back towards Percy.

"If they kill you, I'm taking your x-box!"

A chuckle left Percy's lips, then his eyes landed back on the building. This was it. It was now or never.

His shoes made a small tap on the rugged concrete as Percy walked towards the building. His hand touched the knob on the door, and after letting out a deep hidden breath, he pulled it open and stepped in.

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