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Chapter 14

~Poseidon's P.O.V~

"What are we doing here?"

"Poseidon you better have a good reason for interrupting my day."

"Interrupting your day?! I had-"

The bickering of Poseidon's co-workers, all almost like brothers, was grinding on his nerves so roughly he believed he was going to break the conference table in half. He never really enjoyed meetings with the boys; they were always loud and obnoxious while they accused each other of screwing up. It was just a head ache waiting to happen. The only communication between them that didn't end in arguments were emails, the conversations short and emotionless, but Poseidon knew this matter couldn't be discussed any other way besides face to face.

The matter of their children.

All the heads were surrounding the conference table, Poseidon's eyes running over each one cautiously. Zeus Olympiad wore a deep purple suit, his grey and black hair slick back in a formal, but not greasy manor. His face was old looking; power buzzing out of his figure while a deep scowl crossed his features. His blue eyes criticized which ever one of the others he was arguing with, hand with his solid gold lightning ring clenched tightly in aggravation.

Next to Zeus was Hades Di Angelo, the quiet man looking unamused with all of the bickering. He recently got his shoulder length hair cut shot, the professional crop and paired trim of his goatee adding an air of respect to his look, and his dark eyes scanned everyone as well. His perfectly pressed suit looked like a void into pure darkness, the crimson button down under it the only color he possessed. A small skull was clipped to the shirt, gleaming ruby eyes just as intimidating as his master's.

Hermes sat across from Zeus, his fingers tapping in pure nervous energy. He was constantly moving, the meeting only starting a few minutes prior to Poseidon's observing already throwing off his schedule. His salt and pepper hair was almost devilish from all of his morning deliveries, the elf like man's delivering suit already wrinkled and abused. He was the most impatient of the group, yet somehow one of the most understanding. Poseidon never really connected with the hyperactive man, the two only having brief discussions over shipping, but the sea-green eyed man always regretted never getting close to him.

The final one at the table was Frederick Chase. The accountant wore a pair of slacks and dress shirt, his blonde hair styled into the perfect position. His eyes were a warm brown color, the coldness of his personality damping the warmth the slightest bit. He posed a rectangular pair of glasses, the logical man showing his age the longer they sat there. None of them wanted to be there, but Poseidon was determined to break through to them. He had to.

The conference was like any normal conference room, but much more lush. The walls had a soft beige color with a deep maroon carpet, the table a polished mahogany with an intricate design carved into the top under the protective glass. The lights were a soft, warm color, and they filled the place with a soothing light. But even that couldn't clear the obvious tension leaking off the five men in the room. It was almost electric, all of them a time bomb waiting to go off. They were each perched in a leather office chair, the meeting chairs extremely nice, and even the large presentation TV against the far wall glinted with an air of value.

Poseidon stood from his seat at the head of the table and, after a moment of hearing them fighting and his head pound in unhappiness, slammed his hands down onto the protective glass. The bang rang throughout the room, everyone's voices silencing as the aggressive action shook the solid table.

He now had everyone's attention.

"I have a question for you gentleman," he started, standing up straight as he looked from face to face, "Do any of you currently know where your children are?"

A groan rippled around the room, Zeus the first to reply.

"Poseidon, you didn't interrupt our lives for our children, did you?" his question was filled with so much distain, Poseidon almost jumped him right there. These men couldn't even take time out of their lives for their own children.

"Poseidon I-"

"Of course we kno-"

"DO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW?!" The rage filled Poseidon with such a hot furry; he was unaware of how loud he was being. The silence that followed his words clouded the air, strangling each one of them.

The guilt suddenly took over them all, the silence only adding the fact that they indeed had no idea where their children were. These high and powerful business men all were glancing down at the table, thumbs practically twiddling as they waiting for someone… anyone to say they knew where their kids were.

"Zeus," Poseidon turned on the man, making full eye contact with him, "When was the last time you spoke, and I mean spoke, to Thalia?"

The stormy blue eyes were trying to think, still cast down, and his words were harsh but soft with guilt, "A day or two before Ronos's ball. I haven't talked to her since."

"Hades, how about Nico?"

The man pondered the question, a look of being slightly baffled at the fact he hadn't talk to his son in a long time and bitterness lining his face, and he merely shrugged, not verbally replying.


"I'm not sure."


"I spoke to them this morning," the blonde man tried, eyes cold towards Poseidon. But Poseidon could hold his ground; the colors clashing as sea-green color overcame the brown. Poseidon didn't want to know about his fake second family, he wanted to know about his first.

"I meant Annabeth."

The girl's name silenced the smart man, his eyes heavy and face slightly defeated, eyes traveling back to the table. Not a single one remembered when they last talked to their kid, but Poseidon couldn't be too hypocritical.

"I don't remember either," he admitted, eyes falling down for a brief second before traveling over his audience again, words straight forward and directed, "and that is a serious problem."

Poseidon loved his job, and he knew that all of the other men in the room did as well. But when did they start putting their job over their kids? When they were born? When they were just children? How long had they seriously neglected their own children? After Sally died, Poseidon really didn't want to deal with his kids, both being so much like her. It hurt him so much to see memories of his only love in his sons, blocking them out the best way to stop the pain. But what had he blocked out with the memories? What was even going on in his sons' lives?

At the moment, he didn't even know where his oldest son was. He hadn't heard him come home for a few days and when he went to check on him, well the shock of seeing an empty bedroom nearly floored Poseidon. What was he doing? Would Sally really be happy with him for how he's treated their children? He called the meeting with the boys because he knew they were in as deep as he was, the company their breath and blood. It was almost apart of them physically, all of them in so deep he wasn't sure if they could stop.

He had an idea that Zeus, Hades and Hermes had the same reason to ignore their children as well, Frederick's being after his divorce and he got a new family. But Poseidon was beginning to wonder if there was really a plausible excuse to why they had been ignoring their children. Their wives would never want that… no one should want that.

"We currently don't know where any of our kids are," Poseidon inquired, voice even as he turned, heading towards the door, "but… I know someone who does."

Every head in the room snapped up from its guilt state, all eyes running to the door in a desperate hope. Poseidon opened the door slowly, nodding the person in. They strolled in, confidence in their features and face.

Frederick shot to his feet, longing mixed with bitterness crossing his features, no words leaving his mouth. Hermes and Hades looked plan confused while Zeus stared, he being the only one to talk of the four at the table.


Dressed in a sleek yet formal deep grey dress, her grey eyes fixing on each of the men. Her hair was back in a sleek braid, her features barely showing any sign of age though she was nearly as old as them. She held a stack of open letters in her hands, a thick rubber band wrapping around them all to keep them organized. Small owl earrings dangled from her ears as she walked in, face harsh and judgmental towards everyone in the room.

She dropped the letters onto the table and took Poseidon's chair, shaking her head slightly.

"You all really screwed up this time."

Every man watched as she sat at the head of the table, pulling out the first letter.

Athena Olympiad had joined their meeting.


~Thalia's P.O.V~

Everything was hot, like lava hot. The searing pain was beginning to spread all over her body, the heat licking every nerves as she contained another scream of agony, the base of her throat burning from it after she let out the first. She felt the cold metal in her gut, the odd sensation radiating across her spine and fingertips, but the numbness was soon falling over the stings of pain produced by the weapon. Tears blurred her vision, everything around her growing slightly blurry. She could feel the blood leaving her body, it pooling around her feet and into her shoes, but at that moment she didn't really care. She just cared about the blonde boy standing in front of her, shock and horror crossing his own features.

She had loved him once, the two practically inseparable. They trained together, hung out together, and were a family together with Annabeth. They were practically the same person. They grew up together through the hardships of their fathers' company and they had similar pain, the two never drifting apart. When he betrayed them, when she saw the new scar he was given, she new at the moment he was no longer the same boy she fell in love with.

It tore her almost completely apart.

He left them and she almost didn't go on, want to give up the whole dream of purging the world of K. Ronos. But she couldn't do it to Annabeth and especially not to Nico, he being her rock after Luke left. He had been through so much just for this Revolution, she couldn't just call it quits because one person left them. Even if it was her original right hand man…

The two had been fighting only moments before the incident, hand to hand their specialty. Luke was never better than Thalia at sword fighting, which was a verified fact she proved multiple times. She was a strategist, fighter, weapons expert and scout while he was a crowd gatherer and influencer. He'd bring them in and she'd train them. Annabeth was their spokes person and hope, the girl never giving up no matter what. So the fact Luke was actually challenging Thalia to a sword fight gave the girl a humorous kind of bittersweet feel.

She fought him, she quickly disarming him. His sword went flying, the boy left defenseless, her blade at his throat. Then she did the biggest mistake of her life.

She didn't run the blade through his neck.

While the hate of his betraying them burned in her, the old memories and times they spent together bombarded her head while she contemplated stabbing him. She couldn't bring herself to it; she couldn't allow herself to do it. He wasn't worth the heart ache. She was so weak when it came to him.

She had turned away, about to go join the others, when she was violently turned around and the blade pierced her stomach. A total act of impulse. She wouldn't have cried out if she hadn't been surprised. Thalia never showed pain. But the combination of the physical pain as well as the emotional betrayal was too much for her 'tough-girl' act to handle.

He backed away from her, both of her pale, trembling hands gripping the hilt in her gut. His eyes were wide in shock, his head shaking as she sunk to a knee, the fight draining out of her with the blood.

"Thalia I… I didn't… I couldn't…" he tried to say, his own features rimmed with paleness. Thalia didn't understand why he was like this; wasn't he suppose to work against her?

Her eyes sight blurred, ears ringing in a low, whining manor. The ground shook slightly, her head whipping back and forth as it tried to stay awake. Things began moving in slow motion, her eyes catching a scene before her the moment before she hit the ground, body convulsing in pain.

Luke moved away from her, head still shaking in disbelief of what he just did. Her blood was on the side of his hand, the red and white trembling fingers going to his side. His attention was suddenly pulled. Nico was there, flanked by Annie and Percy, all three attacking with a rigid violence she hadn't seen before. Thalia guessed they saw her get stabbed. No sound was in her ears anymore, the ringing taking over, and she laid back, her senses flowing in and out of consciousness. She smelt the iron of her own blood. She heard the ring and clash of swords over the ring of her own brain. She saw the ceiling spin and twirl in a violent, roller coaster like manor. She tasted a dry, powdery feel on her tongue, saliva not coming to her aid. She could feel the warm pool under her as it trickled from her, the knife still awkwardly sticking from her torso. She felt her eyes getting heavier. She felt her heart beat slow down. She felt her body growing cold.

She felt the hard and sharp smack across her face, the jolt waking her back up from her almost transparent state. Her eyes shot open, a dark head of hair coming into view as the figure's mouth moved, none of the words really comprehending for a moment. Their hands were on the side of her face and her shoulder, the urgency leaking through their fingertips. They wanted her to stay with them.

"Thalia Grace you will not die on me!" Nico's words finally registered in her brain, his figure no longer fuzzy as she worked hard to focus on him. Tears of worry lined his eyes, his breathing and heart beat frantic, "Do you fucking hear me? You will not die!"

If Thalia could reply she would tell him not to worry, those pointless words trapped in her body. She just watched him, his frantic expression trying to come up with an answer. Some kind of answer, any sort of answer.

His eyes lit up as he saw something. He looked down at her, than back at the thing, his eyes connecting with hers once more. His lips pressed against hers quickly, his words fuzzy again as he tried to reassure her.

Thalia felt him pick her up, Nico's arms trembling and shaking with fatigue, and he started walking away from her pool of blood. His feet were quick, the moment a bit rough, but Thalia fought the black out for as long as she could, praying for the first time in her life that she would be able to see her father again.


~Annabeth's P.O.V~

Annabeth refused to believe it… it was just too hard. He stabbed her. He just stabber her. No hesitation, no second thought, nothing. This wasn't happening… he wasn't that gone was he?

When Annabeth, Percy and Nico arrived at the scene, Luke looked as pale as a ghost, ready to pass out himself. The sight confused Annabeth, the boy hold regret in his feature as they watched their friend slowly die, but the confusion wasn't enough to stop Annabeth from wanting to skin him alive.

The three attacked him straight on, the fury leaking from all three in a massive ball of power. Luke was stumbling and weaponless, only dodging their blocks while somehow managing not to get hit. He was running down the podium, Percy chasing him. Nico was about to charge, but Annabeth stopped him, pulling him back from Luke's direction.

"What the hell?" he questioned, anger and hurt lining his words, eyes running over the blonde.

"Go help Thalia, save her." Annabeth commanded eyes cold but panic running through her veins. Nico was her only hope. Percy wouldn't know what to do, Annabeth would just panic and sob, and no one else was around to help. He was the only one that could save her.

He had to go.

Nico's eyes watched Annabeth's facial features, the pleas and desperation so clear she could feel it move from her form to his, and he nodded once, eyes shifting back towards Luke.

The Goth boy looked absolutely exhausted. His short hair was dropping onto his forehead, blood matting the side of his face and hands. He was pale and almost limp, the fire starting to leave him. His black eyes held so many emotions that Annabeth couldn't count, pain the loudest screaming one from the orbs. Cuts lined his arms and legs, his face really the only thing spared from damage. His armor was cut and crooked, the image of him sad to see. He was fighting, but he looked like he didn't want to. The sight broke Annabeth's heart, the boy practically her younger brother. She would never let him fight if it didn't mean so much to him, but the look of him still strained her heart nonetheless.

"Kill the bastard for me." Nico said in an almost final tone, his body turning back towards their previous spot, feet pushing him forward.

She planned on it.

Annabeth turned back to the fight, Percy and Luke fighting at the bottom of the tall thing. Luke had grabbed a bloody and charred sword from one of his dead followers, it looking uncomfortable and unbalanced in his hands. Percy was kicking his ass, the raven haired boy not stopping for a moment, and the harder the hits got on Luke, the more the blonde stumbled. Percy was on a mission to kill, but Annabeth knew it wasn't his place.

It was hers.

She ran down the podium, the spot of the fight in a secluded area where no one else was. The noise of the battle seemed to be less and less, roars and cries of her soldiers ringing up into the air and floating in the ceiling. The two boys looked unaware of the fact the Revolution was winning the fight. They were in their own little world. A world Annabeth was about to jump into.

She slowed a bit, walking up to Percy. He pulled his arm back to strike a blow, the cut being the final blow, but Annabeth's soft touch on his shoulder stopped the swing. She met his eyes, both having a silent conversation in a matter of seconds. The rage died from Percy's eyes. The fight burned on low and he submitted to her, backing up as Annabeth approached the defeated boy, her dagger in her hand.

She squatted to his level, his body broken and weaponless. His eyes read pain and he bled from multiple wounds, her eyes drawn to the large scar across his cheek. The true sign of betrayal, the sign she's always know. The sign of Luke.

"Why did you do it?" She asked quietly, the steel still present in the harsh question, his eyes shooting downward.

"Ronos said if I didn't stab her he'd kill me and I –"

Annabeth's hand shot out and grabbed his chin, forcing his chin up so he had to look at her.

"Why did you do it?" She asked again, the light bulb coming on in the boy's head

She wasn't talking about stabbing Thalia. She wasn't talking about leading an army into their base. She was talking about him betraying them in the first place. He left them, abandoned them, misguided them. And he never gave them a single explanation.

Not once.

She was hurt, broken even. He tore her apart. Destroyed her. She was so hurt when he left them she couldn't talk to anyone about it for months. She was gone. The only thing that brought her back was the fact she had a Revolution on her shoulders, a group of people who wanted her to go on. No, needed her to go on. The pain of the betrayal still stung at the late hours of night, when she thought hard about the past, and every memory she had with him came back. She'd cry herself to sleep the first few months after his treachery. The tears were salty and hurt her soul, the pain slowly numbing itself until she didn't cry any more.

But just because something's numb… doesn't mean it's fixed.

Luke looked deep into her eyes, Percy standing on his toes behind the two incase Luke tried something, and Luke saw all of the emotions Annabeth kept bottle up inside. Everything flooded from her, silent tears running down her face and her jagged breath rocking her chest. Her hands loosened their grip on her blade, the emotions spilling from the internally tortured boy as well, tears leaving them both.

"I had no choice," he almost whispered, heart straining with every word, "I got in it to just see what it was like on the winning side… but when I tried to leave and come back to you, he said he'd kill me and I would never see you again. I'd rather being on the opposite team and see you than not see you."

"But you never saw us Luke," Annabeth interjected, words breaking, "You were gone, so gone we knew you'd never come back. You let us down… we lost faith in you." Her voice broke at the end on the sentence, her knees falling to the ground in front of him, her hand still holding the dagger.

That was the solid truth about the whole thing. No matter how hard Luke tried, he let them down. Their rock and guide abandoned them in their time of need… and nothing could change that.

Luke's eyes glazed over, his head nodding a bit.

"I know… and I'm so sorry. I should never have wanted a taste of victory. It's the biggest mistake of my life. I… I'm just so sorry I could never make you happy again. And I hope that one day, you can forgive me." His words left his lips with an air of finality, Annabeth feeling a rise of panic in her chest as he talked like that. Why did he sound like that?

The dagger was suddenly ripped from her fingers and plunged into the heart of Luke, his own hands gripping it tight. A gasp of breath left the both of them, a sigh of relief leaving him after and a shriek of agony from her. No! He couldn't die! He may have betrayed them and gone off in the wrong path, but he was still her old best friend. He… he couldn't die.

Eyelids fluttered closed over a pair of dimming icy blue eyes, his last breath leaving his lungs. His head went limp, body following soon.

Annabeth couldn't take it. Her ears pounded and her body shook with sobs, throat growing raw as she screamed in a heart breaking pain. Percy ran to her and grabbed her, arms encircling her body. He pulled her away from the scene, her screams getting worse as they left the still body of Luke, and the last thing Annabeth remembered before she passed out from emotion and physical exhaustion was the look on her old friend's face as he finally gained the long peace he deserved.

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