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Finnick- 1740

"Watch it, lad! You're going to fall overboard if you lean over the rails too much." I hear the gruff yet proper voice of my grandfather, a man who lived on the seas. He was a commander of the King's Navy and sailed for almost his entire life. I had been begging mother to let me go on a voyage with him since I was ten. Four years later, she finally said yes. "Did you hear me, boy? Get away."

I did no such thing, I simply shrugged my shoulders. "I can swim."

My grandfather joined me at the rail, leaning over its edge almost as much as me. "Aye, you're the best swimmer I know, Finn. It's the creatures of the sea I'm worried about."

I look at the teal blue of the ocean, wondering how something so beautiful could be so dangerous. "I'm not afraid of a shark, grandfather."

Grandfather has a glimmer in his eye, as if he is remembering. "Finn, it's not the sharks you have to look out for."

What could be more terrifying in the ocean than the shark? I wouldn't have to be afraid of the kraken. I'm only in danger of it as long as I remain on the boat. "What's out there that could hurt me besides sharks, grandfather?"

A small smirk was on his tanned, wrinkled white face. "Mermaids, Finn."

I turn to him, not believing the most beautiful creatures in the sea would be the most deadly. "How so?"

Grandfather's green eyes spark to life as he describes the mermaids. "Mermaids all are beautiful. The ones I've seen have hair in shades of blue and pink I've never seen. Others look like they were plucked out of heaven and places into the ocean as angels, with hair as white as the clouds. Some have seagull feathers braided into their hair while others have feathers of birds far away from here. They are lovely."

I looked back into the sea, watching as the teal waves lap against the dark wooden frame of the boat. I let myself concentrate, imagining the creatures he described dancing beneath my view of the waves. "Grandfather, what's so bad about them? They sound lovely."

Grandfather shakes his head. "You would think that Finnick, until one tried to take you. They lure you in with their sweet voices, letting the melodies hypnotize you, placing you in a world of beauty and dreams and suddenly, it is only you, and the mermaid. She'll let you believe she is in love with you and about to kiss you. She will get so close you can smell her breath on you. You can hear her heartbeat pounding wildly in her chest and you let your lips pucker," It sounds wonderful. I cannot imagine anything better than being kissed by a mermaid. "Then, she takes you." My head snaps up from the view of the water, looking once again at Grandfather.

"She takes you where?" I ask, my voice suddenly shaking.

"To the bottom of the ocean, lad. She will kill you without a second thought, and there is nothing you can do to protect yourself." He looks back to the sea. "The water turns purple with blood and you cannot help but feel sorry for the poor soul who was taken by the temptress, never even getting the kiss from the one who slaughtered him."

I gasp and let myself back away from the railing so I'm no longer in danger of falling, but a question lingers on my lips. "What happens if a mermaid kisses you, Grandfather?"

He shakes his head. "I wouldn't know. No one would know. Anyone who has gotten close enough to kiss, or even touch a mermaid is dead."

I peer over carefully at the teal water. "No one?"

He shakes his head. "Not a single one." He goes suddenly cold and stiff. "I lost several men once to mermaids. Thomas was taken by the once with coral pink hair with the dark blue tail and the bright red feathers braided into her hair. William was taken by the one with the teal hair and the matching tail with seagull feathers covering her in lovely ways. My best friend, Nathan, was taken by the most beautiful of all. She had kind blue eyes, like the sea and a tail the same color. Her hair was white and fell in ringlets down to where her tail started. She had blue and green and yellow feathers woven into her lovely hair. She was a beauty. To imagine I was jealous of Nathan those last few moments of his life. He was the first to go under the water, but I suspect the last to die. We were twenty-four years old."

I look into the water again. I am intrigued by the water once again. Why would something so lovely and kind looking and so feminine kill a man. What would happen if someone did receive a kiss from a mermaid? Grandfather, once he is done looking at the horizon in a daze, looks back at me. "Sorry if I scared you, Finnick."

I shake my head. "I'm not scared." Grandfather rolls his eyes. "I'm not scared, Grandfather. I'm going to be the first man to kiss a mermaid!"

Grandfather looks at me with disturbed eyes. "Finnick, if one kisses you it will probably give you the same fate as my men all those years ago. A kiss means nothing to a mermaid, I'm sure, as long as they get their lunch."

He is trying to scare me away with the talk of those he lost. He doesn't want me to chase the mermaids, but I will anyway. I'll do anything to get one to like me. I look out from the sea to the horizon and see another boat. "Grandfather, what's that?"

He looks out and pulls out his silver telescope. "Pirates!" He runs over to the rest of the crew, while ushering me into the Captain's Quarters. "Stay in here. No matter what, don't come out."

Within a matter of minutes I hear the yelling of men and the booming of cannons. It becomes quiet after what seems like hours of violent sport. I can tell from the silence, it means the pirates won. I can feel the hot tears roll down my face. If they won, that means Grandfather is dead. I hear a banging on the door and suddenly, before me are two men, a tall, hefty looking one with gray eyes and shaggy dark hair covering them, and a man about the same age, with shaggy brown hair and eyes. Behind them was a soft faced small boy with similar features to the man with the brown eyes.

The men looked around, as did the young boy. I can feel my heart beating in my chest. I don't want to die. It is the boy who discovers me. "Hey, look what I found!" I feel the blood rush into my cheeks. The voice confirmed it was a girl who spoke, not a boy, but she had short hair and wore pants like a guy.

The two men made their way over to where I was. "Relax, we aren't going kill you. Well, we won't if you join our crew at least."

I look up at the brown eyed man that talked. "Why would I want to be part of a crew with you? You killed everyone on my entire ship."

The gray eyed man bent down to look at me. "That's why we're letting you live. You didn't know these people the way you thought you did. These people were sent out to kill us and anyone associating with us. It was either kill them, or let them murder our families and friends." He offers a hand out to me. "Might want to stand up kid."

I don't take his hand but I stand up. The girl introduces the men. "This is Blight 'Fishbones' Mason." She motions to the brown eyed one who looks like she is related to her, "and this is Haymitch 'Booze' Abernathy."

I look at her. "What am I supposed to call you?"

She lets a smile cover her face. "Me? I'm Johanna 'Tempest' Mason!" Somehow, the name doesn't surprise me. "Come on, greenhorn. Who are you? And don't worry, we will come up with a name for you in no time."

By the end of my first week with the pirates, I was Finnick "Trident" Odair.

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